Poem rains into the sea !!

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Poems & Philosophy, Provocative Philo ..

The poem starts when it starts to rain

A rain is a poem, Poem of water.

And a poem is the rain of words

Both of them are rain in their own glory

The only difference whether you can see it or not.


There is no poem without words

And there is no poem without rain

Beautifully the poem begins

And beautifully the poem ends in rivers.


Life is also a poem

A bigger poem than the rain

You start seeing a rhyme inside the life

Then you start feeling the poem in your life.


The truth is everything ends

A poem would end in a smile

The rain would end into the sea

And your life would end too like a poem or to a sea.


We are never afraid when the poem ends

We are never afraid when the rain ends

But we are utterly afraid even to know that we end

No matter how afraid we are but we do End.


I don’t know how time would end.

But flowers end with new seeds

Nature ends with new breeds

But human end with their never ending needs.


A beautiful smile is just what I was searching

I don’t care who would be smiling

But the blossom of that unknown flower

Or the beauty of that unknown smile brings happiness.


Happiness is always attached with something else.

Or that’s how we see

The day we make it happen without the need

Shall we be smiling and happy till we kill our greed!!


poems into sea









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