Aryan Migration to Nepal

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It is really interesting to know how and where you have come from. I am an Aryan born in Nepal and right from my childhood I had a deep thought about my origin as well. Aryans are not an indigenous people of Nepal; most of them have reached Nepal migrating through India. But that was not my main concern, I was more concerned about how the whole map of Aryan people movement from the very beginning, when there were no boarders or continents.

I had one Iranian (Persian) friend with whom when I discussed about human migration and their descent. Once she told me that she is an Aryan descent Persian, and I was very surprised and i said that I too am an Aryan, and asked her that from which tribe I belong to, then she replied that I might be Kurdish as well. Then I was so confused, I had previously thought that only Brahmins and Chettri were Aryans, I had thought her to be similar to Arab but which she seem to be not. Then I had a deep quest to know how Aryans migrated from middle east Asia, because I my Great grand mother had told me that our ancestor had migrated from far away from near to modern Iraq. I already felt that I was not a kurdish but i need to know that precisely. Then I started research about the matter on internet.

Then I felt that if we could track the data of evolution of our language then we can track the human migration route as well. Then I started to track the roots of every language, we Aryans use Sanskrit as the language used for worship and other things, and Sanskrit is the mother of many other languages as well. I had heard somewhere that Sanskrit was the mother language of even the European languages, but when I read the language tree I was totally wrong. I know there is no absolute truth till now still I thought Sanskrit the mother of all languages but indo-Iranian language was the mother language even of the Sanskrit language. But we still might be wrong because Sanskrit is supposed to be one of the oldest language till now. So lets not go deeper in finding which language is the mother of all languages Because we just want to find the migration route of Aryans to Nepal. It is clearly shown in the language tree that proto-indo-European language evolves into indo-Iranian which further divides into Old Iranian and Sanskrit language. I know the evolution of language won’t be a precise thing to predict the human migration route but I think this can be a basis to further research for the proof.

From the language tree we can clearly see that the Aryans and Iranian people have a deep link, it seems as we are like separate  brother/Sister just only by the time and location. The fact that the indo-Iranian language seem to be the mother language of Sanskrit and all Iranian languages can be well visualized from the language tree. And one more thing about my friend’s prediction about us being Kurdish cannot be truthful because we can see the Kurdish evolved from the Old Iranian language.

Till now I have already figured out that we Aryans were the dwellers from the Middle East Asia, I think we all know about the Indus valley civilization this is our early mother land of all Aryans. and a group of our ancestors have settled in Iran, I don’t think that, I need to remind about the great Persian Empire which was among the biggest empire in the history, which now is more reduced to Iran only due to Muslim evasion.

So the Group of Aryans who settled in Iran became Persians, Kurdish and so on. And the same group of Aryans who also migrated to North India, These are the Aryans or Indic, they migrate from Iran to Afghanistan, to Pakistan and to north India and settled in many different places to as far as Nepal as well.

Diagram to show how Aryans brought Nepali language right from middle east to Nepal. And we can see our native Nepali Language has evolved from the old Indo-Iranian Language, to Sanskrit then t0 many there forms and to as well Nepali. i would like to remind the fact that the “Pali” language which was written and spoken at the time of Buddha is also one of the derivative of Sanskrit language.

Here is a beautiful quote about Sanskrit Language.

” The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of a wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek, more copious than the Latin and more exquisitely refined than either: yet bearing to both of them a stronger affinity, both in the roots of verbs, and in the forms of grammar, than could possibly have been produced by accident; so strong indeed, that no philologer could examine them all without believing them to have sprung from some common source which perhaps no longer exists…”  Sir William Jones (1746-1794)



Who are Aryans: (Cut from a website)

The Aryans were remarkably expansionist, and almost everywhere they went they conquered and subjugated the indigenous people, imposing their languages and (to varying degrees) their religious beliefs on the natives, and receiving in turn contributions from the people whom they conquered. Aryan invasions — or more accurately, a long sequence of different invasions by speakers of Indo-European languages — swept across Old Europe beginning as early as the fourth millennium BC, and over time the conquerors and the conquered melded into specific people with distinctive languages. Most of the contemporary inhabitants of Europe, along with their respective early national cultures, are the result of interaction between successive waves of Aryan invaders and culture of the particular White people that they conquered and with whom they later intermarried, and as a result almost all modern European languages are members of the Western branch of the IE family tree.The birth of a European culture, however, predates the arrival of the Indo-Europeans: The cave art of Lascaux, which some have identified as the first flowering of Western man`s creative genius, was the work of Old Europeans, as were Stonehenge in the North and the Minoan Palace culture of Crete in the South. A pan-European religious symbolism had already evolved, much of which was later incorporated into IE mythologies, including various regional adaptations of the ubiquitous Old European reverence for the Mother Goddess. Many of the principal figures in Greek mythology predate the arrival of Aryans, and during the course of ancient history Old European religious beliefs and practices continually reasserted themselves. [Image: Minoan snake goddess, from the Palace of Minos, circa 1600 BC] Europe is European because the conquerors and the conquered were members the same White race, different branches on the same family tree; India is a morass of poverty because the bulk of the conquered, with whom the Indo-Aryans eventually intermarried, were non-White Veddoids. The lesson is obvious. Even today high-caste Hindus can still be identified by their Caucasian features and light skin, and the poorest and most backward parts of India are generally the darkest.

language family tree_cropped

Indo-Aryan Derivatives:

Here is a list of languages or derivatives of Indo-Aryan Languages spoken in various place in south Asia. Sanskrit is the mother language of all these languages listed below.

Aryan Migration to Nepal:

So this is the picture we all are waiting for so from all the research and my findings here I have finally made a picture of how Aryans traveled from Middle east of Asia to India Pakistan and Nepal as well.

Click to view larger Image

Aryans are also called as “Khass” in Nepal. And the language used by the Aryans are also known as “Khass Bhasa”. Hence we can clearly see from the map and the conclusions derived from the language tree, that the Aryans came from middle east Asia around 1750Bc. The Aryans Divided into Persians and Indic people, Persians settled in Persia known as Iran today. Where as the other group of Aryans migrated from Iran to Afghanistan to Pakistan to North India who further migrated to Nepal as well.

Now i know more about my ancestors and their migration route. I know am more related to Iranian than to other races in the world. And We need to know the fact that Iranian are not Arab they are “PERSIAN.”But to precisely know the exact matter that how Aryans are related to Europeans more than other tribes and if Germans are also Aryans or not. We need to have detail analysis of the gene pool which can give more accurate result and knowledge as well. It has been known that Kasmiri Pakistani (Aryans) are more related to European race than to Arabs. Which is a very interesting fact to know about.

If you have more detailed fact about this matter please do send me i shall update it with those facts as well.

Author: © Bigyan Mani Dixit  (06-June-2011)

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  1. Vedas says:

    Indus Valley Civilization was not Aryan, it was Dravidian. The overall tone of this post is pretty racist.

  2. loitongbam zeenesh mangang says:

    Finally i got some one from Nepal who read books.
    Brother , Let me enlightened you with some facts.
    When i said Mongolian face , it does not mean from country Mongolia.
    It means race, White people belong to majorly Caucasoid race and various other sub groups, black people refers to majorly negroids, negritos,dravidians,polynasians race and many sub groups, Asian face people are majorly mongoloid race and many sub groups.
    The point you put Dravidian were first in Nepal is debatable , however, it is true that the first group of Humans which migrated from Africa due to drought in North Africa(which caused Sahara desert today) traveled through the coastal lines of UAE,Afghanistan,Pakistan,India,South East Asia,Indonesia ,Australia and New Zealand.
    After doing DNA test South Indian people Dravidian,Negritos in South East Asia,Ploynesians in Pacific Islanders and Aborigines in Australia and some North African Tribes have similar Y chromosome DNA marker.
    So most of the first migration from Africa settled in Coastal areas of the world i just explained.
    There is a probability that some Dravidian’s reached till Himalayas, but it is still debatable.
    The reason why humans are black is due to melanin for reflecting harmful Ultra violet A rays.
    Thus, they mostly live in hot areas of earth.
    The second migration from Africa made White and Asian people, which entered Europe and East Asia.
    The reason why humans are white is due to scantiness of sunlight , thus no requirement of melanin to protect from Ultra Violet A rays, also to produce Vitamin D in low sunlight human skin DNA mutated or evolved to be without melanin.
    The reason why Asians have no fold eyes,why their skin have no hair and why their physical posture is small.During the ICE Age, to save body temperature , human DNA is mutated with smaller limbs , thus lesser the surface area , lesser the latent heat lost.
    The reason for no Hair on the body.Most Asians were directly exposed to Ice and snow in open, without any caves , thus they wear animal fur for many months without taking bath, thus the human DNA mutated to lose the hair as they were wearing clothes.In fact all the race on earth lost hair on body after wearing clothes,but Asians lost the most due to wearing of furs for too many months in a stretch without taking bath.

    I am providing you a documentary link of a scientist who did massive DNA test across the globe:
    Refrence(A scientist Odyssey on Adam):

    I my self is a DATA scientist, and did engineering in Biotechnology, so i relate science with the facts and the myths.

    I don’t follow any religion , for me religion divides people.However, i am strictly spiritual.
    Hinduism may be the oldest religion, but what people follow current Hinduism is twisted and modified by Brhamins and scholars for their own benefits.
    Example Brhamins modified Veda and divided people into castes like Shudra,Vaisya,Kshatriya and Brhamins.
    Original Veda clearly said that people is assigned to any caste not by birth but by deeds.
    If you were born in Brhamin family and eat meat ,drink alcohol than you are not brahmin, and if you are born in Shudra and you follow all the rules of brhamin you are brhamin.
    Hinduism which was started by Dravidians originally ,was not a religion but a way of life called “Aaseevaham”, but people modified it accordingly with their needs.

