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It is so beautiful to write on a white word document on your laptop and the more you type the clearer the things become and the concept starts being clear. I have a very good feeling right now and I want to pour into some beautiful words. I know some of you might be bored till now because I don’t have a topic till now but don’t worry life is always like that and there won’t be any topic that matters forever. I just remembered one quote that the journey is much better than the destiny that is what life is all about. We as a human being complain in every steps of life till we realize that it’s too late and soon it would be time for us to die. But the thing is only people who are happy every moment get the true meaning of life. So there is no way of happiness it’s just the understanding that you have of the life and the realization that you are not taking anything at the end of life would make you much stronger and much more better. Easy to say but only few people would be able to lead such life styles due to our human nature. Time and again you would be dragged towards greediness and unhappiness in life you really can’t figure out the problems of life.happiness_bulldogdrummond

So my article has pretty much been in shape now and it seems I want to talk more about life and its experiences. I know people are already bored and feel very sad as such moments no one would like to read or (more…)


It was July 2010 and Rock Fever and Planet musical Academy were busy at working for their Next Event Metal Jatra. I had already met “Jwalan Shrestha” Founder of Planet Musical Academy at some point. We were just talking about the event and suddenly the idea of making a documentary for the next “Metal Jatra 2” Popped at that instant. We had a shoot for more than 3 days using a DSLR camera rig. Sagar Shrestha an enthusiastic guy who helped us with all the audio part of and shooting as well.  The shoot was very interesting and there was a time where we needed to shoot the live performance at Bhrikuti mandap. We went there for the shoot but due to our equipment limitation the shoot at the live spot was impossible. Hence the vision to make this a documentary shattered at that point. Actually that was achievable but it wouldn’t meet the quality of product that i had once imagined of.


Vocal is the most interesting of instruments and supposed to be the first of the instruments which we have used for millions of years. We all know well that longer we practice better we get with our vocal cord. But practicing randomly will really take a long time to perfect our vocals.

There are many methods to practice vocals in many societies but here in East we practice vocals with the harmonium. Harmonium is never like harmonica which is also a wind instrument played with mouth. But a harmonium is an instrument seems like a piano but it works by pumping air into it.