Posted: April 1, 2014 in Poems & Philosophy



It’s a never ending long way of life here.

Sometimes it’s too hard.

Sometimes it’s too mild.

Some give it up in the mid way

Some are till the end, or the death way.


It’s never the same day again.

Some day it’s too cool.

Some day it’s sad again

Never to be mentioned again.

Some day we are fully blown again.


It’s never the same place again

Somewhere it’s the heaven on earth

Some are on the heaven by birth

For some the heaven too don’t worth

That may be the hell on the earth.


It’s never the same whiskey again

Sometimes it makes us fully blown

Sometimes it makes us all gone

It’s easier to be drunk but harder to drink



It’s never the same feeling again

Some day you feel happy & think to drink again

Some day you sad & think never to drink again

Some day you feel crazy& die in the blood of rain



It’s never the same thought again

Some day you think to never think of that again

Some day you do it again& again

Some day it’s never the same day again

& May be with it, would never be another day again.


By: Bigyan M Dixit (2002)



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