    So if you give me any reference from any religious songs, books,paragraphs to relate history i cannot digest it.
    Also almost all the history books across the globe are modified by the victors.
    Even in Mahabharata, Duryodhan clearly said after i die , please tell everyone my real name i.e Suryodhan, but victors Pandavs changed it to Duryodhan.
    So if you give me relation through mythological books or history books , again i cannot digest, due to manipulation done on them.
    However, if you can give me archaeological and scientific facts with proper new technology tests results to prove your point than i can agree with you.
    Also native Nepalis were originally mongoloid face people with DNA mutation of carrying higher amount of oxygen carried in RBC, this is the reason strong people from India like JAATS,JATS, Maratha,Keralite nairs cannot run like gurkhas,sherpas over Himalaya mountain area due to lack of oxygen, where as gurkhas and sherpas can do it,due to mutated RBC(red blood cell).

    So , if Dravidians or Indo Aryans were the first in Nepal , i think they never settled there and thus they don’t have mutated RBC,So , its highly debatable they came to Nepal first.They came way later after mongoloid race Sherpa and Gurka came.
    If Dravidian and pure Aryans would have arrived first than they should also have mutated like Sherpa and Gurkha to survive in high altitude.As positive mutation requires thousands of years, like all the dinosaurs evolved to all kinds of birds which we see today.Thus mongoloid face Kiratis Nepali’s lived and arrived to Nepal thousands of years ahead of Indo Aryans and Dravidians.
    Also all the research like Y chromosome mutation,DNA markers says that gurkhas,sherpas,Tibetians come from the same branch called Mongoloid race.
    Also people from East Russia,China,some tribes in Turkey,Ujbekistan,Kazakistan,East Asia,South East Asia,some Pacific islanders,native North and South Americans ,Japan,Ladaki and North east Indian people falls into one single major race called Mongoloid race.Thus mongoloid people in terms of population is the highest in the world.
    This is the same reason why Nepali ,North east Indian, Ladaki people are mistreated by regular Indo-Aryans in Delhi,Lucknow etc. and Dravidians in Chennai,Bangalore etc.

    Also Nepali language do have influence of Tibeto-Burman languages, which itself have influence from Sino-Tibetian language.However, it is very true Indo- Aryan have the most influence due to Golden Era of ancient India , where current Patna used to be the New York of the world.Just like in today’s world many fashion in terms of lingo and appearance is copied by the world from U.S.A. Similarly, Nepali people left their “paganism” culture and copied Hindu culture.
    Also, the link which you gave me from Wikipedia on language of Nepal also says that it also had influnce from Tibeto- Burman,and Tibeto-Burman itself have influence from Sino-Tibetian.
    So , you can say 70% of Nepal language, currently is Indo-Aryan influenced, but not 100%.
    Also wherever there is Hindu temple ,Hindu priests can exchange , it’s not a new thing. It happens in all the religion.
    I agree with the alliance of Nepal with ancient India kings, and you agree Nepal was bigger, then why small today.
    Do you think it was given by Nepal king for charity or they were taken away by force????
    If charity than why????
    Here the situation is more likely for war and force, as the ancient world and current world is like that.
    One more thing if you really wanted to know how much Nepali are you genetically, do a DNA test from a company called “23 and me” , they take around 100 dollars.

    Why i am asking this ,is that to prove that how much mixing of Indo-Aryan genes you have ,how much mongoloid genes ,how much Dravidian genes you have and also when the mixing happened , you will get from the test.
    The reason i am asking this, because, too much race mixing already happened from past many years across globe, also in Nepal.

    So lets see in future with more research and tests, what new mystery unfolds.

  3. Kit says:

    Informative, thank you.

  4. Gore Lama says:


  5. S says:

    Very good work, really enjoyed reading it. Hope you and others can share more from further research.
    I see lots of unproductive and silly derogatory comments from thoughtless individuals here. Please ignore them, we see these trolls all over Nepali media.

  6. Ratna Shakya says:

    I love all the comments from people who don’t bother reading the article and just start arguing in the comments section. They are like people who encounter a crowd surrounding an accident on the street and start offering an opinion based on ignorance. The article is OK overall, but makes a number of mistakes. It is unlikely that anyone in Nepal is “pure Aryan”; and your Persian friend seems to be confusing some categories. There is no evidence that the Indus Valley Civilization was Aryan, rather than Dravidian. In fact, the Indians who INSIST that it was Aryan are usually the same ones who reject the Aryan migration theory (and ignore the Indo-European theory). If you are truly interested in this subject, you might want to read some of the works by K. P. Mallory, especially .

  7. Purna says:

    Yeah exactly,aryans are not origin of nepal..nepal origin people are mongol.

    • warrior says:

      The original Nepalese are from Sino-Tibetan people. Please don’t distort the truth.
      Aryans came from Indus valley. The Kirat went to Nepal much earlier.

  8. Buddha chetri says:

    Tamang(bhote sherpa lama), gurung are not nepals indigenous people. They are ghost and devil of socity.they are the solder of gengis khan and mugol empire originated from Mongolia not from China. Their DNA is similar with the people of Mongolia. They came to nepal and india to destroy temple and they demolished some of them.Buddha was born in nepal therefore they follow Buddhism to be save and free from sin.Buddha is the son of chhetri (kshytria) they are original Buddhists and they spread Buddhism nearest ninza (Mongolian face) countries. In india Aryan people are Buddhist. Nepals devil Mongolian people have few blue blood (sign of devil -see the history of gengis khan and mugol emperors in india) to recognize their e people in war. Hindu holly book(vedic,puran) was written in nepal 5000 -6000 ago.we have self origin holly temple (most ancient)in all the district of nepal.only maost party told to them indigenous people not told by historians and intellectual circle. Moast party (PraChanda baburam) arised to get vote and win election.these people so many similar mother language which is similar to the language of Mongolia nothing is similar with China.

  9. I am kassi by the cast and you must heared that in history and we live in pakistan now but this land belongs to persia we are also aryans aryans people are allot it could be in german kurd persions and allot of people

  10. Raju chhetri says:

    well,there is great criticizem of brhmins and chhetri in MNO(monolian national organization) but they don’t understand that unity is required for our country instead of making self-proud.Well they think that we all are dominating them i.e. not true but the reality is unstable government .. we all need to be united instead of debating let’s all be together and show hem correct way
    it is our duty of nepalese to unite all caste in nepal..

  11. Rocky The Mongol Khan says:

    This is to all those ignorant twats who says that we are being racist when we start talking about our history. Some people would even say that these kind of “talkings” should not be made in public (F**K THEM ALL!!!). I agree with the writer above and more so, i guess it’s natural to feel compelled/curious about your own descendants. And i believe we should share our knowledge with more of us. There is nothing wrong in it. But in fact it is wrong to ignore your history/culture. We are what because of our ancestors. Our fathers and fore-fathers have made this land with the price of their blood and sweat, and we are part of them in every possible ways.

    Coming at this point of time, some of us have been changed with respect to our genetics and culture. Our ancestors had glorious lives, they have passed their knowledge and belief and faith to us through generation-to-generation and it is our duty to maintain that culture and let the world witness the deeds of them better men.

    I just don’t understand how a person cannot help themselves to notice about these process of existence. Of-course, there might be criticism about our findings and facts but like i suggested before, sharing knowledge should always be that door wide open.

  12. Gggg says:

    From jammu kashmir to himachal pradesh to nepal bhutan all were land of mongol or native oriental race….even the indus civilization was a mongol one…..shambshur as called was the king of indus….the semibarbaric nomadic aryans who migrated from iran took advantage of some favour from other kings of india and helped to war against shambasur …the semi barbaric aryans burned and destroyed 99 or more forts and cities of indus civilization….after the fall of the great mongol so called kirat emperor Shambasur….the dark days of native oriental mongol, austroid and dravidan started in india …eventually took over india….the khasa migrated crossing pamir mountain into jammu kashmir and started occupying and destroying the cultural identity of the indegenous kirats from himachal to western nepal ..and after destroying half of kirat country they renamed it as their khas country or empire…after aryan shah invasion they managed to migrate in great numbers under protection of aryan monarchy….
    Khas occupied west nepal from kirats much earlier…their migration to east nepal is a recent one……after that they decided to migrate and push further east and take over the mongol kingdom of bhutan just like they took over from kashmir, himachal pradesh to west nepal….but bhutan king was a clever one..he knew the tactics of khas aryan ..they migrate first and slowly take over….the khas aryan cunnignly started political party process in kingdom of bhutan..the bhutan king cleverly and swiftly to protect his kingdom kicked thousands of khas aryans from bhutan for good…these khas aryan refugess went to nepal.

  13. Aryan Zarei says:

    Hey my name is Aryan and I am from Persia and currently living in US. I was going to move to Nepal to live there for long term anyone here could help with ideas how I could stay there for long term?
    Thank you.
    Email me at:

  14. dost says:

    One thing I have observed is that we are probably one of the most ‘physically weak’ ..human beings around our part of the world. Unless one claims that having ‘good weather’ around you is a privilege that humans can have, I see no other reason for us being in the hills than the inability to control fertile lands of the plains. Simply the current Indian population of the plains kicked us out of the most productive lands and we had to run for our lives at some point in the past and nobody was interested in places like Nepal. What do you all think?

    History is written by the winners. So, I don’t know how to trust the data you have provided to be valid. We may be Khas and we may not be…Whatever our roots are, currently we’re the poorest people on earth and we never win any medals in Olympics.

    • Bir Nepali says:

      How can you say that. Sherpas are the most enduring physically fit people of the World. Winning Olympic medal has lot to do with training and techniques that strength alone.

  15. Kham Magar says:

    Oh My God! Shame on us Nepali people. Look at all these hate comments and we call our land the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Get over this aryan vs mongol, janajati vs chhetri-bahun, etc quarrel guys. Our is one of the few countries having balance between Arya-Mongoloid peoples and people like you are destroying that.

