How to live in Germany !!

Posted: March 13, 2017 in News and Updates
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It has been more than two years that I have been living in Germany. I traveled a lot and had a lot of  experience with many kinds of people from many different countries in Germany.

Germany is a multi cultured Country. Language would always be a problem if you cant understand read and write German. I met some of the most open German and some weirdly real racists too. I like the fact the German are honest and straight. Back in Asia we don’t take that seriously and we tell things that are far away from reality. This doesn’t mean everyone tells truth here. But in everyday situation people speak less lies that i have to admit. This is a most complex of statements which i have mentioned. Its more deeper than my statement. The bottom line is Lies exists either ways.

I can bullshit a whole paragraph regarding the weather here. The weather here is very extreme for me. For a person who had lived in a pleasant weather. I heard one guy who came from Siberia saying “the weather in Germany is wonderful.” And one guy from middle east uttered the forest and wild in Germany is very amazing. That’s what its about comparison, and its all relative. So you should take these words in terms where the person were living.

So for me for few months were really bad because i didn’t had job. But after i got the job things became more easy. But please remember the fact its extremely difficult to find a job in Germany, specially in a small city that i am living and without a language its no chance. I was blessed with something that’s why i was working here in Germany.

Here i would like to give you some key points what to do and what not to in Germany.

  1. German Language is hard but you must be able to communicate and write in German if you want to live here in Germany, May be in big cities English might be sufficient.(But I came here with only A1)
  2. The spending here are very minimal if you realize where to spend and how to spend in some cases i found its more cheaper than  Asia to live here. (East Germany)
  3. Telephone contract there are some contracts which don’t bind you monthly which can save you a lot of money in telephone bills, eg Netzclub.
  4. Regarding cooking if you just dip the vegetables or meat in oil and spices and put in oven for 40 minutes in 200 degree it would be very nice and fast way to eat. But don’t eat frozen food they seems fast but i got sick for one month.
  5. You can buy amazing goods in Christmas sales in Europe and in some flea market in Europe.
  6. Traveling is cheap if you make a group of few peoples and then go in train or anything.
  7. There are a lot of refugees in Germany now and everyone would treat you like a refugee. For me they were always surprised later that i was a journalist and welcomed me with a smile.
  8. Being checked by 5 policemen is also normal for me because may be i looked like a Muslim guy and they keep close attention to security due to the refugee influx.
  9. Finding job in your profession is really hard but you need to check in your noticeboard and in local sites. But connection and social networking are more important in getting a job, May be not if you are super talented and one of the kind.
  10. Making a German friend is also interesting mostly you cant understand their culture and their ways but after a while you would get in rhythm too.
  11. Being invited to a German family is an interesting experience, you should be very clean and try to leave every thing as clean as it was before. You should never spit or clean your mouth in the kitchen sink of a German family because they only  use for cleaning dishes. I was invited to some very high class German family houses where i learned these methods. And of course there are some houses which are not that clean even compared to Asia. And some European table manners would always be helpful if you are dining with Europeans.
  12. Most of the items that i got were just given out things which you don’t pay, there are a lot of people leaving every semester in the hostel dormitory and they leave a lots of goods for cheap and sometimes free too.
  13. Tv and radio bills are crazy they come every month and they can be very annoying if you don’t watch it too you must pay it. That’s some weird rules in Germany.
  14. Money is less important factor in European life, where i mean you cant buy people or media with money like in Asia, and Time is more important factor in European life.
  15. Free german online banking system this is super cool. here is the link.

For now i could come up with these may be if I come up with more i would add them down and you guys can also add them in the comments below !!





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