Comparing Manfrotto 502AH, 500AH, X-pro2W

Posted: April 19, 2017 in News and Updates
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Recently i had made a video about comparing the three Manfrotto heads.

  1. Manfrotto MVH502AH, 502AH
  2. Manfrotto MVH500AH, 500AH
  3. Manfrotto XPro-2W

I did got a lots of question asking which is the best, since i returned all of the video heads till the time i realized my needed video head so I am writing a blog to clear the things.

The Manfrotto Xpro-2W was very easy to use and i used the small light nice panning fluid head for one month during this time i realized my pans were fluid but my starting and ending panning were not that good and how so ever i tried it didnt achieved the result that was brought upon by the manfrotto 502AH. Hence its not just a whim everyone is saying Manfrotto 502AH is the best video head. Although the new Manfrotto Xpro 2W is developed for the new cameras have counter balance and everthing but the starting and ending video of the pan looks very jerky.

From a professional standpoint. Hence i had to return the Manfrotto xpro 2W and buy the 502Ah one more time and they sent me old used products couple of times from But i asked them if you guys send me old used product one more time then i would never buy from amazon. Then they sent me a fresh copy in amazon which worked like a charm.

Lesson 1) Manfrotto 502 produces very professional quality video in compared to Xpro-2W.

Lesson 2) If you dont care about minute details like ease in and ease out in panning go for any Manfrotto 500AH or Xpro-2W

3) Buying good from Amazon is very tricky they resell the used products multiple times, and they allow the users to use the product for more than one month. So these online retailers might really have junk product so Try from them but buy from a seller who sells fresh product.



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