    I admit Magars came from Tibet but we have now got so intermingled with other races that we are now . . . Mexican!

    • Sandesh says:

      Well said Kham bro. We are all Nepali now wherever we came from, and we should be proud of this. Morden Nepal is in Chaos, everyone following greedy leaders who wants to divide us all. Respect.

    • Gggg says:

      Aryan and mongol are balanced in nepal?? U must be a noob who has no idea about Nepal’s socio political history and present situation….ur a mongol but cant realise how for centuries u have been discriminated, marginalised ..Magar were used as soldiers for bahun supremacy..magars were used in large number and killed by bahuns in maoist war….ur community is divided into so many divisions by bahuns……
      .dude ur totally numb…thats y they say lede magar…wake up

      • Sandesh says:

        Gggg your comment is baseless as the name you picked. Hate, fear and discrimination has no place in civilised society.

    • Jasmine says:

      🙂 I guess you got him wrong. There is nothing like destroying the balance. I am a mongol and I support him for his deep study. Its a deep study and this shows our curiosity turning into answers. 🙂

  16. Oh the great desendentes of courageous African Apes!! super billionth sons, daughter and what not generation of the first single cell

    • Why you worry about the barbaric+mostly stupid history of the ancient? Personally think ancestors could have done lot better, as we can now. So don’t even waste single moment thinking about who came from where and what. They won’t define you. Simply, time has provided you with this nicer space to look forward and live- the present. There might be no tomorrow, as it is certain that one day there’ll be no tomorrow for anyone. So forget about who came from where, and who is who. Live. It was always stupid to fight for these things but since everyone is so educated now, even discussing/arguing about these matter questions the education system of our country itself.

  17. Rinchen bhutia says:

    OK sorry guys but don’t behave like you guys didn’t came from India! We Mongolian arrived in Nepal from Tibet and Burma so there is no shame in accepting ancestry? And please for our lord Buddha stop saying us as Aryan lol lol we have our own culture and we came from Tibet ! Your ancestry is Indian!

    • Mr Renchen

      It is very sad that you are spreading all your insecurities of being a Bhutia online. This inferiority complex and your flawed arguments that do not have a rational base is very stupid and ignorant,to say the least. You would like proof? Well there is proof. The Harrapa project has done research through blood samples. They have analyzed that Nepali Brahmins (Under Nepalese type ‘a”) have only 34% Dravidian (also known as South Indian or original Indian) blood in them. 38% of their blood is Balochi. If you google Baloch people you will see that they are indeed an Iranian nomadic group. 13% of their blood is North East European (Polish,Ukraine,Belarus etc) and 5% Caucasian. Now, while it is true that more recently their ancestors did come to Nepal after settling in different parts of India first (Kumai Brahmins from Uttarkhand, Punjab, Kashmir) genetically they are a mixture. Casually speaking Tharu’s have a much much higher percentage of Dravidian blood than Nepali Brahmins. Also this was a sample of 12 Brahmins not just one.

      Just as a side note, if all the Brahmins and Chettri’s left Nepal the economy would collapse and Nepal would turn into a failed state. Just logically speaking this is what would happen.

      Here is the link to facts. After you open the page press ctrl F and type “nepalese a” you will see all the information.


      • Dechen says:

        “Just as a side note, if all the Brahmins and Chettri’s left Nepal the economy would collapse and Nepal would turn into a failed state. Just logically speaking this is what would happen.”
        Wow, are you for real?

      • dev says:

        wt does nepalese a means? and i am Maithil Brahmin from nepal, curious to know about maithil brahmin can u help me?

  18. Good Lord says:

    Nepali is related to Hindi no doubt, but North Indian languages are all Indo-European languages. Rinchen, do a research on Indo European languages. They all originated in Pontic Caspian steppe, which would be around Ukraine.
    Not just Hindi or Punjabi, even the Iranian language has the same origin.
    The Y DNA related to this indo european expansion is R1a. From what I can see, more than 50% of bahun males have this Y DNA. This haplogroup has been found in all kinds of places in Europe. A hunter gatherer sample from Russia from 6000 years earlier had this haplogroup.
    So R1a is foreign to the subcontinent. It is just a fact that bahuns have a lot of foreign blood. And I mean from the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia.
    Rinchen, stop being so abusive. People have been nice with you.
    So you want to kick Khas out of Nepal? Go ahead, do it. I don’t live in that country anymore, and neither do my parents. It will not affect me.

  19. Good Lord says:

    Boy, someone is mad…
    In my opinion, Magars, Rais, amd other Kirat groups are way different from Bhutia groups liks Sherpas. Kirats may have 30% Indian blood. Sherpas live close to mountains. Bahuns cannot live there!
    This guy Rinchen does not realize that without his Indian ancestors he would not even exist..

    When we are talking about ancestry, we need to speak the truth. I don’t mind being called an Indian. We did come from India. This guy Rinchen wants to pretend that his ancestors always lived in Nepal.
    Here is a shocker for you: You are not as ancient as Tharus.

  20. Rinchen bhutia says:

    koi Gurung rai wa janajati sathi xaina?? Yo muji khaase haru le lastai garyo hau ! Yo Indian haru le afai le banako katha sunayera bhayena? Oi muji dhoti haru sun ma eklai bhote le talai katnu sakxu bujhis! Dhoti hero naban afualai sapna ko European banera! ? Muji gan 2011 ko census ma kati xan janajati haru baun dhoti saale herdaa African baru hami Mongolian lai po African banuxa baa? Boudha ma aije dhoti baun Jo ae pani ta dhoti haru lai dekhauxu bhote ko power muji khaase dhoti haru sale dhoti India ko culture ko rip off lai European bhanxas dhoti muji lado khaa dhoti

    • Nepali says:

      Rinchen, You mother fucker bhote, go back to Tibet if you cannot tolerate the mixed culture of Nepal. You cannot even go back to Tibet because Chinese have already over taken Tibet. You Tibetans are living in exile in India and Nepal. Do not wear us while living under our patronage.

      • Metalhead says:

        Rinchen, u are a complete ass-hole. Nobody is trying to prove which race is better, but alas, you being such an arrogant bastard fail to understand simple things. You have no right to speak here as you are not a Nepali. You have no homeland for the Chinese haven taken away your country. U are just a REFUGEE living at the mercy of all the Nepalese which includes, the likes of Rai, Gurung, Magar, Bahun, Subba, Chettri, Tharu, etc. These are the Nepalese people living together for centuries. You are an outsider who has been given shelter by the Nepalese people. Tibetans, wherever they go, they act cocky. We all know your history, you stinking bastards. It a known fact that Tibetans stink. They are dirty and doesn’t know basic hygiene. They use to beg in the streets of Darjeeling. So stop that crap you Son of a whore!!!

    • B kamal tamang says:

      plz kindly add me on facebook …. B kamal tamang…since I have so many things to aske you about mongol …..

    • tyaarbuba says:

      twosan thann xxhn twos ki phakin xxhan , je twosan affe tadage ythgo chifxxhan thar pyaus lab putto ani DNA thamudu garhos :3 -_- , twosan affe livich sapdinccho . ghyar nimik phakhos nihos nithar mi yathuk khuttincchu tyaar dudhir tadage , baatho putto ubaduoincchan :3 -_-

  21. Rinchen bhutia says:

    OK let’s face this way! Mongoloid is most spread human race and they were genetically more energetic than Caucasoid race! Hey Indians, blind beggar on road can differentiate rai or Gurung with self proclaimed Aryan and we janajatis have completely different culture from India which is obvious cause we are not Indian? Jyapus mongoloid and Dravidian are original inhabitants of modern day Nepal let’s face this straight! We might have some genes of you guys but the fact is we at still Mongolian and time has come out to kick your ass from our nation sale original dhoti haru ta mula haru lai kasle patauxa European bhanda herds African jasto xa afulai sapna European na dekh! Kaile dekhya xas European real life ma chikni?? Bhote haru ris dekhya xas muji! Janajati yo desh ma kati xa dekhya xas original dhoti! Bahun chetri ko hater haru dekhya xas original dhoti! I support madhesis movement against khaase people and they should be removed as soon as possible

  22. Rinchen bhutia says:

    Hey guys I’ve done a bit human psychology too and according to research about 85% o people gets angry when other human talks about there race! Of some of our mongoloid member have mixed with hybrid of Dravidian and middle east people called Aryan which origin is on India! LET’S accept this all indo-nepal Aryan language is derived from Sanskrit now don’t tell me khas or Nepali was derived from some Greek or German language 😛 ! Let’s forget about how brahmin and chetris look? Look at Indian culture and look at you self proclaimed pure Aryans culture ?? Culture is made after 1000 years of human behaviour according to there surrounding and irony is that jyapus have completely different culture from self proclaimed Aryans of Nepal? Yeah we unfortunately have mixed with you guys but that doesn’t mean we are Aryan lol? jyapus doesn’t have Indian culture we mongoloid doesn’t have Indian culture and madhesis too have there own culture! Just because few tamangs out there look like Aryan doesn’t mean we are pure Aryan or European like you! OK Indians or khas people we just want you guys out from our original motherland Sherpa and rai himalaya and tamang rai Gurung on hilly area and madhesis brother on terai ! Nobody likes you guys especially we janajatis because your arrogance and seeing other as outsider cause we are real nepalis cause we have our own culture which not manufactured in dhotiland! Go out self proclaimed Aryans from our beautiful land which is destroyed by you people! Another 200% accurate fact is 70% are janajatis which is more than enough to kick you guys! We janajatis are original Nepal I’m totally supporting the chaos going in our country right now cause khaase have destroyed our nation!! Kick khaase out ! Go back in India or even Europe (yeah on dream) ! Dhoti bhaag muji aru lai k dhoti bhanxas! Khas the original dhoti! Khaase are bloody lickers who licks on other human being like leech cause this is something genetic to khaase people! Look at our faces khaase chor we hdont look like you guys at all yeah we may have some looks like you people but even blind can differentiate rai or Sherpa with khaase people! #Backoff Indians hahaha

    • Sandesh Chepang says:

      You are a first line descendent of an ape Rinchen Bhutia. Go and ask your mother she will tell you the truth. I have no doubt you were raised by animals too. You have a lot of hate and ignorance on you, you will need to evolve few hundred generations before you can act a human.

