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Terraforming Kathmandu, Could be one of the most interesting term that people can imagine. First we need to know what is terraforming. Right now People in the west are really interested to terraform the planet Mars. In other words terraforming is to transform a planet so that it is ready for human civilization to flourish. Or to make a planet ready for Human beings by maintaining the correct temperature pressure and other things that human beings and other plant and animals need to form a balanced ecosystem. To terraform a big planet like mars there has been multiple ideas like exploding nuclear bombs in the icecaps of mars or beaming big mirrors from satellite so as to increase the temperature of the planet.illustration-of-a-terraformed-mars

So what has this thing to do with out Kathmandu Terraforming. Since decade we have made a beautiful kathmandu valley a miserable place to live hence so as to make it natural and beautiful we need to use similar techniques which is used in terraforming a planet. (more…)