Posted: May 11, 2014 in Poems & Philosophy


We have been here for million of years

Then we didn’t had the consciousness

Now we are awaken by the mighty nature

In fact will be here till the end of the universe

We were born before than the stars

We were the dust in the deep dark

May be our birth started from a bang

We seem to be immortal till the crunch

It’s not just a hunch

That we will last till the crunch

Then everything will unite and die

Coz no one knows what it will lead and why

We were as stardust

Before we were born

The end is then

When the tormented life gets a bend

Then again we will be as we were

The same stardust the game seems fair

Oh psycho, our birth is unknown

Our death is unknown

We never lived and never will die

We are the immortal stardust in the dark sky

We are the stardust from the past

The life won’t stop so fast

It won’t be any destination you think the last

It won’t be a day you think the last

By: Bigyan M Dixit (2005)



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