    • Lama says:

      I totally agree with you and yh we all tamang, rai limbu, sherpa and many mothers which known as matawali are must be one and kick these khasss are out of the our beautiful motherland. lets not forget my all matawali brothers we all must be one in order bring our culture and value back into us and protect it. thanks.

  23. Researcher says:

    Interesting. Here is Harappa calculator data for a Sherpa Sample (dataset from Reich et al):

    9.23% S-Indian
    0.00% Baloch
    0.51% Caucasian
    0.00% NE-Euro
    0.06% SE-Asian
    11.45% Siberian
    76.97% NE-Asian
    1.47% Papuan
    0.27% American
    0.00% Beringian
    0.00% Mediterranean
    0.06% SW-Asian
    0.00% San
    0.00% E-African
    0.00% Pygmy
    0.00% W-African

    So the Sherpas are similar to Tibetan people. However, let’s face it, Sherpas are from close to the Nepalese border and therefore are naturally similar to Tibetan people. I would classify Sherpas as North-East Asians.
    My opinion is that Magars, Rais, Gurungs, etc–people who live side-by-side with bahuns and chettris will score a lot more of the South Asian components.
    And it is quite curious that the Sherpas don’t have any of the Baloch or North East European components that the Bahuns do. So the South Indian admixture that Sherpas have must not have come from bahuns.

  24. Researcher says:

    Rinchen Bhutia, I would say that Nepali bahuns came from India. The question obviously is when. As far as bahuns looking like Madhesis as a whole, that really is far from the truth. The Maithli Brahmins though can resemble bahuns. The Madhesis have their own caste system, and the upper castes, really are different from people of lower caste background. This is a fact. If you don’t believe me, look at studies by Reich et. al and Moorjani et al. Among the Hindus, the Kashmiri Pandits are the most West Eurasian shifted. Our genetic profile, is more similar to people to the West of us. Meaning people from Jammu, Himachal, and probably Uttaranchal (I haven’t seen genetic data for Uttaranchal Brahmins, although I have for Dogra brahmins).
    Just look at the following dataset. Nepali Brahmins as a whole are pretty West Eurasian shifted:

    By the way, I have some Sherpa data with me. You wanna bet with me that Sherpas are mixed with Indians? You can see that Tibetans have some Indian blood. Look at the Burmese, who are 17% South Indian. In my opinion, the hill groups of Kirat group will be way higher than that due to living with Indian types (meaning bahuns and chettris).
    Anyways, look at Nepalese-a above, who are unquestionably bahuns. They are 13% Northern European according to that, more than even Pathans!

    Nepalese bahuns, I would say are similar to Northwestern Indian Brahmin groups. Our “South Indian” score is low. Compare to Uttar Pradesh Brahmins and Tamil Brahmins.

    As far as Nepali bahuns coming from India, give me a break. Of course we did. Humans have been migrating since the out of Africa dispersal tens of thousands of years ago.
    And anyways, you think the Kirat phenotype developed out of thin air? Where did you come from? The argument that Kirats are natives is not scientifically valid. Did Kirats as a whole come to Nepal earlier than bahuns? More than likely, but that does not make you indigenous.
    The Tharus score 54% “South Indian” according to the dataset above. The South Indian component is the indigenous component of South Asia. Personally, I don’t like the term “indigenous” because humans are by nature migrants.

    By the way, I also feel that the author needs to do more research. Don’t live in fantasyland. Do not link yourself to groups you have nothing in common with.

  25. Rinchen bhutia says:

    BANGLADESHIS migrated from Brazil and Sri lankan migrated from Somalia right aryans! NEPAL is so fucking small that even one tribe would be enough to rule Nepal! India has the half of population as aryan but being European is more classy so let’s tell the shit that we are aryan of Europe hehehe!!! Buddhist ban pahila ani kura gar!! Hindu dhoti no religion ho!

  26. Rinchen bhutia says:

    Sorry guys no matter how much you try to hide your ancestry as Indian! But the truth is you guys are Indian or dhoti! So people of Europe migrated to Nepal because Nepal is not surrounded by other nation as India,Pakistan or Bhutan?? NEPALI derived from greek not Sanskrit! ALL our aryan are Spanish??? And Spanish people didn’t have the fucking eye to see India??? So you guys should follow ancient Roman religion instead of Hindu which was created by aryan of India?? You guys made me vomit by your self imagined hypothesis!!! Even aryan of India to have similar excuses that they didn’t came from other nation like there counterparts Dravidian?? Haha aryan friends you guys are Indian no matter how many excuses you make??

  27. HinduLion says:

    I am damn proud of my Aryo-mongoloid heritage and I am a Bahun. I am trying to learn the Vedas in India.We are Hindus.End of Story

  28. Raj gurung says:

    Muji baun haru aryan dhoti ho sabailai thaxa! Raadi ko ban haru nepali hindi kina eutai vasa, bata aako ta? Kina nepali chor baun ra dhoti baun ko anuhar eutai hunxa ta? We didnt migrated from india is like saying japanese didn’t migrated from china! Madrasi ra bihari haru ho chikne kalo hune aru indian baun dhoti jastai goro huxa cause they are aryan! You’re indian accept it! Muji himal ma ta kirat ra sherpa baseka hun. chor baun hoina! Baun are dhoti!! Anuhar bhasa religion milda pani hami indian hoina vannu murkhata ho!? Indian arabian nepali baun and north european they all are same people admit it! Chikne hami tibetan Ho we accept it you people are dhoti admit it

    • Abhishek says:

      You are such an ignorant person. He was only trying to explain his ancestry. Why are you so adamant about insulting him? Look at your name, Raj, that’s an aryan name.

    • anil says:

      muji bahun chhetri lai hepchhas ani buddha nepal ko ho bhanera proud garchhas muji

      • Rinchen bhutia says:

        ONLY kathmandu valley was claimed as Nepal in past and other parts like like kapilbastu, karnali were different state as history says! And kathmandu valley was ruled by kirat and after that hybrid of kirat and Dravidian race who are known as jyapus or newar! So kirat were the first known ruler of Nepal or kathmandu valley(I know some Dravidian called gopal ruled in myths)! NEPALI language was non existent in Nepal or 3 district! Aryan arrived in India about 3500-4000 years back!! Before that it was all Dravidian!! So what about other parts of Nepal before malla’s rule !!! Why the hell is pahari language of himachal pradesh and Nepali same??? Why culture of khas people and upper part of India like himachal pradesh similar! Please visit himachal pradesh once and all of your blind faith about “we are son of Alexander the great” will get removed from your sub conscious mind!! And brahmin are true indians as we all know! There some rare pure aryans(especially brahmin) in nepal like there are few in india! According to my research 65% of khas people are similar to madhesis not in color but in face structure!! And brahmins are true aryan or indian as we all know!! This just a simple truth so that you guys will stop to see other as outsider! Reality is you guys are outsider and 70% of people are janajatis who can kick you out from nepal just like gyanendra!

    • rajesh kadariya says:

      hey gurung. i have done proper resarch on this matter. this post is not actually correct. khas were the people who migrated to sub continents during the time of alexander the great conquer from central asia. thats why real khas faces is identical with spanish face.
      aryans are the people as this post said. in nepal , khas get mix up with indian aryans. and the extra fact u need to know is magars are the blood of genghis khan. so the culture of khas and magars are similar. if u go to afghanistan there are same people who are identical with magar faces. so shut the fuck up.

      • Rinchen bhutia says:

        ONLY kathmandu valley was claimed as Nepal in past and other parts like like kapilbastu, karnali were different state as history says! And kathmandu valley was ruled by kirat and after that hybrid of kirat and Dravidian race who are known as jyapus or newar! So kirat were the first known ruler of Nepal or kathmandu valley(I know some Dravidian called gopal ruled in myths)! NEPALI language was non existent in Nepal or 3 district! Aryan arrived in India about 3500-4000 years back!! Before that it was all Dravidian!! So what about other parts of Nepal before malla’s rule !!! Why the hell is pahari language of himachal pradesh and Nepali same??? Why culture of khas people and upper part of India like himachal pradesh similar! Please visit himachal pradesh once and all of your blind faith about “we are son of Alexander the great” will get removed from your sub conscious mind!! And brahmin are true indians as we all know! There some rare pure aryans(especially brahmin) in nepal like there are few in india! According to my research 65% of khas people are similar to madhesis not in color but in face structure!! And brahmins are true aryan or indian as we all know!! This just a simple truth so that you guys will stop to see other as outsider! Reality is you guys are outsider and 70% of people are janajatis who can kick you out from nepal just like gyanendra!

    • krishna kc says:

      muji haso lagyo tero kura padera…….

    • mixon says:

      teri ma chikne raj gurung .. randi ko chhora sale khate .. tero aama lai taile chikxas ,, sale .teri aam ko muji chat

  29. subas..... says:

    this is quite an interesting claim..its historic that aryans in india were there even before 1700 BC….i asume atleast 3000 BC..and aryans in nepal came from india who had already lost their caucassoid features. yes i believe aryans in nepal are of same roots as of iranians but they are like arabs..and years of dwelling in pakistan then india , intermarriage , than hard and poor life in nepal has made them completely evolve as another human race and they are observed as indian people by the world… its quite recent that the aryans came to nepal late..and most of the mongols also arrived late..only some tribes like tharus and newars along with kirats were there..who were mongols..later huns came to nepal and lived as magars although some believe they arrived as genghis khan’s cavalry troops..then we can see tibet migration nepal is a mix of people from india( aryans) , mongolia( hunnu tribe and others) and tibetian people( like sherpas and tamangs)….

