Eridium studio a small firm opened for people/Firm who have open views about making and building the best design. Prabidhi Dixit a Masters in Architecture graduated from Germany here to open this design studio for Nepali citizens. Here they can crystallize their European dreams.

Eridium has currently worked with many of the residential designs and factory design as well. Many happy people have liked the design and concept of Eridium Studio.

Talking with one of the Executive “Prabidhi Dixit” she told us that Eridium studio is willing to work with open minded persons/Firms to make their dream come true and she told here in Nepal we have really been not been utilizing our resources. Hence she time and again stressed on the fact of Green and energy saving design culture which she had seen there in the west.

When asked she told us that Eridium is pinnacle of design and she wants to see the same quality of work and craftsmanship that we always crave for. She further told that the cause of our failure is due to lack of planning and lack of proper design values. Regarding the workforce and the technology we do have most of the things to make a beautiful design.

What does beautiful design mean?

The beautiful design not only signifies the beauty of a building or anything it should be equally meaningful and easy to work with. Energy should be considered as the most scarce resource in our world hence we should really think of energy efficiency as well.

How are you going to change the Typical Nepali mentality of house being just an object which needs no planning?

Here i have been working with many persons so i know this would not change in one moment but i think gradually nepali citizens would understand the value of a beautiful design, an architecture and comfortable workflow. Many of my clients have come to thank me time and again even after many years of house design completion.

We have a copying trend in films and in housing as well what do you say about it ?

True this is very frustrating with Nepali clients as well they want certain kind of design. It sounds so silly sometimes there are beautiful buildings made in some sea beach, and some clients want to replicate that in the coldest of the reason of Nepal. This type of mistake are typical mistakes done by our clients as well. But working with Eridium Studio we would convince our clients with the best of the tools and 3d Designs so he/she can see what is going to be build even before the building is build. Hence they should not be afraid of anything these days they can change the design time and again. And this type of mentality of copying not only reduces creativity but also creates many problems too. Hence I would like to request everyone to do a little bit of research while coming with some kind of proposals.

What would you like to say finally?

I don’t have much to say finally but i would like call interested parties and firms , if they would like to work with some really challenging and interesting concepts which they would like to work upon. Eridium studio is the only studio in Kathmandu Nepal to give such kind of performance. And do value the work of creativity and original work.

Design Example


  1. RIYA AGRAWAL says:

    Do you have vacancy for a fresher architect? I am a final year student pursuing B.arch from Jagannath University, Jaipur. I have a 1 year experience of office work during internship period. 6 months from kathmandu and 6 months from ahmedabad.

    • Saurav says:

      Dear Riya !! i would kindly advise you to email the company itself for your querries !! eridiumstudio(at) !!

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