Need of change

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Spiritual Philosophy


There are times when there is no way out in your life but things would change and there would be many ways too. They are not ways in reality. They just seem to be a way out for you at that time. You are never trapped and never need any ways in your life but it’s just you who is bound to think such things. There are times you feel bad and you really want to do something. Those times would eventually go and your desires would either fulfill or not but still those times shall pass. Desires are always there to come and go. There is no relation of you and your desires being fulfilled and the bad feeling you get as well. They are just elements of life which come and go. If you just keep on thinking about the desires and they would give you a lot of negative feeling if they are not fulfilled. The negative feelings would persist even if those desires are fulfilled, do you know how? Because there would always be some other desires which would be higher than that desire and that would always make you unsatisfied and unhappy despite of anything you hold or have.

I think the key to happiness is never anything materialistic but to understand the meaning of life and to analyze the life from a higher level where you can see the whole picture including you to analyze what is lacking and what you need to do in order to move forward in life.

I know it sounds debris but reality is very close to it. Peaceful moments are also very beautiful in life. Do you know when you gaze on something and you are paused in time and you just gaze at those things without any thoughts and those are the time of moments which I really like. I know many people when they work hard and have a very less time then they suddenly start to gaze at something and they are paused in time. At such moments I feel the inner core of the being and the beauty of being peaceful.

Most of the times there are thoughts in brain and thoughts are there but I am not much worried about those thoughts but they still keep bothering everyone.  I have seen many people who keep doing something just for the sake of doing. I call them slave of their own mind. Because of the fact they keep on doing things just for the sake of doing. They have no values in the life form and feel really interesting watching such people. I know society is also one of the biggest factors in leading people to such kind of life. When social thinking covers his/her mind then they become a slave of the society and they do things without thinking for the sake of the society and for the sake of someone they like. They never think in their life what are they doing, whether they love it or not but they just keep on doing things. I really feel bad when I see such people who really don’t want to do certain things in their life but they do it for the sake of society and there are such people who do many things in the name of religion. The latter one or the people who do many things for the sake of religion are really worse than anything. They disobey nature and make their own stupid rules. Why is god and religion such a misunderstanding in this world? I wish this would change in future but they are such deeply rooted in the society even the modern 21st century science failed to address those issues.

I have found that an individual intellect is much easier to change than the social intellect, the collective intellect or the thinking are rooted deep and take millennium for a change. So I would like to suggest others who are seeking for something an inner quest in their life they need to walk alone in their path and there won’t be any person to support you in your inner journey still you need to move forward without any needs or any thing in life.


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