  30. Siwon says:

    Nepali who are Bahun andchhetris are indians from Rajsthan and kashi as theymigrated when Muslim invaded india. We are Gurung, Magar, Newar, Rai, Limbu and Tamangs are the original inhabitantsof Mountain and hills of Nepal. So this bahun and chhetri who calls them selfAryan is not the first inhabitant of our land so get it right. We do not haveany problems if you call your self aryan = shit (as you guys were very good at divide and rule) , but do not call yourself the original inhabitant of Nepal. As you know yourself you come from india during muslim war and seek refuse and took over our homeland one byone. Before you get into mountain and hills of Modern Nepal We had NEWAR kings, GURUNG Kings, Magars Kings, Rai and limbu kings.Now we are Nepali and will be Nepali forever. What ever your origin is it is the past. It is understandable that you wanted to know your past but do not bullish us “the first settlers of mountains and hills of Nepal.

    • jimbeam says:

      human beings were nomadic in origin. They latter settled where ever good food and water was available. You can bitch about who ever coming first and last or whatever hubujubu you want. But the truth is you have limited idea about past like anyone else. So shut the fuck your research..publish books with you evidences and bitch about it. You are one of the problem Nepal cannot economically ans socially evolve. A lot of dumb fucks like you walking around without any skills and good brain sucking on resources and making drinks. I know few piece of shits like you back home.. in fact a lot actually who just fights around drinking and saying obscene stupid things.

  31. ngareenbeil says:

    “The Śākyas formed an independent republican state, known as Sakya Gaṇa-rājya. The Śākya capital was Kapilavastu in present-day Nepal,”

    There were also some Sakya people in Myanmar and evidently north Thailand. Persian Kambojas , a fellow-tribe, traded horse by ship to Sri Lanka from 2300 BP and their Naga legend may be the origin of a similar legend in early “Kampuchea” /Cambodia.
    Kumara “son” is a royal expression in Bali Indonesia which has similar village design and Gauri Rudraksha Shankar., as Nepal. Further south is the land of Cammeray-gal ” the comrades” with family-group ” -gal ” as in Old Nepali language, like south Persian -gal. (Kumarigal).
    The word ngarampa “spiritual location” is like Tibetan Ngarampaa.
    It seems that Aryana people continued travelling a long way…

  32. Roshan GURUNG says:

    Nepali who are Bahun and chhetris are indians from Rajsthan and kashi as they migrated when Muslim invaded india. We are Gurung, Magar, Newar, Rai, Limbu and Tamangs are the original inhabitants of Mountain and hills of Nepal. So this bahun and chhetri who calls them self Aryan is not the first inhabitant of our land so get it right. We do not have any problems if you call your self aryan = shit (as you guys were very good at divide and rule) , but do not call yourself the original inhabitant of Nepal. As you know yourself you come from india during muslim war and seek refuse and took over our homeland one by one. Before you get into mountain and hills of Modern Nepal We had GURUNG Kings, Magars Kings, Rai and limbu kings.
    Now we are Nepali and will be Nepali forever. What ever your origin is it is the past. It is understandable that you wanted to know your past but do not bullish us “the first settlers of mountains and hills of Nepal.

    • sabai bahun chetri des lutne neta hoinan says:

      Not all nepali bahun chettri are dividing and ruling. There are also starving bahuns chetris ,some are unemployed and some working hard in gulf nations. Plz have a reality check mate….mukh samhalera bol…. u dumb ass….rascala…mind it

  33. for more scientific details on Indo-Aryan Archaeology and Anthropology please visit

  34. When I think of the so-called Aryans and their self-glorified race – I think Nazis, Germans, Caucasians, and other European / Baltic races.. and the likes. Not the North Indians who are the by products of years of political upheavals and wars. If they were of the so-called Aryan race, who claim to have walked all the way from Europe and are now in the unfortunate situation of living amongst us, in India…. They should be whites, which clearly they are not.… Or they should look like the other branches on this so-called tree…… which is clearly not the case. So maybe wars were the cause?? However, its nice to dwell in this theory… 🙂

    • Juven Bachan says:

      When I think of the sub-humans I think of the trouble the world is in…….. Where do you think the horse and chariot came from or the swastika. I thought you knew that Indian upper class males are descended from Russian blood. I thought you knew history. Were you and your Dravidian ancesters riding Mustangs in the streets of the Indus cities………..

    • Roshani says:

      The Nazi stole the word “aryan” from Sanskrit in the first place, so there is no reason to compare us to them. Nepalese chetri bahun, were part of a tribe long ago called Khasas which stretched from Pakistan to North Eastern India. These people were thought to have originally come from Central Asia. The Indians you are thinking of are probably more South India indigenous. The phenotype possessed by pure Nepalese Bahun Chetri and people from Himalchal, Uttrakhand, and Kashmir is totally different- look them up. Please don’t comment on somebody’s history when you’re not educated enough on the subject matter.

      Looking at linguistics, Sanskrit (the mother language) has common roots with Germanic, and Latin, compare the numeric system and you can see the similarities.

      I don’t know why you’re being so butthurt.

  35. nischal says:

    your view is strictly based on “Max muller’s school of thought”, which is in fact a Hoax, a propaganda set by westerners. Max muller is a proponent of Eurocentrism theory, which promulgates that Europe is the center of civilization. it is said that Max Muller studied sanskrit for some time and he drew conclusion out of it within 4-5 years of time. It is almost impossible to do that. simply learning a sanskrit will not make somebody able to translate the whole vedas, because it is primarily written in poetic verse. Veddantaacharya learn it throughout their life to master over it. at least i disbelieve in max muller doing it in such a short period.
    Aryans invasion never occurred, aryans mixed with Dravidiens and Austroloid people to develope the Indus valley and Harrappa civilisation together.

    • Dalji says:

      a very possible and correct answer

    • Khas from Bactria says:

      Agreed. Aryan Invasion theory is a hoax. BTW, all the janajati people who are barking Nepal to be their land should know not even Tibbet was their land. Kambojas ruled Tibbet. The europoid mummies found in Tarim basin is the fact eurasians were the first inhabitant of this region. But, logics don’t work with idiots. Ignorance is a bliss!!

  36. Noorul Hasan says:

    Good Quest.

  37. dsuresh says:

    Stop conspiracy.. This fucking admin I…Theres nothing like Aryan in nepal…we khas are not arya nor were from India…khas are not Aryans..stop this fuck fellas

  38. Mahat says:

    The very fundamental stuff of your writing is flawed. As few people pointed out; Aryan Invasion theory of Max Muller is a hoax. I hail from a chhetri clan of khas root and have been researching about our ancestry since 2001. More I read more I get confused. Among all the views, I like Smriti’s view the most as I have similar POV. Nepalese Chhetri and a part of Bahun are Khas (Bahuns have both khas and south indian/ austroloid heritage) having genetic tie with Tajikistan. That being said I do not mean Tajikistan is our distant origin. I’ve heard about Kassi or kass tribe in ancient Persia who are said to have migrated eastward. Some people say we khas are from caucasus mountain, a province in modern day Armenia or Georgia. So, as per my reading I have come to the conclusion that prehistoric khas people were of Persian root who settled to Tajikistan and then moved to western tibbet and finally settled in Western Nepal and Uttaranchal/ himanchal of India. The fact of khas people being Persian-Tajik is substantiated by Jamara (Dashain ko Jamara) also. Iranian and Tajik people grow Jamara during their New year [Nawruj aka nawa (new) roj (day)]. We khas also have some cultural ties with Shaka (Schythian) people, another Iranian tribe. Khas people used Shaka calendar before using BS. Shaka people used to worship dog as we do in Tihar, unlike typical Hindus. Historical annals have shown we converted to Hinduism only in 15th century (circa1450 AD). So, Persia/ Caucasus—Tajikistan (Badkhasan)—-Xinjiang (Kashghar)—–Kashmir (khasmir?)——-Himanchal——Western Nepal is our ancestral migratory route. About our genotypic character: we are caucasoid but rampant marriage with mongtols (bhote, lama) and austro mongoloid (east asiatic like magars) have changed our phenotype to great extent. Most of Upadhyaya bahuns look what our ancestors looked because of the fact that they preserved their genetic purity. While, chhetris look slightly mongoloid because of genetic impurity because of common marriage with mongoloid people..

    • Juven Bachan says:

      You are flawed. You read too much of Rajaram and Frawley. You know what They were riding mustangs in the cities of the Indus. Ask them.

    • dev says:

      soryyy, this so called ‘dashain ko jamra ‘ is grown all the brahmins ; being maithil brahmin i know this : and the maithil brahmins are also very much strict in preserving the genetic purity by not marrying in other community.

    • Bacus says:

      Bahun are mix of khas ( chhetri) and plain migrant.

  39. says:

    If we cannot do DNA study, next best possible way would be reading facial structures , the mere outlook of the DNA. So, Since historians presumed that we are Khas , nomadic tribe who migrated from CEntral Asia. And places like khasgar are prolly named after Khas tribe, I thought of looking facial structures of people Khasgar and surrounding regions. Khasgar at present day lies in Western China, an autonomous state of Xinjiang. Majority of Xinjiangs are Ughyur and they call themselves very closely related to Turkey. And what i found was the facial structures of Ughyur are very close to Bahun -Chettris of Nepal.

    The story they say Aryan came to Indus valley and drove away Dravidian looks true to some extend. Because of presence of some scattered Dravidian population in Indus valley region.

