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Terraforming Kathmandu, Could be one of the most interesting term that people can imagine. First we need to know what is terraforming. Right now People in the west are really interested to terraform the planet Mars. In other words terraforming is to transform a planet so that it is ready for human civilization to flourish. Or to make a planet ready for Human beings by maintaining the correct temperature pressure and other things that human beings and other plant and animals need to form a balanced ecosystem. To terraform a big planet like mars there has been multiple ideas like exploding nuclear bombs in the icecaps of mars or beaming big mirrors from satellite so as to increase the temperature of the planet.illustration-of-a-terraformed-mars

So what has this thing to do with out Kathmandu Terraforming. Since decade we have made a beautiful kathmandu valley a miserable place to live hence so as to make it natural and beautiful we need to use similar techniques which is used in terraforming a planet. (more…)


In the past two decades we have seen a lot of factory and industries being closed. This is one of the biggest reason that Nepal felt backwards. Industry is the backbone of the country towards future and if we Nepali cant have enough respect upon Nepali Products then its a big same. If we would like to know the history of India, it banned all the cars from Europe so as to incubate the production quality of their own motor and cars to the level of European standard now they let the policy open again but now at this time the Indian cars were so good that they can also compete with the European model cars.images (more…)

I had done a two month long Europe tour with eight people in the summer (June-july) of 2017. Hence i would like to share some experience according to my experience. I hope this blog would be helpful to the people who want to do a Europe tour in future. (more…)

Recently i had made a video about comparing the three Manfrotto heads.

  1. Manfrotto MVH502AH, 502AH
  2. Manfrotto MVH500AH, 500AH
  3. Manfrotto XPro-2W

I did got a lots of question asking which is the best, since i returned all of the video heads till the time i realized my needed video head so I am writing a blog to clear the things. (more…)

There are times when i had to wait in the train station and i had nothing to do. I did had my laptop with me so I thought of playing some games or do something later ended in writing this article. I was traveling from Weimar to Fulda where i missed the bus from Gotha to Fulda. I tried to ask for the compensation with German train company. But since i was traveling with the student card they didnt even gave me the compensation that’s why at this time i was in between bus company and the train company and i couldn’t get the refund from both the companies. The lesson i learn’t was you should always plan earlier when you are taking multiple vehicles like train and buses. If it was just the train company they would do it easily i guess. Capture
Anyways i am too much stressed these days due to the work and my creative output has gone very less and due to my eye problem in computer i cannot write or work like before. Right now i am on the Eisenach train station where i am writing this blog. One guy is watching interestingly towards my direction where he has nothing to do. I would like to share some of my experience regarding Easter. Right now in Nepal we have just finished our new year celebration 2074 and my family had a great time but i am here in Germany hence i felt a bit departed.


It has been more than two years that I have been living in Germany. I traveled a lot and had a lot of  experience with many kinds of people from many different countries in Germany.

Germany is a multi cultured Country. Language would always be a problem if you cant understand read and write German. I met some of the most open German and some weirdly real racists too. I like the fact the German are honest and straight. Back in Asia we don’t take that seriously and we tell things that are far away from reality. This doesn’t mean everyone tells truth here. But in everyday situation people speak less lies that i have to admit. This is a most complex of statements which i have mentioned. Its more deeper than my statement. The bottom line is Lies exists either ways. (more…)

This week i was looking at the incidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima, which were the two biggest nuclear disaster in this century. Developed countries like Russia and Japan also fail in these kind of incident. Looking at the history track record of Russian Chernobyl incident we can see a human failure and the system had no automatic protection system and the human error was so big that it couldn’t protect the nuclear disaster at the moment. Actually they were trying to reduce the load from higher capacity to lower capacity and when they tried back to increase the output to the full threshold then the incident occurred. (more…)


As a filmmaker From Nepal, I was given a privilege to visit the European Film Market 2017. This time I had a chance to work with the core team of EFM and it was a great opportunity for me.

The market seems extremely busy and chaotic on the first few days of the week. Every one were really stressed in the first few days because they are willing to sell their movies. There are lots of international buyers and sellers in the market. Market has been growing pretty fast since 2006 and now i got to hear the market had grown exponentially in the past 10 years. 2

Then there were the filmmakers and the producers running around. They are also looking at the EFM website and trying to make their best match in the film festival to make the best use of time. In the Festival the exhibitors were a bit depressed to see the film makers. And one of the exhibitors said directly on the face that lets do the acquisition after few days because they are really stressed due to the pressure to sell the movies.


King Birendra

King Birendra is a feature length movie about our beloved peace loving king “Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.”  He was not only a king but also a father to the nation. He had to depart in one single day of incidence. This film is in no sense to go in the search of murder mystery. But instead has a fictional approach and this would be more concentrated towards his childhood and his adolescence.

I know there is a lot of work and a big network necessary so as to execute this kind of movie project. But am having a lot of support here in Germany from different kinds of organization and other friends from Nepal as a moral and general support.

For me i really don’t like to tell too much regarding the movie and spoil the good time inside the cinema theater. But surely i would like to talk regarding the Film making process.

The movie shall be shot on different parts of Nepal, United states of America and Great Britain because the story involves greater part outside the nation rather than inside Nepal. And we would surely be searching for such similar looking faces to that of our Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

We are generally familiar with the kind of faces he had in his childhood and his adolescence. Hence i would like to encourage the readers to keep in track if there are any of the similar looking faces as our king so that we would be able to screen test him for future.

Actually i really wanted to do this pre-production part in the.background. But in this age of internet and technology nothing is possible without you all. Hence am preparing to pitch the movie here in Germany as a pre-production concept. I would like to invite all interested friends to get in touch equally to get updates and news regarding the project.

Bigyan Mani Dixit

There were few persons in my life who were creating problems to me. In spite of my greater understanding of life and its flaws. I was time and again dragged to the same thing. I knew that nothing is so real to harm us but still it had created a deep pain in my heart and a chaos in my brain. Understanding would help us to know things are not real but when such kind of agony pain and suffering comes to mankind he/she isn’t able to avoid those things. We do know those are not going to stay for long but that understanding can’t make our heart as a beautiful white lotus. I have been very happy at one point and very sad at the other as well. I really don’t believe those are happening. I know whenever there is a lot of happiness around there shall be sadness too lurking in the dark ready to pounce you and make you utterly sad. Desecrating Mother earth
Despite my deep meditative practice and spiritual following. I have found my heart to be inside a protective covering and even a slight gust of wind has shattered my inner being into pieces. I have really no idea about my inner ego or what I have been preserving till this date. I know I want to give up everything and just be a simple being. Deprived of desires and will I want to melt in this whole world. Just like a flower smiling with a fragrance (more…)