Bitter Sugarcane Juice

Posted: July 19, 2011 in News and Updates, Short Stories & Movies

Actually I was in a Holy trip to Shani Dhaam, Madhya pardesh, India with my parents as well. And on the way the driver suddenly stopped the Van. Now he has stopped us to drink sugarcane juice. We could see some Sugar canes, sugar extracting Equipment and an Ox I guess. And when our driver started the order for 20 Glasses of sugarcane juice then the owner put some sugar cane on the Machine, a loud voice and a whip then the Ox started running like hell.

I don’t know how people think but my interpretation is that this is the most inefficient way of extracting juice from sugarcane. We too didn’t knew what was about to happen. It was the driver who suddenly stopped. And when we were advised to get off to drink the sugarcane juice. And everyone did take that normally but I really felt different. I even don’t have some words to define such emotion. I found that the Ox was so much scared of that whip that even if it hears the sound of whip the poor animal would run like hell.

I was just curiously watching but when my little sister tried to use that whip, just for fun she was not even near the Ox, but still the poor animal ran like hell in circle. I know I drank the juice which was given to us but still felt very sorry for the animal, And next time even if our driver stops in such places we are not going to drink juice from such shops.

Author: Punkbuddhaz

  1. S says:

    I could not see the video or the photo you have posted here.. but with your words I too felt the bitter taste of the sugarcane.. 😦

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