    • XYZ says:

      Have you morons no shame? Stop lying about your origin and ur racial phenotype because you pathetic morons are no different from Indians with that ugly crap Mongoloid-Australoid features and that black-brown skin ! Uyghurs are very-very different from any Nepali that exists !

  40. Savitha says:

    Why did you not analyse the language the indegenous people spoke, before Aryan (supposedly) migrated here. The indigenous people of the indian subcontinent are Dravidians. The language they spoke is Tamil (one of the ancient languages).

  41. Rabin adhikary says:

    Very gud job done by you mr adnim of this page

    i was also searching of my originity of aryan ppl becouse i m also bramans(aryan)…
    my father also say me we are different from buddist n magar ppl. We r aryan….
    we have came from southwest asia(iran-iraq)
    we also were muslim in 1000s of year ago.
    we were influenced by migration to afgan-pakistan n nepalese hill area n followed hindu relion as parmanent now yet.
    I know i m not from afican black ppl n dwarf mongol chinese ppl
    i m aryan like pakistani ppl
    i ve long nose,white skin, i m tall n i ve more hair n by body…n so on
    its some charesters of bramin-kchhree(aryan) people.. Which r found in number in nepal..
    In nepal hill bramine are pure aryan people .forether more bihari people of tarai , chetri ppl, muslim people ,are also aryan people of nepal which consits of more then 69% of total population
    other newar,tharu,damai n sharki, mager and buddist are mongolian n black people…who have entre nepal after aryan civilization in nepal. So those ppl are voilated n negleted by aryan people.
    Any way nepal that country where aryan people have came n resist for the fist time about 1000s of years ago..

    • sam says:

      paila lekhna sik ani vann tero race kati mahan cha vanera lol

    • Hangmason says:

      I came to this site accidentally but I must admit, the writings and subsequent comments have implanted a surreal eagerness in me to find out my ancestral history and timeline path of how we came into Nepal (I am a Kirat).

      And you Rabin sir, you need to crawl back to where your forefathers came from if you feel so different amongst the people you live with. How can you cope with such a horrendous situation when kids in Somalia are dying of malnutrition and diarrhea?

      Maybe you’ll find solace in your ancestral place (I hope you find it soon) and so will most people in Nepal if the lot of like you simply went back along with your discriminating views and pre-historic racist supremacy. Although, after reading your scramble of a post, I can hardly blame your tinted glass views.

    • Sonu Pariyar says:

      As you said you got long nose tall heights fair skin and all . Coz you are Brahman, chetri but m confused here coz Iam. Darji I’m tall ,fair skin ,light brown eyes ,long nose . How m I supposed to be Mongolian ? We Darji and some kami looks totally like Aryan’s !

      • theoriginalkhas says:

        Hi. Just wanted to clear out something without any interest given to drivel surrounding this post. The fact is Aryan and Khas is not synonymous. Second, Khas people are ancient Illyrian people who migrated from their homeland through Iran and Kashmir and entered India & Nepal who got mixed along the way. Their language is Latin and is similar to Spanish (although it borrows some elements from Albanian). Third, all kami, damai, sarki, matwali Khas, thakuris are the original Khas. The rest are mixture of Khas and mostly brahmins of pancha gawda lineage. Although, Khas are too mixed very much with Scynthian and Mongol tribes; hence the phenotype varies from people to people.

    • Roshan GURUNG says:

      Nepali who are Bahun and chhetris are indians from Rajsthan and kashi as they migrated when Muslim invaded india. We are Gurung, Magar, Newar, Rai, Limbu and Tamangs are the original inhabitants of Mountain and hills of Nepal. So this bahun and chhetri who calls them self Aryan is not the first inhabitant of our land so get it right. We do not have any problems if you call your self aryan = shit (as you guys were very good at divide and rule) , but do not call yourself the original inhabitant of Nepal. As you know yourself you come from india during muslim war and seek refuse and took over our homeland one by one. Before you get into mountain and hills of Modern Nepal We had GURUNG Kings, Magars Kings, Rai and limbu kings.
      Now we are Nepali and will be Nepali forever. What ever your origin is it is the past. It is understandable that you wanted to know your past but do not bullish us “the first settlers of mountains and hills of Nepal.

      • Sandeep Malla says:

        Oi Gurung muzi timiharuko astitwa hami xettri thakuri le garda xa bugis sale tibet ko bhote ra china ko hunnya harule aafu Nepal ko ho bhanna laj lagdaina kukur haru.
        xettri & thakuri le arjya ko des Nepal ho bujis bhote bauko bhote kukur

    • jimbeam says:

      you are retarded or stupid? or just a kid? either way never post anything internet is already fucked up.

  42. Aryan power world wide says:

    Aryan tribes are Jat, Rajput, Gurjars, Brahmins, Khatriyas, Sikh jutt, pashtoons, kojant tajiks, polish, ukrainians, russians, Slavs, serbians, sorbs. Be Proud and never let mongols dominate you

    • Hangmason says:

      Yea? Why are you in Nepal in the first place then? I believe Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia etc are better places to live in than Nepal both economically, and morally (amongst your own)?

  43. Arun says:

    It is good to know about self race, But discrimination is not good at all, We all love the light- Asatoma sat gamaye, Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya… Our society will be divided if we talk about skin color, Even from same parents one kid is light and another kid is little dark. Even Moon have different shapes and color in night. If you notice the color of Europeans their all kids are light skinned, well, they are united in one sense by their skin color…We must learn to love our people no matter either they are arya, mongolian, dravidian. Our Ancestor have worked hard through our sanskrit books to unite all of us by faith.

  44. Dr. Rana says:

    Be careful of the Jews or camouflaged Jews they want to make us Aryans by fraud into Semites. We have nothing to do with the Semites (Jews-Arabs).

  45. Pradip katuwal/adadt says:

    It is crystal clear that khas people are the first settler of mountain foothills of Nepal. These people are here since the time immemorial I.e. from the Eurasian period. Khas people are found all along the mountain foot hills from Kyrgyzstan and beyond to Afghanistan, Pakistan , Jammu and Kashmir, uttarakhand , Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. Khas people are the son of mountain. Hence they , by nature settled in the lap of mountain and hills not in the plain . In the context of Nepal they first came here , made the land liveable and gave the name of the place. Accordingly as an identity many of them took it as surname. Hence , relating khas people as migrant from Indian sub continent is nothing than a stupid act or a conspiracy and khas people are capable to defeat the conspiracy by their inherent wisdom and historical proof.

    • Roshan GURUNG says:

      Nepali who are Bahun and chhetris are indians from Rajsthan and kashi as they migrated when Muslim invaded india. We are Gurung, Magar, Newar, Rai, Limbu and Tamangs are the original inhabitants of Mountain and hills of Nepal. So this bahun and chhetri who calls them self Aryan is not the first inhabitant of our land so get it right. We do not have any problems if you call your self aryan = shit (as you guys were very good at divide and rule) , but do not call yourself the original inhabitant of Nepal. As you know yourself you come from india during muslim war and seek refuse and took over our homeland one by one. Before you get into mountain and hills of Modern Nepal We had GURUNG Kings, Magars Kings, Rai and limbu kings.
      Now we are Nepali and will be Nepali forever. What ever your origin is it is the past. It is understandable that you wanted to know your past but do not bullish us “the first settlers of mountains and hills of Nepal.

      • deep says:

        Brother, I think you have a some physic problem or you ate in drunk while you posting this arrival. Firstly nepali khas and Brahmin are not a Indian refugees.secendly the arayans come from the west . And this is clear and everybody knows. Thirdly there is country call Nepal for Kathmandu and later it becomes Nepal after the unification. If there is no unification there is no country call Nepal today. In history the present Nepal had a numerious kingdom and among them limbuwan . Nepa(newa) and western kiranti (Gurung magar) in mid Nepal tamang kingdom; far northern west Nepal is under rule of khas people which was once boarded to northern Tibet., Kashmir and afgan before the Muslim’s date back to 10000 years Anywa y. Well firstly who are they I mean chhetri and brahamin if we look our history it’s quite paradox because everything is destroy ed nothing left even though. Nepsli cherries are some vomevfrom north India with Shah dynasty. Some created here in Nepal it def after the cross marriage with mongloid people. Ya I agree nepalu chteri and Brahmins are refugee but not entirely because cherish ate already exists in western Nepal .it’s just the trick to integrate with in chetris from the dynasty.

  46. Pradip katuwal/adadt, sunsari says:

    It is clear that khas people are the very first settler of mountain foothills Nepal . Khas people are here from the time immemorial. Khas people are here in the mountain foot hills since the Eurasian period. Khas people first settled here, gave the name of the place and accordingly many of them took it as identity as sur name.hence to relate khas people as migrant of India is nothing than a comedy or a conspiracy. Khas people are capable to defeat the conspiracy by their inherent wisdom.

  47. Truthteller says:

    The original Aryans who came to South Asia were probably blonde and blue eyed, but since them everybody has mixed, including bahuns. In fact, bahuns tend to also have some East Asian admixture. Look up the Harapadna database if you don’t believe me. Bahuns mainly cluster with Punjabis and Kashmiris, but there is one cluster of bahuns who have more than 20% East Asian in them. Your “average” bahun has around 6-9% East Asian in them. But we also have some Draividian in us.

    • Pradip katuwal/adadt says:

      It is crystal clear that khas people are the first settler of mountain foothills of Nepal. These people are here since the time immemorial I.e. from the Eurasian period. Khas people are found all along the mountain foot hills from Kyrgyzstan and beyond to Afghanistan, Pakistan , Jammu and Kashmir, uttarakhand , Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. Khas people are the son of mountain. Hence they , by nature settled in the lap of mountain and hills not in the plain . In the context of Nepal they first came here , made the land liveable and gave the name of the place. Accordingly as an identity many of them took it as surname. Hence , relating khas people as migrant from Indian sub continent is nothing than a stupid act or a conspiracy and khas people are capable to defeat the conspiracy by their inherent wisdom and historical proof.

