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King Birendra

King Birendra is a feature length movie about our beloved peace loving king “Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.”  He was not only a king but also a father to the nation. He had to depart in one single day of incidence. This film is in no sense to go in the search of murder mystery. But instead has a fictional approach and this would be more concentrated towards his childhood and his adolescence.

I know there is a lot of work and a big network necessary so as to execute this kind of movie project. But am having a lot of support here in Germany from different kinds of organization and other friends from Nepal as a moral and general support.

For me i really don’t like to tell too much regarding the movie and spoil the good time inside the cinema theater. But surely i would like to talk regarding the Film making process.

The movie shall be shot on different parts of Nepal, United states of America and Great Britain because the story involves greater part outside the nation rather than inside Nepal. And we would surely be searching for such similar looking faces to that of our Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

We are generally familiar with the kind of faces he had in his childhood and his adolescence. Hence i would like to encourage the readers to keep in track if there are any of the similar looking faces as our king so that we would be able to screen test him for future.

Actually i really wanted to do this pre-production part in the.background. But in this age of internet and technology nothing is possible without you all. Hence am preparing to pitch the movie here in Germany as a pre-production concept. I would like to invite all interested friends to get in touch equally to get updates and news regarding the project.

Bigyan Mani Dixit