Beggar with a Lamborghini – (Nepal)

Posted: March 25, 2014 in News and Updates
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Democracy is needed for such country where majority of people are literate and majority of people can think about the future of the country. But in case of Nepal where most of our population are uneducated and don’t have a clear understanding of many thing. Democracy is really a question in such countries. I have been thinking this thing for a long time. China did progressed in an exponential manner not because of their democratic system. Regarding Nepal and china we belong to same kind of population and a kind of social intellect.
Typical American type of democratic system has become a failure to our country, and there is no such party who has a majority government. Hence Nepal doesn’t have symptoms of progress in future too. Even in the autocratic Rana Regime Nepal was the first country to get electricity in the whole of south Asia. Nepal was a pioneer in many things, there in the past. But now we can’t see anything and our country is facing a critical condition. It’s just like an airplane without a pilot which has no doubt but to crash one day.
The theory might really seem a bit weird, but the thing is Nepal has a huge population of ignorant crowds and a small pool of intellectual community. Many of the literate citizens had migrated to the west or somewhere else, making the situation even worse. I know everyone wants to see Nepal prosper and grow, but dreaming alone wont help Nepal in being prosperous.  We should act here in this moment and there are very few people who really can act and to those who can act are seriously debilitated.

Hence this type of democratic practice is not going to work. It might have worked for other countries in the west, but Nepal is a different country and the physics which worked over there might terribly fail here in Nepal. Twenty Years of frustration, stagnant politics and civil war shows us the picture clearly.
Few days back I heard one of the former prime minister of Malaysia speaking in a talk show. He clearly said that the foreign investment was the key to their growth and for that their country removed the tax laws and gave priority to different industries and foreign investors so that many of the industries could be opened in the nation and that led to the prosperity of the Malaysia today. I really think such kind of rules or regulations should be made by the government of Nepal too.
I know the skill of the majority of Nepalese people are from a stone age. We don’t have any collective effort in the development of our country. We can’t manufacture anything the only thing we have done is to import goods creating an example of a poor country with great appetite of expensive goods or in other word we have created a big consumerism inside our country.
Right now Nepal is like a beggar who somehow manages to buy a Lamborghini. The beggar has nothing not even a penny to fuel the car. The country can’t do anything besides begging and watching that Lamborghini deteriorate and erode in this harsh weather. An irony beggar with a Lamborghini.


  1. Croozer Thapa says:

    You have criticized about Nepal that means as an engineer let me guess u r +2 pass boy or kind a boy who went to foreign one suggestion never criticized if u can do nothing you have no authority to talk about country if I you know politics than go win the election but if you are nobody nothing not even a politician put ur Rough tongue under ur mouth saying my Country a beggar who the hell are you to talk about our country.

  2. Sandeept says:

    The democracy we are practising does not seem like democracy at all. The leaders are chosen by votes but votes are generated by the rich-class aristocrats. Anarchy is the result of such aristodemocracy in Nepal. Ignorant people are always the victims of such system of governance.

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