Posted: May 11, 2014 in Poems & Philosophy

I know there is a sweet love in you that I miss

I know there is an ocean of love in you

Can only hate someone if you loved him once

I wonder where that ocean has gone

Please wake up Think u are in trance

I am stunned and shocked by the event itself

I am stunned hard by the story itself

My love only means a sweet presence of yours

My love only means the blissing smile of yours

Please dear nothing has gone wrong still

Please dear lady nothing has been to be still

Please please wakeup before its too late

Before the ocean of love turns black with hate

I am happy for those small moments of bliss

I am crazy for those little moments of bliss

I don’t expect to conquer the sky

I don’t even expect to reach the sky

Sweet lady princess please wake up from your sleep

Please don’t hurt yourself and wake up from the deep

You know the life is as small as a tiny wish

Just keep smiling as a heavenly bliss

Just be smiling and happy that’s my last wish…

By: Bigyan M Dixit (18th NOV 2008)



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