Feasibility of Nuclear Power plant in Nepal.

Posted: March 13, 2017 in News and Updates
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This week i was looking at the incidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima, which were the two biggest nuclear disaster in this century. Developed countries like Russia and Japan also fail in these kind of incident. Looking at the history track record of Russian Chernobyl incident we can see a human failure and the system had no automatic protection system and the human error was so big that it couldn’t protect the nuclear disaster at the moment. Actually they were trying to reduce the load from higher capacity to lower capacity and when they tried back to increase the output to the full threshold then the incident occurred.

Here is the Wikipedia link of the disaster of the Chernobyl and Fukshima Nuclear Accidents. 1

Regarding the incident on the Fukushima it was very protective but the tsunami and the earthquake led to the explosion of the nuclear plant where in the time of earthquake and tsunami the backup protection system couldn’t be activated. Hence although Nuclear power plant seems to be running from pretty long time we have not understood the full mechanisms of nuclear power plant and in the moment of disaster and danger could be really hard to control the power plant.

In Nepal first we don’t have an expertise and we are also land locked hence that makes us more vulnerable to this kind of power usage and in case of big earthquake or disaster there would be a lot of problem. Even countries like Japan fail to stop these kind of nuclear disaster due to multiple failure and they had the whole sea aside where they could dump the nuclear waste too.  In case of Nepal we don’t even have this kind of connection with the ocean or sea where we can dispose the radio active thing in case of nuclear failure.

Another biggest disadvantage of Nuclear power plant are their waste management is extremely tricky and takes century for that to resolve which is also one of the biggest drawback of nuclear power plant. Shutting down the power plant is also one of the biggest problem because of the radio active elements even though the Chernobyl accident occurred many years ago still the plant cant be fully deconstructed and return back to normal. Hence the nuclear thing is really a complicated thing to be dealt with and even continent like Europe would like to get rid of this kind of system and want to fully turn into renewable resources.

That’s the reason Nepal should also be focusing on the renewable resources like hydro power, solar power and Wind power if possible.






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