    • Bauns have 3 strands. says:

      Bullshit. No one in my family has even 1 percent East Asian. Pure Upadhyay bauns do not have East Asian in them they only marry within themselves. My grandad and dad as well as his sisters all have green to hazel eyes. Big ones with a roman nose and very structured facial features. My mother has a square face with insanely pale skin and a very pointy nose again with big eyes. I’am a mix of this and ended up with green eyes and brown hair. No one ever believes I’m Nepali. If there is a Mix its with Jaycee bauns or even Kumai’s. Sorry not being racist or anything its just even if you look at some KTM Pandeys they have very chettri(east asian mixed) features. But most pure Upadhyay bauns look very Irani/Kashmiri.

      • Nepali says:

        I am Upadhyay as well, and I am around 5% east asian. Rest of my DNA is a mix of Baloc, South Asian hunter gatherer as well as Northern European. Brahmins from anywhere in India have elevated levels of Northern European. This is probably the Indo European component. Nonetheless, we tend to carry y DNA R1a mostly, which has connections to Northeast European countries like Lithuania, Poland, as well as Russia.
        I will make a blog about bahun genetics probably today. There is a lot of misconceptions floating around. The West Eurasian components are either Baloch, Georgia like or Europeanlike in Brahmins. Baloch is in my opinion the farmer component. The original dravidians did not look like South Indians, since they brought the primary west Eurasian component to Northern South Asia.

      • XYZ says:

        get ur eyes checked, they look no different from Dalits!

    • Unadulterated Truth says:

      Nobody in the world today is “Aryan”. Bahuns may have some “Aryan” ancestry, but they also have various other ancestries, as I will prove below.
      Let me link to a dataset that everybody should view if they get a chance. It will shed light on the ancestry of Nepali bahuns and chettris. The website is titled Harappa, and it is basically a South Asian centric project by Zack, who really has done a great job. The data can be found below:

      I urge everybody with curiosity about their ancestry to do a 23andME test. The nice thing about 23andME is that they also make your genome available to you. So, what you should do is, download it and send it to Zack. It will really help all of us.

      Now, what are bahuns? There are two types of bahuns as far as I can discern. One type of bahun has minor East Asian admixture at 5-8%, while the other has elevated levels of East Asian. Is this difference between bahuns regional, or are we talking about differences in sub-caste. My opinion is it is a regional difference, i.e. people who live in areas where Kirats are in proximity will naturally have higher East Asian admixture.

      Admixture for one type of bahun (Zack above separated them out as nepalese-a). I know these are mostly bahuns because my own Admixture output matches Nepalese-a. The Admixture is:

      34% South Indian ( It really should be termed South Asian, as it is present everywhere in India, and can be high in North India, among the tribals)
      38% Baloch
      5% Caucasian
      13% North-East European
      8% total East Asian of various types (some East Asian apparently came with the indo-Europeans. The upper paleolithic genome of Mal’ta boy, who was apparently West Eurasian, was very Native American-like)
      1% Mediterranean

      The second type of bahun clusters with Chettri. These have been separated out as Nepalese-c. The admixture is:

      32% South Indian
      25% Baloch
      5% Caucasian
      6% North East European
      30% East Asian

      Now people may ask, how do I know Nepalese-c has bahuns in it? I know because I have read the original Xing et al paper. Their PCA chart makes that pretty clear.
      So, the difference is pretty stark in that one group is 8% East Asian, while the other is 30% East Asian. Both Nepalese-a and Nepalese-c have around the same level of South Indian (which like I said really is South Asian). However, the main difference is the East Asian admixture, which leads to differences in terms of West Eurasian (Northern European, Baloch, Caucasian, etc)

      Anyways, the bottomline is, we are all mixed. Actually, nobody in this world is pure. Did you all know that humans from Europe and Asia also have some neanderthal admixture?

      I think the “Aryan” admixture is probably North East European and Caucasian. The Baloch has some “Aryan” ancestry as well. Also, some West Eurasian admixture came with farmers from West Asia/Near East.

      The bottomline: get your DNA tested. You may be surprised.

      • punkbuddhaz says:

        You are very true about the pure Aryan Descent which might not exist. !! Am equally excited to see this Baloch Gene in Nepalese People, Baloch People are the dwellers from IRAN. The same thing which i derived from the language tree can be traced from the gene too. Well said !! A gene test might be interesting. But we are also doing a lot of positive progress in this discussion too. 🙂

  48. Rajesh says:

    I am a Genetic counselor by profession and m highly interested to find the real root of Nepalese Aryan.I accept above article facts to some extent and yes there are lots of similarity to Persian origin from appearance to peculiar aryan behaviour and even voice as i am in close contact with some persian friends.Let’s see I will try my best to manage to check genetic similarity among us and them in near future…

  49. faceit says:

    do you honestly believe all this , go find the truth behind this whole concept. lets say start reading about , who was Max muller and search wat was his true intention….. truth shall set you free.

  50. Sandeep Pariyar says:

    I think the whole thing is too complicated Just like Utkarsh said earlier.
    its all setup.There no such true proof .
    Aryan word itself is quite new word to western ( and be careful what source you are using, Nomatter what you will end up in conspiracy )
    – how western is giving an idea of aryan being race might be completely wrong.
    -when east india company came then only Aryan word came out.Its like westerns they learned for the first time from Veda about the existence of Aryan or misunderstood (can be a conspiracy ). It is western who confirm Aryan being race and their initial source was hindu scripture (however Hindu scripture never mentioned about Aryan being race ) then later they found Darius scripture , on that record they informed the world, Aryan being race blue eye , blonde)
    -Only Darius has mention in a single sentence being Aryan.
    -however arya word has been there for long time in shanskrit .
    -It might be a complete misunderstanding when you try to prove yourself being an aryan . cause There has been no mention of Aryan being race in any hindu scriptures or anywhere else .
    -Any person wise and Nobel were given this title.
    -I Used to think jus like you. I was wrong. Our(human) history , civilization has been modified by TPTB . there is nothing left that you can trust.
    -Be human Only human because you are human .

  51. ullekh says:

    since i read most of the comments, i want to tell most of the guys to fuck urself… we are not here for brotherly love but to share our ancestory, so please do not make it into a political or ideological thing…

  52. ullekh says:

    good research bro… thanks for saving me a lot of time and trouble.. i somehow knew i was related to the Persians but thanks for all the reseach….i am not a linguist nor a migration enthusiast, but still it feels good to know your history.

  53. utkarsh srivastava says:

    see i think u r a child really curious to know ur roots !! this aryan origin theory is really complex !! some misconception is in olden days iran was not know as iran it was know as faras ( persia). the name Iran is very modern hence relating it to iran (aryaan) is really stupid, the only connection that iran had with the word aryan is the insribtion by king darius in which he refereed himself to be aryan . secondly before arabs invaded persia the main religion was zorastrians who worship fire and followers of Ahura. their holy book was avesta. Now avesta says aryans of perisa came from a land called aryanam vajeho, which lies in the east of modern day iran. so now we have their ancient book stating that aryans and perisnas are two different entity and aryans in iran came from a land called arayanam vajeho which lies in the east of iran. so now two myths are busted on mere fact one that iran and aryaan are synonyms as iran is very modern name given to perisa and second that aryans were indigenous people of iran as there own holy book states otherwise.. none of them in europe or central asian civilization call themselves aryans never did greeks or romans or kurds or turkish claim themselves aryans till now that everyone is claiming themselves one nor do any of their ancient text claim the same. Now the other society which use the word arya to refer themselves are indians. The ancient india was referred as aryawarta in all hindu ancient texts, whose boundaries started from kandhar in afghanistan till vindhya ranges in central india hence encircling half of afgahnistan, whole of pakistan and half of india excluding maharastra and southern states and north eastern states except Assam. Aryawarta is a sanskrit word litteraly means land of aryans, one text says jambudwipe bharatkahande araywarte. means in asia lies the bharatkhand (indian subcontinent) in which lies the araywart(land of arayns). so we can say araywarts was in india but not whole of india. Every king of specialy gangetic plains are reffered as arya. lord Ram was refered as Aryaputra(son of arya), Rigved also states that people who live within the boundry of aryawarta are aryans , but it never says that aryans were not the indegenious peopel of this place and came from outside unlike Avesta of persians which says aryans came in persia from a place called aryanem vajeho which lies in the east of iran , now what we can see here is arynem vajehi sounds similar to aryavarta and does india lies in the east of iran and the answer is yes hence prooved that aryans in iran came from northern india . as king daris of persia who claim his aryan ancestory name dassreath as his ancestor now dasrath was the father of lord ram hence aryans of iran has thier roots in india. now we can easily see that that there were only two society which claim themselves to be aryan, indian and persian . vedas says anyone who live outside the boundry of aryawarta is maleccha and hence below shudra . still the word malich is used in north india to call a dirty man, now coming on nepal does nepal lies in the boundry of aryawarta is some part of nepal is definately aryavart but not whole, as in mahbharat land of nepal is refered as kirat desh and kirat naresh was not considered aryan king. persians and iranians are refered in hindu text as pahallav and categorized into mallecha means non aryans . some basic diferences between indian ind iranain aryans is for hindus dev are dieties and daitya are demon but ancient persian avesta put dev as demon and praises daitya as dieties also they worship ahura and has a holy book on his name called ahur mazda . now ahura is related to asura coz persians pronounce “s” as “h” thats how sindhu became hindu and you will find it very surprising that their book says indra was the leutinant of devil “devs” . so i think indian aryans and iranian aryans were two enemy group. and about nepalease aryans most of these are recent migration from gangetic plains of india as many share common surname like pandey, mishra etc. they migrate at the time of aryanization of nepal by ranas. which till now were the royal family of nepal and considered the avtaar of lord vishnu. hope u will find this usefull.


