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I had done a two month long Europe tour with eight people in the summer (June-july) of 2017. Hence i would like to share some experience according to my experience. I hope this blog would be helpful to the people who want to do a Europe tour in future. (more…)


There are times when i had to wait in the train station and i had nothing to do. I did had my laptop with me so I thought of playing some games or do something later ended in writing this article. I was traveling from Weimar to Fulda where i missed the bus from Gotha to Fulda. I tried to ask for the compensation with German train company. But since i was traveling with the student card they didnt even gave me the compensation that’s why at this time i was in between bus company and the train company and i couldn’t get the refund from both the companies. The lesson i learn’t was you should always plan earlier when you are taking multiple vehicles like train and buses. If it was just the train company they would do it easily i guess. Capture
Anyways i am too much stressed these days due to the work and my creative output has gone very less and due to my eye problem in computer i cannot write or work like before. Right now i am on the Eisenach train station where i am writing this blog. One guy is watching interestingly towards my direction where he has nothing to do. I would like to share some of my experience regarding Easter. Right now in Nepal we have just finished our new year celebration 2074 and my family had a great time but i am here in Germany hence i felt a bit departed.


For me it is really interesting to take pictures. I had taken pictures of landscapes and flowers and sometimes animals and insects too. I have found it very hard to work with animals and insects. The smaller the organism harder it is to take pictures because the normal camera and lens are not meant for such work but this time as well I tried to take pictures of a migrating bird called “Swallow” with my 18-55mm lens. It is almost like trying to kill a lion with a bow and arrow. IMG_894333 (more…)


This is very interesting trek inside Nepal. The place is very near to pokhara. After about 3 hour ride from pokhara you would reach to the place called Nayapool.

Then after reaching nayapool then your 3 days trek would begin. The trek is pretty steep and is very interesting too. There you trek through the rivers and hills.

You would see lots of rhododendron plants and its flowers if you trek in right season. The first day you shall trek about 7 hours to reach ghandruk.  The place is very interesting with a view of Annapurna, fishtail and other mountain ranges.

Then the next day you would trek again about 7-8 hours to reach ghorepani. Which is also one of the best places to watch the Himalayas. Though  I was not so lucky to see all the Himalayas range still the trek itself through the alpine forest was breath taking.

Then the third day you would trek downwards towards tatopani. The trek is more about 7-8 hours if you walk continuously. Then after such long trek finally you can take hot shower there in tatopani. Which is healing and therapeutic too.

I haven’t explained about the cultural and other aspects of the trek. This is just like the shortest brief of the trek.

I have included some of my pictures of the trek. Rather than the exact representation I just went along the way shooting pictures. You too might find the place very interesting and refreshing.