Posted: May 11, 2014 in Poems & Philosophy


Just drank of you never thinking the complexity

Just sank in you never thinking the possibilities

And never want to think about those too

Because unlike others I live every moment to moment

I had dreamt of that beautiful day where you too would blossom

Where you too would be induced of the blissful love that I want to share

But things won’t happen as we dream of in fact very different from imagination

Hence I never liked to have hopes in desires or imaginations

But this time it was neither desire nor the vivid imagination

And nothing has gone wrong or right it’s just the moment that I love with sheer passion.

It was the blissful love so big that even the universe would feel small in comparison

Since my every emotion had turned into pure pristine love y love was more intense

Even my own being and existence couldn’t get hold of that immense & endless love

And am just spontaneous I don’t want to plan or think I just want the things to happen


I know truth never dies while the fake crumble slowly

In fact truth even takes time to be perceived at…

And am not even telling that my truth would be perceived one day

But still since it was very truthful and I know even mountains melt in front of truth…

I know my blissful beloved is covered with illusions…

And there would be one day when my beloved wakes from her sleep.

It would be a wake from a very long sleep and that moment would be very different.

No one can predict when she would be awake; it may occur on my presence or may after too.

But she would find very joyful at that day even thought that may be meaningless then.

It would be much harder for you if you remain in silence.

It would be much harder if you do not express you roots of illusion.

I never feel harsh about your positive, negative or any expressions

Just express it as it is and even a single artifact would make it contaminated or a fake

At least you have one intimate friend to express it with; at that time when you are so truthful then,

You would feel lot lighter and more spontaneous as me

You would feel more comfortable and no suffocation and no pain at all if you too develop as me.

Since everything meets at eternity hence there is no definition for me

Your so called good or bad things would be the same matter called expression for me

Hence beautiful beloved be so open to me that even things such as truth and reality vanish

Just be in that very moment to feel that vast nothingness and the reality.

By: Bigyan M Dixit (9th March 2009)



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