Metal Jatra II (Metal bands of Kathmandu)

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Music Analysis, News and Updates, Short Stories & Movies

It was July 2010 and Rock Fever and Planet musical Academy were busy at working for their Next Event Metal Jatra. I had already met “Jwalan Shrestha” Founder of Planet Musical Academy at some point. We were just talking about the event and suddenly the idea of making a documentary for the next “Metal Jatra 2” Popped at that instant. We had a shoot for more than 3 days using a DSLR camera rig. Sagar Shrestha an enthusiastic guy who helped us with all the audio part of and shooting as well.  The shoot was very interesting and there was a time where we needed to shoot the live performance at Bhrikuti mandap. We went there for the shoot but due to our equipment limitation the shoot at the live spot was impossible. Hence the vision to make this a documentary shattered at that point. Actually that was achievable but it wouldn’t meet the quality of product that i had once imagined of.

But I was very restless to create this as a documentary which I had tried as well, but there was very low response. But Magically one day I got a brilliant idea of making the web series from the whole project. I know you guys can only imagine how the Documentary had been if i would have got the support to complete the project. But still we managed to pull this off. So here some of the Under Ground metal bands of kathamandu and their interview as well. We all know that there are other good metal bands in Kathmandu which we have missed over here so we hope that we would be able to feature them as well in near future.

So then talking about Metal Jatra II which had some of the best death, black metal bands from the country, from  72 hrs, Binaash, Vomiting Snake, Gothica, Dead Mariners to Edge of Horizon, Hex Visions and Prakat.

Interview with the Band Members (Venue: Planet Musical Academy)

1)      72 Hours

72 Hrs was formed in 2006 with 5 members. This band is new to metal Scene of Nepal.They are one of the most energetic metal band of Nepal.
The current line up of this band are :
George: Drums
Dupchen: Vocals & Bass
Sunil: Guitar
Prateek: Guitar, Barks & Screeches

Note: The Band is no longer Active (Source Prateek)

2)      Hex Visions

Hex Visions is a Doom/Death Metal band with the following Band Members.

Current Members:
Aasutosh Karki :Vocals / Acoustic Guitars
Ashok Parajuli : Guitars
Avin Rajbhandari : Guitars
Bishesh Malla : Bass Guitar
Yugal Shahi : Drums

3)      Vomiting Snakes

Vomiting Snakes are, a new thrash metal band from Kathmandu.

4)      Gothica

Melodic Black Metal band from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Members: Prashant Shrestha, Umang Khadka, Tarif Maharjan, Prashant Pratap Shah, Animesh Shrestha, Bivesh Shrestha, Bertika Rai

5)      Dead Mariners

Dead Mariners is a melodic metal band from Nepal.

6)      Edge of Horizon

Edge of Horizon is a New metal band from kathmandu.

7)      Binaash

Ramailo Death Metal band formerly known as Kaal
Binaash is a Ramailo Death Metal band from Kathmandu, Nepal, formed in 2009 by Prateek (ex Ugra Karma & 72hrs), Tshewang and Rishav. The band was formed out of the trio’s interest to do some Death Metal.

8)      Prakat

Prakat” formed at 2007 A.D. Composed of five members namely Shiva (Percussions), Sazes (Vocal), Biwas (Lead Guitar), Parash (Bass) & Ujwal (Electric Guitar). And main wish is to Rock the Nation.


(Note: The above list is in no particular order )

From the past two weeks am just working on this web series and the blog as well. There were a lot of HD footage and you know how slow it is to work with heavy HD footage and render times. Hope you all enjoyed this web series please do send some feedback as well.

(Please inform me about the errors and you can send me the more detailed bio of the bands, which we can update with the current matter.)


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