Kids Dreamin in K-City !!

Posted: July 18, 2011 in News and Updates, Short Stories & Movies

By : Bigvon Dixikov

I don’t know how you would like to interpret this picture but I captured on my way to Durbarmarg, the place is right towards Salik when facing the former royal palace. I saw these kids just having a good sleep on the middle of the day I think the time was like about 2 O clock or so.

For me I wouldn’t like to elaborate the content of the picture and how it would be interpreted, different people have different interpretation, and I let them free to imagine what so ever they would like to.

Few things if you would like to see from my eyes are the three characters sleeping on the peak of the day, the guy on the left seems to be in his dream fantasy, where as the one in the right seems to be saying don’t disturb me !! And the p on his cap says “Please” Don’t disturb  : D !!

Third guy the white dog is like, “I don’t know how it got such excellent sleep in such a day time, theoretically dogs should be playing and barking, but may be the guy induced him to sleep as well.”

Though motor bike is not one of the character but it seems that it’s trying to crush someone right on his head, maybe it’s the symbolic  form of our society who doesn’t care about such street children and trying to crush them right on their head.  It is already  late, without any ways these are the kind of kids who would be involving in crime and violence, small gift from their side as well to our so called society.

Author: Punkbuddhaz

  1. S says:

    This view in the streets of Kathmandu is really very painful..We can’t do anything…and the government is lame ..

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