Learn to Give & Don’t waste your Energy

Posted: August 7, 2017 in Poems & Philosophy, Spiritual Philosophy
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A beautiful morning where the sun shined again. An awakening you as a person and carrying all the memories from the whole life and your deeds as a person. As always you might be struggling with yourself.

Let it be, using computer for a long time would give you eyes pain and on top of that it would also sap your creativity out of your body. In the past week i learned about energy transformation and information exchange. I do believe about this thing i guess, when you meet new people you are always bombarded with so many questions and answers. Talking with someone seems simple but at the same time you would be carrying a lot of information and those energy that you don’t need too inside you. That’s why it might be a reason after talking with so many people you do feel very tired.cellphoneradiation

I would like to share one experience with mobile too because using a mobile also gives you some negative energy. One thing that i can directly feel while using the mobile phone is that a negative warm sensation in the hands when ever i hold a mobile and start chatting. I really can feel the microwave energy trying to warm my hands in a subtle level and i really don’t use it directly on the head because it really makes my whole ear and surrounding area warm and its not good for health either. Here in Europe i have seen many people carrying the same old phone from 1990. I think there is a good reason after this because these old phones spread lot less radiation and is lot less harmful than these new smart phones. My advice use a headphone while making a telephone call and try to reduce the use of the phone as much as possible.The_Giving_Tree

You have to give something so as to gain something. This is also one of the new lines that i got to know when i met one voodoo woman here in Europe. Its very true to every extent because as a human being we would always like to take everything from the society and the world doesn’t work in that way. Let me not write a long sentences to clear this statement. Try a life for few months with a giving behavior and you would gain a lot of love and things would start coming to you slowly.

Actually i do carry very few things in my mind so the most important things are already finished and don’t just read the lines but just give it a try with your life and if you have different experience then may be those lines are not for you.





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