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The invent of bio briquette has really proved a milestone for a Tamang women who suffers from cardiovascular diseases. The Tamang woman who was exposed to smoke from firewood in cooking for a long time was the main cause of her heart disease. She tells that Bio briquette is a simple solution to many complex problems. Even the making of bio briquette is so simple which can be copied in a very simple manner to make better living for grass hood level people. The bio briquette is a source of income to poor families living in harsh conditions. And it has really helped to raise her economy and care for her health as well. With smoke free bio briquette energy can really be utilized well, reducing the burden of deforestation and better living.


Ant attack is a short video about small insect called grub worms and power of these small ants. ┬áBut i know these insects eat roots of plants and crops and farmers really hate these insects. This insect is called as khumre in nepali…