Dual boot Windows 8 and Xubuntu (Ubuntu)

Posted: December 30, 2013 in News and Updates
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Linux was the one word which is so interesting because you get everything for Free. Hence I was so attracted to the Linux world. And windows were so boring and the software and everything. I really needed a change. The product cycle and windows customization is really lean that people would get fed of the same Windows system at one time.

I had experience of Puppy Linux which is one of the good light weight distro. Hence I wanted something which competed with the windows OS. I then started my research and started to test various distro of Linux in Virtual Box. If you don’t know about virtual box then virtual box is really interesting software where you can test different ISO based operating system and other things inside a virtual environment and you really would feel as if you had installed the software in your own computer.

Then I tested different Distribution of Ubuntu more over Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu there were many of them I even tried Linux Light, Linux Mint and MacUbuntu too. But each of the softwares were different and had different features.xubuntu12.10-apps

At one time I had finalized that Lubuntu is the best Ubuntu based distro which is lightweight and barebone system which I can modify and use. But later I downloaded the Ubuntu Studio to find many of the graphics audio and photography based software pre-installed in the system. But soon I found Ubuntu Studio to be slow and loaded with many softwares that I didn’t used.

The final was Ubuntu itself but I really didn’t like the feel and look of Ubuntu so I choose Xubuntu because of its lightweight and barebone look. Its graphics looked cool. And I really liked everything in Xubuntu. The Ubuntu Software center is one of the interesting apps where you can download other apps from the linux platform.

Later I also figured out that any kind of distro of Ubuntu can be modified to any look and feel and there isn’t much difference if you can add and remove packages in the Linux or Ubuntu world.

But still a noob I really am liking Xubuntu to be my starting dual boot system with Windows 8.

Dual booting ubuntu with windows 8 is another hassle. We need to be very careful about this as well. We need to disable secure boot and other features in bios.

So if you already have windows 8 installed in your system then you need to install the Ubuntu in other harddrive partition. There you need to run the live USB and format one of the partitions as ext4.

In case of boot error to revive windows you need a windows 8 cd or Bootable usb drive and type these commands in Command Prompt.

Windows 8 (Fix MBR, Error code 0xc000000e)
1) bootrec /fixmbr

2) bootrec /fixboot

3) bootrec /scanos

4) bootrec /rebuildbcd

win error

For important linux command you need google.

Sudo apt-get install grub2 -(Pls google other Linux commands as per your needs)

Then you can go to your windows 8 install Easy Bcd and add Xubuntu. You need to update the grub in linux as well.

I know I have not told you everything in a proper order I too tired many random things to get my way out this might be helpful to you guys at some point.

dual boot

This is my final result its Xubuntu you can correct the naming in Easy Bcd.


  1. David says:

    Man you did it great..

    I follow your steps but could´t get it.. do you need to boot Xubuntu in UEFI??

  2. this is really cool stuff. i need to install ubunto along with my existing
    windows 8

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