There are times when i had to wait in the train station and i had nothing to do. I did had my laptop with me so I thought of playing some games or do something later ended in writing this article. I was traveling from Weimar to Fulda where i missed the bus from Gotha to Fulda. I tried to ask for the compensation with German train company. But since i was traveling with the student card they didnt even gave me the compensation that’s why at this time i was in between bus company and the train company and i couldn’t get the refund from both the companies. The lesson i learn’t was you should always plan earlier when you are taking multiple vehicles like train and buses. If it was just the train company they would do it easily i guess. Capture
Anyways i am too much stressed these days due to the work and my creative output has gone very less and due to my eye problem in computer i cannot write or work like before. Right now i am on the Eisenach train station where i am writing this blog. One guy is watching interestingly towards my direction where he has nothing to do. I would like to share some of my experience regarding Easter. Right now in Nepal we have just finished our new year celebration 2074 and my family had a great time but i am here in Germany hence i felt a bit departed.

Regarding the Kathmandu pollution i am always concerned, i do like to do something but there is nothing i can do it directly but i am planning to make some videos which might be as a series from foreigners saying please make Kathmandu alive or lets reduce this dust pollution and make our country a heaven again.
I am planning to do a dialogue in Nepali. This time i am meeting a German woman in Fulda who is a small kind of activist in Nepal too she has done some social work trying to improve the level of education in Nepal. Hope she agrees to make this small informative video to create awareness in making the Kathmandu beautiful and reducing the pollution.
I remember when i was a kid it was so beautiful that i cant even explain in words. The air was fresh and the place was so nice. But due to centralization and the Maoist revolution everyone were willing to shift to Kathmandu. And Kathmandu was totally not prepared for this kind of population influx. Anyways the bottom line is to make Kathmandu one of the cleaner city and one of the international city.
Regarding Easter celebration its nice we learn’t the westerners followed the solar calendar but this celebration is based upon the lunar calendar that’s why it falls on different times in different years. They have these colorful eggs all over the market and the egg shaped chocolates and the whole city has this vibe of Easter. They also go back to their homes to celebrate Easter with their closed ones.
The German family they meet usually in Christmas and in Easter. This i really find very different from an experience living with family for the whole life. I have been living in Germany alone for almost for 3 years now and its really nice to gain the experience who are you and to know yourself better. In Nepal we really don’t have this private alone space and we are always in the society. This German trip has almost been like a retreat for me. Have you heard the word retreat, this is performed by Tibetan Monks in the mountains. They isolate themselves in a house with very less contact with the world and they meditate all the time. So this life in Germany has almost been equally like a retreat for me.  Neither i understand the language nor i have close connection with anyone. In fact i do have the most friends and family in Germany which being an extrovert i have gathered a lots of family and friends in the course of time but its very interesting that the feeling is very different. Its more like an unconditional relationship with everyone. This is nice in someways because you don’t have any obligation with anyone and sometimes lonely because you really have very less connection with other people and the element of touch and love is only in meanings.
Right now i have to get another train towards Fulda may be i would write something in the train if it gets interesting there. For now i have to pack my bags and run like a chicken so that i don’t miss another train here in Eisenach. And one more thing this Eisenach train station was very legendary because i stayed here for five hours in cold winter night when i was returning from Nepal and no wonder i came to sit on exact same place. I just came to realize that point. Pretty funny i have noticed that i like to prefer the same place where i was before.

Finally got the train and i have one more train exchange which is pretty weird to do it multiple times. So traveling in German train is pretty nice they are not that filled at-least in my region which is east Germany and is pleasant life over here.
Easter has been not an amazement festival but i do like Christmas, Before i didn’t even liked it because of snow and cold temperatures. But i slowly developed this appreciation for the world god made, its true i am not that suited for this climate but still its nice with the Jingle bells, the smell of those beautiful chocolates and the wooden huts in Germany they really look very nice.
I have heard every-other foreigner complaining about the weather and the people in Germany. Usually those people are from warm countries and they really dont like the kind of stay here in Germany.

