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Linux was the one word which is so interesting because you get everything for Free. Hence I was so attracted to the Linux world. And windows were so boring and the software and everything. I really needed a change. The product cycle and windows customization is really lean that people would get fed of the same Windows system at one time.

I had experience of Puppy Linux which is one of the good light weight distro. Hence I wanted something which competed with the windows OS. I then started my research and started to test various distro of Linux in Virtual Box. If you don’t know about virtual box then virtual box is really interesting software where you can test different ISO based operating system and other things inside a virtual environment and you really would feel as if you had installed the software in your own computer. (more…)


I found one simple software to write a book. I know writing is not easy for person who sits in front of internet and surfs. He/she would get distracted by many things. But beside distraction you need to be able to organize your ideas as well so as to write a book. A simple word program is simply not enough to write a book.writing-software

I have thought many times in my life that there is such beautiful program called Microsoft word and whenever you go in front of your computer and start typing you tend to forget everything and everything gets lost in the myst. And you would never be able to figure what is blocking you to write. You have such beautiful stories or so many things to write about and you end up with nothing when you turn on the Microsoft word program. (more…)

Can you believe the fact that reading and learning results in the loss of creativity?

I was also thinking about this topic for many months, but after careful analysis, I finally concluded that learning too much destroys creativity.Nerd

In the past 15 Years with the advent of Internet, I have subjected Ninety percent of the time into learning and acquiring new knowledge. Reading articles, learning from YouTube, New software and many things. If I look at my present moment I have learn’t so much i can do most of the things I need to do myself. I have turned into a serious Autodidact, but in contrary i have figured that i have seriously lost my creative side. I have turned into a Technical person or a Technician moreover.

I was shocked to realize that fact, because i never intended to become one, I wanted to become an artist who creates new things every day and drives the whole world into his world of imagination. (more…)

Astrology has been with us for more than two millennia’s and even with the rapid advent of science we
have failed to identify that whether “astrology” is science or just a tool to fool people. Image (more…)