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Bhajan or mantra singing are powerful techniques to cleanse your body and soul. For that you need to have a nice atmosphere with candle lights and acoustically good room where everyone can enjoy.il_570xN.1310003842_cnnw

Then if you have collected 4 to 8 lines Mantra in a repetitive pattern, you can copy the song or Bhajan and give it to all your friends to sing. One session Music can have lots of highs and lows with repetitive and dynamic parts.




Why are there questions ?

Posted: September 20, 2017 in Poems & Philosophy

There are many things in the Earth. I am also one of these many things. I am living in a very different situation now. I really don’t know what would come next but I don’t have a choice as well. Everyone are running so am I being a human I am automatically embedded in this mass race. I am is busy as nothing else and for no reasons. The funny thing is I create videos and they are just data if you look closely as a worker process.
Is that what I come for in this earth. No one can answer why have you been in this earth. You work all the day in computer and strain your eyes and that’s what the meaning of living has been for me.


How can we remove the dust pollution in Kathmandu. This should be one of the most discussed topics right now in Kathmandu. The media suite Focus in this issue. And the politicians should also referred to this issue to solve it as soon as possible.


Till the year 2000 Kathmandu was very beautiful city and the pollution was not that high as it is right now. Right now our city is unlivable. And we cannot get out from the situation too. We had a common mentality of throwing the trash outside of the house. We never care about the city where we throw the trash is our home as well. That’s why we are facing this problem right now. It has become as worse as we can imagine. (more…)

Sometimes I would like to fly in the Blue Sky. Sometimes I would like to swim in the beautiful blue Ocean. But today I would like to talk with you. Now we are beginning our relationship through this article that I am writing in this software. Although I would not like to have any relationship with anyone because I know it will always create problems for me in the future. I have been as crystal clear and aware of the fact and the universe as a never been before but right now I would like to tell you another story or a fairy tale but very simple that we should all unite and be together like a fist of our
Today I was watching some program regarding higher dimension and they seem very convincing to me right now I do believe in higher dimension because there are so many things in the world which cannot be explained maybe with the understanding of Higher dimensions that can be understood more better in the future.


Good morning now it’s started with a beautiful morning it is a pretty pleasant day for me. I’m staring at this monitor Blankly with no thoughts in my head. There are times when people are happy and there are times when people are sad. The most important thing in life is to be consistent in both of these extremes. The happiness would pass away and the sad these two but the main important thing is you need to be stable and consistent about whatsoever it comes. (more…)

Hello today I would like to write an article about….. I really don’t know what I’m saying at this moment. I hate to type that’s why I’m using speech to text software. The software is pretty accurate.

Once I was a child right now I am a man.  I’m not trying to say or write some philosophy actually in this article, because it will not have any desired information that you can extract upon.


What is International Citizenship/Global citizenship ?

International Citizenship is a citizen of this planet earth who don’t belong to any particular nation. I have seen many people who really don’t want to be a citizen of a particular country or nation but due to lack of choice they have to carry this citizenship. Hence so as to remedy this problem, We would like to create an organization which is the mother organization from all the citizenship office. And this would be able to grant International citizenship allowing the individual to live without boarders.



A beautiful morning where the sun shined again. An awakening you as a person and carrying all the memories from the whole life and your deeds as a person. As always you might be struggling with yourself.

Let it be, using computer for a long time would give you eyes pain and on top of that it would also sap your creativity out of your body. In the past week i learned about energy transformation and information exchange. I do believe about this thing i guess, when you meet new people you are always bombarded with so many questions and answers. Talking with someone seems simple but at the same time you would be carrying a lot of information and those energy that you don’t need too inside you. That’s why it might be a reason after talking with so many people you do feel very tired. (more…)

Pretend to understand
But you never did
Seem to care
But you never did
You seem to be real
But you never wore