    • Rajesh says:

      Excuse me! how can you say that Aryanization in Nepal by Ranas? Nepalese Aryans hadn’t even landed in Indian land so far. And as your query about some castes surname matched with Indian, came from Terai belt whose origin are Indian later mixed with Aryan Nepalese. As mentioned above in article it’s must convincing that Nepalese Aryan migrate from Iran to Afgan to Pak to Nepal and some to India…….”We Nepalese Aryan feel Proud not to be Indian origin”

    • There was a King in Iran until the Islamic revolution in late 1970’s. Their king were referred as “aryamehr” which becomes Light of the Aryans when translated in English.

  54. Nirajan Rai says:

    Yeah. your article and subject you have choosen helped me somehow to understand to the migration the Indo-European languages to the Nepal. Thank you very much.

  55. Kamal khatiwada says:

    Thank you Bigyan g .Its all about our ancestor .you did a really good work . I like it very much .We have to do much more things for our Aryan race .Now a days many nepalese Aryan youths were lost theirself in negative crowd so it should be helpful for all of us to know our own history so ,I found it a part of the changing Aryan society of new time.thanks once again from your unknown Aryan brother.


    Some good research definitely. But a long way to go. Arriving at definite conclusions would require some more intensive work. Please keep up the good work.

  57. […] oldest language in asia […]

  58. Krishna Shakya says:

    I liked your blog and the subject you have chosen to research and write about. I have similar interests – to learn about origin of human being in general and in particular, of those dwelling in present day Nepal. With all the diversity in our demography, it is certain that we have a very diverse origin. Therefore, the issue could be very sensitive particularly at this point of time when we are politically divided into thousand pieces. The findings should not be used as basis to create one more crack to the nation. Nevertheless the subject itself is very interesting.

    You might have already come across the you tube video clips titled “The incredible human journey out of Africa” produced by BBC. This documentary talks about the origin and movement of human to different directions, the development of various features and such (race?). The link to the clip is

    I hope this clip will add to your research if you have not gone through it already. Thanks

    • saujanya says:

      the nepali ppl who call themselves aryans are actually khas… khas are not aryans…. they are caucasians…. caucasus— casus—-cas—khas….. even kashmir is actually khasmir…

      • exactly ….Khas….it is from Caucasus, Georgia. Nearby Urals, from where Khas Migrated towards the central Asia, Iran and India. Iranians and Nepalese Aryans though Separated by language and religion, we have a common racial heritage.

  59. Smriti says:

    Good one! I did the same re-search like you. I remember that my grandparents told me that our family came from Kashmir or somewhere around that to Nepal during Muslim invasion.I also have found out that khas people relate to people from northern Pakistan and southern Tajikistan , kalash people and Pamirs people in other words they r the same people.tho i need much more info on tht, We still have our Caucasoid features, all our relatives do as well.In fact most of the Nepali khas i know they all have it, I don;t know why you would say that we r loosing our original features .even tho people are loosing blonde hair and blue eyes due to climate change, we still have our Caucasoid bone structures and things like that. I was born with white skin and blonde hair and you would not be able to see my eyebrows!, well now it has gone light brown but All of us in my family have sharp/pointy nose and fair skin with some “blonde-ness” to it. My grandparents used to tell us that we are from the ” aryan” race. LIke you I knew some Iranians too, they were fair skin but dark hair, looked typical of middle eastern, called themselves Aryans. I am not too sure about calling myself Persian or Iranian because Persian empire was mostly Semitic and now today Persia is mostly Semitic and mixed as well. I can call myself indo-Iranian because that is the real Aryan, Indo-Iranian was from eastern Europe to middle east/central asia. so they were mostly blonde and blue eyed even the ancient Iranian but now most Persian empire people have lost their Aryan gene to Semitic people but not all. really don;t think that i am their descendant , I fall more towards southern Russia and Caucasus region because they were also Aryans who were in middle east as well later on but those in the middle east got mixed with Semitic people but now just because of the history all Iranians wanna call themselves ” aryans”. I really don;t like when today’s Iranian ( who are mostly Semitic, physically and faith wise ) jump up and down calling themselves Aryans and I sit in a corner and watch them do that. e-mail me if you want to talk to me or things u don;t agree with, 🙂 IN THE end, I like ur blog except from the part that u r relating us to modern Iranian haha.

    • XYz says:

      A bitch who has nothing to do with Kashmiris, Tajiks or Pakistanis cooks up stories to claim something which she never can claim. Iranians are 100 times more Aryan than you bitch.

  60. dr.p.neupaney says:

    Very useful information. I liked the way it is presented. Thanks:)

  61. Dexter says:

    Germans are not Aryans. Neither are the Persians.Persian speaking peoples are not the direct descendants of the Aryans.Merely related.

    The Aryans were an Indo European tribe of the Indo European speaking horse peoples who were all over Central Asia. People like the: Scythians
    Persians etc

    The Persians or Medes invaded Persia around the same time Aryan migration to India. These people were on the move. The Indian branch of the Indo European peoples called themselves Aryan meaning “pure”. They supplanted the Dravidian speaking people who migrated south except for a small pocket in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

    Evidence for this is the Aryan sacred songs which have been passed down orally to this day called Vedas which is written in Sanskrit. (Note the Germans do not speak or write in Sanskrit).

    In the 18/19th centuries historians imagined a conquering Aryan race that spread their language from Ireland to India an idea seized upon by Hitler who insisted that Aryans are Nordic! The racial interpretation of linguistical evidence is even shakier than Hitler’s geography.

    • Dalji says:

      All these theories of Aryans is wrong and biased postulated by the British and their cronies we the people of this sub continent are original inhabitants those outsiders who came were thrown away relax enjoy peace of mind whatever we are cannot cannot be undone

  62. Ace' High' says:

    i also heard something about indo-aryan, im not sure that rafez guy is just trollin..
    but is was very intresting to read. Im Nepali myself coming from Jhapa and being bramani i really want to know where my roots @

    thnx for the heads up!

    Nupa’ (Anupam Giri)

  63. PPant says:

    I have also had similar experience like you and did the similar research and came with the same conclusion. Our race is Aryan, in the US, however, Iranians get to check WHITE as their race, but we, being from Nepal, check ASIAN. In ancient history Iranians are referred largely as ARYANS, in fact, I read that Aryan is synonym to Iranian. Don’t they even sound familiar. Anyway, once they even had the President in Iran, with the last name Aryan. Pretty much the Aryans were there in Iran, before the Islam, it is Islam that made us flee to rest of the Indian sub-continent. Very good research. And, Sanskrit is definitely the mother tongue of all languages because when I was a graduate student I learned from my linguistic friends how they were learning Sanskrit because it is the mother of all Indo-European languages including German, English, etc. I was shocked at this and then later I found a book that demonstrated the close relationship between Greek, latin, and Sanskrit, the three mother languages of the world and even they were very similar.

    • punkbuddhaz says:

      Thank you for Reading and giving an unbiased feedback, About our race, i think we have already cross bread with indigenous people from here in India and Nepal, Hence we have lost most of our Caucasian Features. You can see one Asian inside Caucasian as well ;D. And next about the Language tree, do you think there is something wrong in the first Language tree diagram, where it doesn’t directly show that Sanskrit is the mother language of the languages you mentioned like Greek Latin and German.

  64. rafez says:

    your blog must be closed because you have no idea about what your talking about..
    what is indo – iranian language makes me laugh and what about aryan.. Indian are aryan too soooo

    it is very amatuer and confusing statement you have made and is offence to nepalsese people indeed

  65. punkbuddhaz says:

    Actually this is not the most efficient method but, it might work for rough estimate, For sometime ;D !!

  66. Pralen Prajapati says:

    Then I felt that if we could track the data of evolution of our language then we can track the human migration route as well.
    😀 I liked it !!!

  67. sanjaya says:

    Yeah certainly it should be a long time creation, as to the DNA analysis you may have to rely on knowledge from Sameerda, and depends if he has time for it gluck

  68. punkbuddhaz says:

    Ya thanku Sanjaya, It took me couple of days of intense reading and analysis, It would be more interesting to include some real life DNA testing results 😀 !! Tc

    • harka says:

      There is a little problem in your research. Aryan invasion never happened. It is merely a british trick to make the Indian civilization inferior. Try to look out for recent research papers. There is no way that Urdu is a indo european language since it is a spin off of Arabic. Funny thing you wrote is that we might have come from middle east. Middle east speaks Arabic. We do not have any connections with middle east. Little amount of Arabic words that pure Nepali and Hindi has is because of Arabic influence during the Mugal era. Many Brahmins and chettris migrated to Nepal to escape Mugals and Islam

      • punkbuddhaz says:

        True that this is not even a research … But there are some connections. The Aryan civilization comes from Harappa and some part its not precisely middle east … and i cant locate them precisely without any evidence. But you can see many things in language as well and the language has been molded. No way i meant that we had relations with arabic they are different entity .. i used the word persian. So this shall just be as a medium to stir this thing. Now a days we do have detail Gene analysis where we can trace our ancestry so lets get excited for the news that is coming 🙂 !! THnk u for ur Words !!

      • XYZ says:

        COWARDS !

  69. sanjaya says:

    Nice one Bigyan, at times I had wondered about the Aryans and searched a bit, but no way in par with the details you have included, nice work. It certainly is a nice article, something related to us, something telling who you are and tracing roots is certainly worth.

    • Shiv says:

      I’m chhetri fm Singapore i look nothing like te iranian i look nothing like te russian i look nothing like te indian wy do I care cause my first meetings wit most visiting nepalese of all tribes do know my looks as chhetri watever te mixure fm NEPAL!!

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