Being a foreigner and working as a Journalist in a TV station is one of the craziest work that i have found in Germany. That not only allowed to have a sneak peek in the society but meet and see the most amazing of the things that are happening in Germany. For me i wonder sometimes why am i staying in Germany. Its pretty lonely and boring and all the things that used to excite me don’t excite me anymore. I am really hesitant due to the pollution of Kathmandu and rather than going back to my country i would like to live sometimes in South America. But all the people say south America is really dangerous because the situation is not yet settled. Before i was thinking to go to Columbia but one of my Columbia friend himself advised may be Ecuador might be a better destiny to live and work. Because lots of foreigners are in Ecuador and might be easy to speak and navigate with English too.
Lets talk about the weather in Germany why people are so scared of the weather and why its so hard to live in this kind of weather. If i complain about German weather it wont be that good because i can see some of my friends living in Canada they are wiping the snow through out the year and its more extreme than anything. For Germany its all the time cold and like winter. I wonder why there is so much of fuss about these western countries they were dying in this cold continent that’s why they had to attack the Native Americans to conquer this new land and Name as the New America. Its a pretty sad historic story that happened.
In Nepal i used to experience a long beautiful summer and spring and a very short winter making the feel very pleasant. If you are one of those person who likes warm weather then Germany might not be the best place to land. May be Australia might be the better destiny. That’s why there are so many foreigners landing in these kind of continent. But if you are an artist its a heaven i guess, once i was talking with an American friend he confessed that the state given grants to promote arts is lot less in America than in Germany. Hence making German a best country for free education and a heaven for artists. Once i was not given this American visa and for few days i felt really bad, right now after landing to Germany i felt like god wanted me to go in this Artist heaven that’s why i was rejected for the visa. Anyways i have lot of things to say about Germany which was really great as an Artist.

So lets talk about life, The European life is pretty stressy. You can make a simple rule that its very easy to live in a developed society regarding buying the food preparing, transportation and everything but the work load is too much and the level of stress is also huge. So if you plan to go to a so called developed countries you would immediately start having stress due to job money and every other things involved on top of that you would be paid a bit less due to the fact that you are a foreigner and you can be easily exploited in every different means.
Every one has dreams to live in a developed country and be there London, Paris, Berlin, New york it sound so sweet as if you are in heaven but the reality those all big city are the name of city which have high level stress. My advice its better to be in a small village with lots of less resources but you would have a peaceful life and peaceful mind. So we come to this ending formula Big City equates Big Stress.
Then another big disadvantage is you miss your beautiful family back there and you think its a safe place where you work had for few years and bring your family here and its always dreams filled with dreams. I have seen people running for these dreams for years and still not being able to grasp any. So does that mean that i would return back to Nepal tomorrow, Not really but i wont be trying to stick in any land to get any kind of papers or anything.
I didn’t knew it was so interesting to write in this moving train. I always struggled when i was writing in my home. But the creative writing energy really sparked exponentially in this moving crib. But its a bit dizzy to write because you see both sides are moving in the speed of light and i have already damaged a lot of my vision working 3 years in Germany.
If you complain there is never an end and the way of appreciation is always nice that you can appreciate in nature. The god who made these warm continents made also these cold continents. I do find the landscape and the nature pretty nice and pleasant. Back in Asia we have too much dust in the air and here i really don’t find much dust. And the summer is the best part of living in Germany everyone chills outside and really pleasant weather and people are walking around all the night. You really cant explain in words you must feel the life here to know it personally. So my another theory is live at-least one year in one continent so as to get the feel for this continent and the people around it.
The relationship system and the marriage system in west is pretty different than the one we have in Asia. We have more like a bonded life partner which both the partner are bound to stay till the end. Its a very easy way to find a partner and marry with them, you don’t need any skills to impress them but the drawback is there is very less love in this kind of relationship and i feel very different about this kind of relationship. Here people have many different relationships till they are married and at first glance i found that it was really not good because you seem to go on changing your life partner through out the life but it does have some truth inside it and you stay with someone and leave when you don’t like the relation. Might be a better way or more futuristic way of making relationship. I do believe every relationship must be based on love and the babies born should be the outcome of immense love. But dreams and reality are never equal and the guy who you thought is your everything is divorced and you start hating your own child because his face matches somehow with your old boyfriend. So i found really weirdly interesting stories that happen in the western society. The basic thing is human try to get rid of problems but how so ever you try you can never get rid of the problems. The best example is if you want something good the bad is going to come to you too you cannot only get love. When you get love hate is also bound to happen. I never understood this Chinese symbol Ying and yang which i came to an understanding after a long time. May be people are smart who get into understanding these things earlier.
Now i have to change another train and this train is from Bebra to Fulda then i am supposed to be picked by my friend and then may be around 20:00 i would be home with beautiful German family celebrating Easter.

After that time i lost interest to write and just enjoyed the train !!


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