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Need of change

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Spiritual Philosophy


There are times when there is no way out in your life but things would change and there would be many ways too. They are not ways in reality. They just seem to be a way out for you at that time. You are never trapped and never need any ways in your life but it’s just you who is bound to think such things. There are times you feel bad and you really want to do something. Those times would eventually go and your desires would either fulfill or not but still those times shall pass. Desires are always there to come and go. There is no relation of you and your desires being fulfilled and the bad feeling you get as well. They are just elements of life which come and go. If you just keep on thinking about the desires and they would give you a lot of negative feeling if they are not fulfilled. The negative feelings would persist even if those desires are fulfilled, do you know how? Because there would always be some other desires which would be higher than that desire and that would always make you unsatisfied and unhappy despite of anything you hold or have. (more…)