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There is no proper or improper way of life its just like the wild flowers in the jungle some are yellow some are white and some are black. Doing what makes you feel good is the proper way. In a way creating the resonance between inner harmony to the outer existence is the Best way and you need to realize it yourself.  636313563242331579103264815_life-lessons

  1. Life is precious don’t even waste a moment.
  2. Feel the gratitude from the Universe and live it to fullest.
  3. Regretting can take you back so don’t live in memories.
  4. Immediately go into action, don’t leave any dreams as dreams.


What is International Citizenship/Global citizenship ?

International Citizenship is a citizen of this planet earth who don’t belong to any particular nation. I have seen many people who really don’t want to be a citizen of a particular country or nation but due to lack of choice they have to carry this citizenship. Hence so as to remedy this problem, We would like to create an organization which is the mother organization from all the citizenship office. And this would be able to grant International citizenship allowing the individual to live without boarders.



The poem starts when it starts to rain

A rain is a poem, Poem of water.

And a poem is the rain of words

Both of them are rain in their own glory

The only difference whether you can see it or not.


There were few persons in my life who were creating problems to me. In spite of my greater understanding of life and its flaws. I was time and again dragged to the same thing. I knew that nothing is so real to harm us but still it had created a deep pain in my heart and a chaos in my brain. Understanding would help us to know things are not real but when such kind of agony pain and suffering comes to mankind he/she isn’t able to avoid those things. We do know those are not going to stay for long but that understanding can’t make our heart as a beautiful white lotus. I have been very happy at one point and very sad at the other as well. I really don’t believe those are happening. I know whenever there is a lot of happiness around there shall be sadness too lurking in the dark ready to pounce you and make you utterly sad. Desecrating Mother earth
Despite my deep meditative practice and spiritual following. I have found my heart to be inside a protective covering and even a slight gust of wind has shattered my inner being into pieces. I have really no idea about my inner ego or what I have been preserving till this date. I know I want to give up everything and just be a simple being. Deprived of desires and will I want to melt in this whole world. Just like a flower smiling with a fragrance (more…)

It is so beautiful to write on a white word document on your laptop and the more you type the clearer the things become and the concept starts being clear. I have a very good feeling right now and I want to pour into some beautiful words. I know some of you might be bored till now because I don’t have a topic till now but don’t worry life is always like that and there won’t be any topic that matters forever. I just remembered one quote that the journey is much better than the destiny that is what life is all about. We as a human being complain in every steps of life till we realize that it’s too late and soon it would be time for us to die. But the thing is only people who are happy every moment get the true meaning of life. So there is no way of happiness it’s just the understanding that you have of the life and the realization that you are not taking anything at the end of life would make you much stronger and much more better. Easy to say but only few people would be able to lead such life styles due to our human nature. Time and again you would be dragged towards greediness and unhappiness in life you really can’t figure out the problems of life.happiness_bulldogdrummond

So my article has pretty much been in shape now and it seems I want to talk more about life and its experiences. I know people are already bored and feel very sad as such moments no one would like to read or (more…)

We as a human beings are always dissatisfied. We have many dreams and wishes and either way we reach dissatisfaction. Meaning if our wish is not fulfilled then we are dissatisfied then we are unhappy. And even if our wishes are fulfilled we end up dissatisfied. That’s the most beautiful part of life that we come to realize in our own life time. So it was a lot about dissatisfaction.

Have you ever wondered why even the fulfillment of wishes leads you towards dissatisfaction? That is a very interesting thing to seek. The thing is human brains always seek for something and even if the wishes are fulfilled the brain starts looking forward to other things and such. (more…)

I found one simple software to write a book. I know writing is not easy for person who sits in front of internet and surfs. He/she would get distracted by many things. But beside distraction you need to be able to organize your ideas as well so as to write a book. A simple word program is simply not enough to write a book.writing-software

I have thought many times in my life that there is such beautiful program called Microsoft word and whenever you go in front of your computer and start typing you tend to forget everything and everything gets lost in the myst. And you would never be able to figure what is blocking you to write. You have such beautiful stories or so many things to write about and you end up with nothing when you turn on the Microsoft word program. (more…)

Can you believe the fact that reading and learning results in the loss of creativity?

I was also thinking about this topic for many months, but after careful analysis, I finally concluded that learning too much destroys creativity.Nerd

In the past 15 Years with the advent of Internet, I have subjected Ninety percent of the time into learning and acquiring new knowledge. Reading articles, learning from YouTube, New software and many things. If I look at my present moment I have learn’t so much i can do most of the things I need to do myself. I have turned into a serious Autodidact, but in contrary i have figured that i have seriously lost my creative side. I have turned into a Technical person or a Technician moreover.

I was shocked to realize that fact, because i never intended to become one, I wanted to become an artist who creates new things every day and drives the whole world into his world of imagination. (more…)

Astrology has been with us for more than two millennia’s and even with the rapid advent of science we
have failed to identify that whether “astrology” is science or just a tool to fool people. Image (more…)

Dissecting Time

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Provocative Philo ..


Life seems very long till the point you know there is no more time left. Before that moment you always spend time as if it was in surplus but it flows in such a way that no one recognizes its flow till the end of time. End of time is a  metaphorical phrase, although there is no end of time but there is the END only for you. And that time is ticking in your own biological clock within our body. (more…)