Behavior analysis(A pair of crow)

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Short Stories & Movies

The population of crow in Katmandu has increased exponentially in last 10 years. This is due to the special ability of crow which is a very intelligent and adaptive species even in such urban environment and conditions. The success of this species lies in the fact that they are very resourceful and the main factors to support such large population of crow are unmanaged open waste system and unmanaged open slaughter houses throughout the city.
Tokyo too had such problems few years back and crow population in urban cities has really been a stagnant problem in many cities throughout the world. We can also see the population of sparrow growing higher but the small sized bird can’t be noticed much as the crows due to their over resourceful and irritating behavior.
Back then at about 20 years back in Kathmandu it really was a very nice place and we could really number of birds at that time but due to human population and urbanization. The exotic birds which were seen easily then aren’t sighted now a day. The effect of pollution and urbanization has even caused the decrease of insects and small creatures like frogs and snails. It has been proved that frogs, snail and special kinds of mosses are found in less polluted areas only, which clearly shows that the environment of Kathmandu is heavily polluted.

Pair of Crow
This short documentary about crow behavior and this can be notice especially in the season when the female crow is there to lay her eggs. From my inspection I could see a group of male crow raiding nests from location to location. This clan of crow doesn’t seem to have their couple. And maybe they didn’t have a chance to find a partner to make their nest and home.
So what could be observed is that in this month of “May” in Kathmandu, that a clan of rebellious crow flying and if they see a female crow sitting on the nest. Then the entire crows fly together and try to mate with that single crow. This is a very interesting behavior. I know that crow have some kind of social bondage and they group when chasing birds such as eagle. And they used to unite and work as a clan. But I have never noticed such acts before which can clearly be seen and analyzed from the video as well.
Hope this video would be a good supporting work for some people who are doing research in crow or such kinds of behavior about such bird working as a team. Finally it could be concluded that even birds such as crow can work in packs as the pride of lions or a pack of wild dogs in the Serengeti. I really feel glad to share my findings towards the international audience.


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