“Made In Nepal”

Posted: August 6, 2017 in News and Updates
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In the past two decades we have seen a lot of factory and industries being closed. This is one of the biggest reason that Nepal felt backwards. Industry is the backbone of the country towards future and if we Nepali cant have enough respect upon Nepali Products then its a big same. If we would like to know the history of India, it banned all the cars from Europe so as to incubate the production quality of their own motor and cars to the level of European standard now they let the policy open again but now at this time the Indian cars were so good that they can also compete with the European model cars.images

We do learn everything from India but we never learn the best things like work ethics and Local industry protection from India. So as to promote our own industry we should also do the same and we should keep the incubation period till this industries would have the same production quality and standard as the competing products then only we should make open policy.

With this current policy we can never imagine more industries flourishing in Nepali soil. This is really a big problem because a lot of money goes out of the country by buying products. And if we need to improve our technology then we need industry. And with this kind of zero industry situation we should immediately be aware of the situation and act according to it.

I have been living in Germany since few years and the reason the country is prosperous is due to the small and medium scaled industries. Even scaled to the simple products such as pencil and soaps they do it locally so they have no import issues and even though the product are bit expensive than the imported product they have trust on the locally produced materials. That gives great incentive for the people producing it and lets the money within the country rather than going out of the country.

Hence in  conclusion Nepal should viciously protect the internal industries. We as public should be proud of Nepali Products and we should promote and use Nepali products to promote their production quality. It might be good to have bigger discussion forum so as to promote local industries in Nepal. Its a very good time for this because our load shedding and other problems are getting away and we would be producing a lot more energy than we need in few years. Instead of selling this precious energy in cheap price we can use it to empower our new industries. Certain privilege must be given to our local industries to use this energy. This way we can completely change the face of our nation as we desire of.



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