Dissecting Time

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Provocative Philo ..


Life seems very long till the point you know there is no more time left. Before that moment you always spend time as if it was in surplus but it flows in such a way that no one recognizes its flow till the end of time. End of time is a  metaphorical phrase, although there is no end of time but there is the END only for you. And that time is ticking in your own biological clock within our body.

I too felt it was an endless flow of cosmic dimension but soon realized that it is not. I do think in a different way to utilize each and every bit of time but never such easy as said.

The beauty of time is it flows in the background, so that you won’t be aware of its constant flow but it is going in an immense speed. Talking about speed we have heard objects related with speed, have we ever thought about the speed of time. We all feel very interested when we play a video file in slow motion or in fast motion called as time lapse. Have we ever questioned about the speed of time. Is the flow of time universal or it flows in different speed. Actually Einstein had said that the flow of time is comparative and it flows slower in the object moving faster than compared with. Or it is said that the speed of time stops near zero near black hole. But in our mother earth there isn’t a place with slower/faster speed of time. You need to travel to the dark corners of universe to feel that retardation of speed.

But still there would be a question left why is the time moving at one particular speed. Let me present you one fact that flies are lot faster in reaction than humans and have a short life span as well. Do you think flies have slower flow of time with compared to us. This is very interesting if someone figures it out. Because I was trying to point that if this speed of time is just a perception or something more complex.

That was a lot about time and time lets leave that topics we don’t even need to look at our watch to live a beautiful life. We simply don’t need it but still we are so much connected to time that even we can’t believe it.


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