Vigorous Learning habit, Destroys Creativity

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Provocative Philo ..
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Can you believe the fact that reading and learning results in the loss of creativity?

I was also thinking about this topic for many months, but after careful analysis, I finally concluded that learning too much destroys creativity.Nerd

In the past 15 Years with the advent of Internet, I have subjected Ninety percent of the time into learning and acquiring new knowledge. Reading articles, learning from YouTube, New software and many things. If I look at my present moment I have learn’t so much i can do most of the things I need to do myself. I have turned into a serious Autodidact, but in contrary i have figured that i have seriously lost my creative side. I have turned into a Technical person or a Technician moreover.

I was shocked to realize that fact, because i never intended to become one, I wanted to become an artist who creates new things every day and drives the whole world into his world of imagination.

Days passed and i was not able to figure out the problem that i was having, I was reading and learning vigorously. Every day i stacked piles of information into my brain, I even at times stopped hearing things because i was just piling heaps of information into my brain.

And one day i released that my whole brain power has been sucked into learning and learning alone. That’s why i became so dull. I over did things as my character was to over do everything and in regards to learning as well i was overdoing it and i spend almost all of my time in front of my laptop, learning from Morning to Late Night.

But I knew i was creative, because in the past i had really done some beautiful works of art and my friends really had appreciated my works back then. And when i look at myself at this present state i really felt miserable. I didn’t have a single idea about creative things all i was doing was learning 24/7 and being occupied by internet and internet alone. And i was making my life miserable in that way too.

So does that mean that we should stop learning?

No we shouldn’t stop learning, but we should definitely stop vigorous learning habit and indulging yourself into entertainment alone. If we can make a balance in our vigorous learning habit and make it into light learning and if we could reduce our time in heavy entertainment and give our brain some bits of silence and peace. That is the most beautiful way we can keep our pace with the technology and be creative. In-fact we really don’t need any bit of learning to be creativity. Creativity flourishes if we concentrate in ourselves.

Have you ever wondered the best piece of ideas come across our brain when we are IDEAL and when we are in holiday or in coffee Shop or some quiet places. That is what we should understand. Our brain needs a peaceful environment to bless us with the most creative of ideas.

This fact  can be related with the children as well, we have seen that the children in the per-school are really creative because they really have very less to learn hence they fly in imagination and are really creative creatures. But as they progress into their higher studies they are pushed more and more into learning and are deprived of their beautiful and creative brain. We have always been fascinated about the way of teaching and learning and we have criticized the way of learning for children and have tried to improve in various ways as well.

Hope till now you are pretty much clear about the fact how creativity arises into brain and how we can nurture our brain for creativity. I hope people would be able to relate what i meant in this article and help those few nerdy people who really have lost their creativity due to vigorous learning habit.


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