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It has been more than two years that I have been living in Germany. I traveled a lot and had a lot of  experience with many kinds of people from many different countries in Germany.

Germany is a multi cultured Country. Language would always be a problem if you cant understand read and write German. I met some of the most open German and some weirdly real racists too. I like the fact the German are honest and straight. Back in Asia we don’t take that seriously and we tell things that are far away from reality. This doesn’t mean everyone tells truth here. But in everyday situation people speak less lies that i have to admit. This is a most complex of statements which i have mentioned. Its more deeper than my statement. The bottom line is Lies exists either ways. (more…)


Democracy is needed for such country where majority of people are literate and majority of people can think about the future of the country. But in case of Nepal where most of our population are uneducated and don’t have a clear understanding of many thing. Democracy is really a question in such countries. I have been thinking this thing for a long time. China did progressed in an exponential manner not because of their democratic system. Regarding Nepal and china we belong to same kind of population and a kind of social intellect.
Typical American type of democratic system has become a failure to our country, and there is no such party who has a majority government. Hence Nepal doesn’t have symptoms of progress in future too. Even in the autocratic Rana Regime Nepal was the first country to get electricity in the whole of south Asia. Nepal was a pioneer in many things, there in the past. But now we can’t see anything and our country is facing a critical condition. It’s just like an airplane without a pilot which has no doubt but to crash one day.
The theory might really seem a bit weird, but the thing is Nepal has a huge population of ignorant crowds and a small pool of intellectual community. Many of the literate citizens had migrated to the west or somewhere else, making the situation even worse. I know everyone wants to see Nepal prosper and grow, but dreaming alone wont help Nepal in being prosperous.  We should act here in this moment and there are very few people who really can act and to those who can act are seriously debilitated.


Astrology has been with us for more than two millennia’s and even with the rapid advent of science we
have failed to identify that whether “astrology” is science or just a tool to fool people. Image (more…)


This is very interesting trek inside Nepal. The place is very near to pokhara. After about 3 hour ride from pokhara you would reach to the place called Nayapool.

Then after reaching nayapool then your 3 days trek would begin. The trek is pretty steep and is very interesting too. There you trek through the rivers and hills.

You would see lots of rhododendron plants and its flowers if you trek in right season. The first day you shall trek about 7 hours to reach ghandruk.  The place is very interesting with a view of Annapurna, fishtail and other mountain ranges.

Then the next day you would trek again about 7-8 hours to reach ghorepani. Which is also one of the best places to watch the Himalayas. Though  I was not so lucky to see all the Himalayas range still the trek itself through the alpine forest was breath taking.

Then the third day you would trek downwards towards tatopani. The trek is more about 7-8 hours if you walk continuously. Then after such long trek finally you can take hot shower there in tatopani. Which is healing and therapeutic too.

I haven’t explained about the cultural and other aspects of the trek. This is just like the shortest brief of the trek.

I have included some of my pictures of the trek. Rather than the exact representation I just went along the way shooting pictures. You too might find the place very interesting and refreshing.