Why Can’t we dump the So called “Astrology.”

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Poems & Philosophy, Provocative Philo .., Spiritual Philosophy
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Astrology has been with us for more than two millennia’s and even with the rapid advent of science we
have failed to identify that whether “astrology” is science or just a tool to fool people. Image

The number of people should have decreased with the advent of internet and media, but
a reverse effect has happened. The number of people believing in astrology and many other
kind of superficial things have grown exponentially and they have created a deeper impact on internet
and media. Many of the Television station here in the east start with a an astrological forecast of a
day in the morning. So many people pay great attention to what the astrologer is saying, some even
act accordingly. And I have seen many people buying a newspaper and scanning for their astrological
forecast even before they read anything.

This is more of a psychological seduction, Astrology makes us fool that it has all the tools required to
forecast the future of each individual. Weather forecast is also some of the interesting forecast which
we have tried for many hundred years. Interestingly weather forecast is based of real science facts but
I think the number of people who believe in Astrological forecast would surpass the number of people
who believe in Weather forecast. In fact if you talk with someone they would say these weather forecast
are totally absurd and change the TV channel they are watching. But amazingly they would never do the
same when it comes to Astrological Forecast.

The influence of planets on human being sounds like a science but there are no such proof of incidents
which match exactly to incidents happening in real life. And since astrology and it’s so called scriptures
are so vague people can give multiple meaning for a single thing and make people believe that it’s a
close approximation of truth. Almost as the prediction of Nostradamus, which were very vague and
people have tried 100 different ways just to make those prediction true, that is the most bizarre work of
people and their followers to make their master truthful.

I can’t answer myself if I believe in astrology or not, I have no research paper so as to prove that
Astrology is just a myth. Nor certain evidence to prove that it works, In my few visit to astrologers here
in the east I have found few of the facts they say have come to be truth and few have just been as
wrong as possible. It’s almost like 50% chance thing. Don’t know what is the bottom of the truth but
here in the east the problem is even worse. Because these Astrologers recommend different kind of gem
stone in remedy of different types of problems with the planets.

This idea of relating gem stone with Astrology, I simply can neither research about this matter and at
the same time can feel the absurdity of the whole term such as “Astrological Treatment.” There was an
old astrologer whom I went few years back who told me that I have a beautiful fate but I just needed an
astrological treatment. Taking a long breath I asked “what is that treatment then ?” Then he prescribed
me long enchanting of scriptures, counted in millions and an astrological Gem and locket too. I did few
of his recommendation at that time but there were no such evident progress on my life chart but things
improved for me as time passed. I think that happens to everyone’s life because everyone is trying to
improve their life by their own means.

So here in the east a lot of people have been ripped and taken advantage of in the name of astrology.
And the profession of astrologer have been flourishing more due to their penetration in media and
technology. I often feel the whole idea is as absurd as possible, and there are many people who think
it’s absurd but follow the advices and even wear the gem stones as suggested by the astrologer. And I
have talked with such people and asked “ If you totally don’t believe in astrology why do you wear such
thing ?” They are simply speechless and later say I just wore it for the satisfaction of my family or their
own personal satisfaction.

So my point is either our society should take this thing search for facts and say, Ok this thing called
Astrology is not just a culture this is science as well. Or reject the whole thing called astrology. For me
I have been stranded in the middle, neither can I believe astrology as a science nor can I reject it and
move forward in life.

  1. cometotimmy says:

    I got hooked on it a few years ago, never completely believed in it but it’s got something to it that sucks you in. Especially with so much on the internet. It bugged me so long: why am I still reading this stuff if I know it’s nonsense? I think it has to do with the more you look into it you don’t really get anything out of it. But the associations – like different things ruled by different planets – gets embedded in the head. Like learning new vocabulary and then trying to unlearn it. It’s like the brain gets hooked or accustomed to the imagery.

    What’s been a tremendous help has been the studying of what they call Hidden Persuaders. Once aware of them they are easier to spot when reading the astrology articles.

    Best of luck.

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