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As a filmmaker From Nepal, I was given a privilege to visit the European Film Market 2017. This time I had a chance to work with the core team of EFM and it was a great opportunity for me.

The market seems extremely busy and chaotic on the first few days of the week. Every one were really stressed in the first few days because they are willing to sell their movies. There are lots of international buyers and sellers in the market. Market has been growing pretty fast since 2006 and now i got to hear the market had grown exponentially in the past 10 years. 2

Then there were the filmmakers and the producers running around. They are also looking at the EFM website and trying to make their best match in the film festival to make the best use of time. In the Festival the exhibitors were a bit depressed to see the film makers. And one of the exhibitors said directly on the face that lets do the acquisition after few days because they are really stressed due to the pressure to sell the movies.



For me it is really interesting to take pictures. I had taken pictures of landscapes and flowers and sometimes animals and insects too. I have found it very hard to work with animals and insects. The smaller the organism harder it is to take pictures because the normal camera and lens are not meant for such work but this time as well I tried to take pictures of a migrating bird called “Swallow” with my 18-55mm lens. It is almost like trying to kill a lion with a bow and arrow. IMG_894333 (more…)

It was July 2010 and Rock Fever and Planet musical Academy were busy at working for their Next Event Metal Jatra. I had already met “Jwalan Shrestha” Founder of Planet Musical Academy at some point. We were just talking about the event and suddenly the idea of making a documentary for the next “Metal Jatra 2” Popped at that instant. We had a shoot for more than 3 days using a DSLR camera rig. Sagar Shrestha an enthusiastic guy who helped us with all the audio part of and shooting as well.  The shoot was very interesting and there was a time where we needed to shoot the live performance at Bhrikuti mandap. We went there for the shoot but due to our equipment limitation the shoot at the live spot was impossible. Hence the vision to make this a documentary shattered at that point. Actually that was achievable but it wouldn’t meet the quality of product that i had once imagined of.


Actually I was in a Holy trip to Shani Dhaam, Madhya pardesh, India with my parents as well. And on the way the driver suddenly stopped the Van. Now he has stopped us to drink sugarcane juice. We could see some Sugar canes, sugar extracting Equipment and an Ox I guess. And when our driver started the order for 20 Glasses of sugarcane juice then the owner put some sugar cane on the Machine, a loud voice and a whip then the Ox started running like hell. (more…)

By : Bigvon Dixikov

I don’t know how you would like to interpret this picture but I captured on my way to Durbarmarg, the place is right towards Salik when facing the former royal palace. I saw these kids just having a good sleep on the middle of the day I think the time was like about 2 O clock or so. (more…)

It was a sunny day when i was pictoring this time laps. I know you can see from the time laps as well that it was not only sunny but the lighting changed dramatically. You can notice that in split second the weather changes from sunny to totally cloudy. Thats why my exposure sucked. The good thing is still i liked the quality of the footage.

And there was a small place where some water was stagnant. With lots of insects activity. So i thought that this would be the best place for a good Time Laps !!!!  and thats it 😀 check it out.

The population of crow in Katmandu has increased exponentially in last 10 years. This is due to the special ability of crow which is a very intelligent and adaptive species even in such urban environment and conditions. The success of this species lies in the fact that they are very resourceful and the main factors to support such large population of crow are unmanaged open waste system and unmanaged open slaughter houses throughout the city. (more…)

Ant attack is a short video about small insect called grub worms and power of these small ants.  But i know these insects eat roots of plants and crops and farmers really hate these insects. This insect is called as khumre in nepali…