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What is International Citizenship/Global citizenship ?

International Citizenship is a citizen of this planet earth who don’t belong to any particular nation. I have seen many people who really don’t want to be a citizen of a particular country or nation but due to lack of choice they have to carry this citizenship. Hence so as to remedy this problem, We would like to create an organization which is the mother organization from all the citizenship office. And this would be able to grant International citizenship allowing the individual to live without boarders.



A beautiful morning where the sun shined again. An awakening you as a person and carrying all the memories from the whole life and your deeds as a person. As always you might be struggling with yourself.

Let it be, using computer for a long time would give you eyes pain and on top of that it would also sap your creativity out of your body. In the past week i learned about energy transformation and information exchange. I do believe about this thing i guess, when you meet new people you are always bombarded with so many questions and answers. Talking with someone seems simple but at the same time you would be carrying a lot of information and those energy that you don’t need too inside you. That’s why it might be a reason after talking with so many people you do feel very tired. (more…)

Pretend to understand
But you never did
Seem to care
But you never did
You seem to be real
But you never wore



Posted: May 11, 2014 in Poems & Philosophy


Hoping for the best

Worst comes first (more…)


Do you think you could play games…

Ha…that cheap game again

So you are thinking you are playing the game (more…)


Just drank of you never thinking the complexity

Just sank in you never thinking the possibilities (more…)

Short and sweet, begins with a smile

We sing and, together we play

Now everything seems good

No one knows what would be happening then (more…)


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Flying in the gust of wind

Singing in the joy through wind

Flowers all around by, Oh its spring

I’m a little bird here to sing sing sing…. (more…)

Dig the earth

I wanna die (more…)


Posted: May 11, 2014 in Poems & Philosophy


We have been here for million of years

Then we didn’t had the consciousness (more…)