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There is a single reason just to get the 70D without even looking to the 700D which has Hybrid AF technology which is far less inferior than the Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology of the 70D.


Hence for the guys who like to have auto focus while recording 70D is the only camera till now at this date to have this dual pixes CMOS sensor and AF technology.



We as a human beings are always dissatisfied. We have many dreams and wishes and either way we reach dissatisfaction. Meaning if our wish is not fulfilled then we are dissatisfied then we are unhappy. And even if our wishes are fulfilled we end up dissatisfied. That’s the most beautiful part of life that we come to realize in our own life time. So it was a lot about dissatisfaction.

Have you ever wondered why even the fulfillment of wishes leads you towards dissatisfaction? That is a very interesting thing to seek. The thing is human brains always seek for something and even if the wishes are fulfilled the brain starts looking forward to other things and such. (more…)