Simple Software might excel your Writing Skills

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Provocative Philo ..
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I found one simple software to write a book. I know writing is not easy for person who sits in front of internet and surfs. He/she would get distracted by many things. But beside distraction you need to be able to organize your ideas as well so as to write a book. A simple word program is simply not enough to write a book.writing-software

I have thought many times in my life that there is such beautiful program called Microsoft word and whenever you go in front of your computer and start typing you tend to forget everything and everything gets lost in the myst. And you would never be able to figure what is blocking you to write. You have such beautiful stories or so many things to write about and you end up with nothing when you turn on the Microsoft word program.

Hence I recommend you to either start writing on paper which is the conventional method of writing where you can scribble notes and everything necessary to write a paper or anything. Or try some software which is specially designed to take notes and chapters. “Write It Now” is the software that I am using right now and I am in no way related to the software company. There are many other writing software out there too.

Till now I haven’t wrote any book or anything big. But lets see I have been unable to complete my one book and other movie scripts as well. I would be really thankful if I would be able to write with the help of that software.

So finally organization of one’s ideas and the use of proper tools is the secret of writing and many other things in the world too. Right tool for the right job led you towards success.


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