Voice Morphing, Artificial Intelligence and 3d Mapping, Shall help us soon to talk with our lost family members!!!

Posted: January 2, 2013 in News and Updates
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I know all of us would really like to talk with our family members or friends who have passed right in front of us. Till now there have been myths of people with voodoo magic and only people with mystical power, able to talk with the dead ones. Actually we all want that kind of power but even the accuracy of such people and their power can be questioned, and are not proved by science as well.

Although we would never have the same lively and natural feeling of talking with loved ones as it would be when they were alive. But technology would soon allow us to talk with our loved ones in the near future. For me I think we are very close to this development may be it might take 5-10 years of technological development to get the perfection and natural feel.Morphing and 3d Scanning

So to tell you how this would be possible I would like to present few facts about our latest technological developments. We all know that voice morphing technology has been pretty good these days and even without the actors we can train a computer to imitate the same kind of dialogue output through the computers. So that would be the first thing needed for our loved ones to speak through a computer. So for us we need to provide some kind of audio data of the person who is dead to replicate the timber and the kind of frequency our loved ones produced. That would help our loved once to speak with the same vocal quality that he/she had when in their living form.

The second thing that we would need is artificial intelligence. And let me present you the fact that artificial intelligence has already become so good that we really forget at times that we are chatting with a computer(bot) in many websites to register our problems and queries. So along with some kind of chat history tracking or some voice conversation analysis we can easily create similar patterns of how our loved ones spoke including the repetitive words phrases and different tones as well. So that would help our loved ones speak the way they spoke when they were alive in this earth.

3d Mapping The third thing we would need is good 3d mapping to recreate our loved one graphically in the computer. We have already played many games where we really are confused whether the given character is graphically made or not. Computer technology and graphic output technology has really reached to the point where with the help of 3d mapping cameras to create an exact replica of a 3d face model and with some appropriate software and customization. One day we can make them speak exactly as our family member or our friend spoke. We can see the same thing on many computer games, the difference is that it’s a computer simulated model for now and you can imagine being your family member one day. Now you cannot react with the environment like the way we saw movies in past but latest advancements would allow us to create two way communication and complex language conversation with our family members and friends. We might also be able to meet our family members in virtual reality or inside games. 3d GogglesWe have already seen advancements such as 3d goggles and augmented reality you would one day be freely able to talk and laugh with your loved ones in the virtual world. The moment you are with the goggles you might be able to feel them as if they are in front of you.

Relationships and friendship are the same today as well. We live in one continent and our loved ones live on different. If we can talk with our loved ones we really don’t feel if they are dead or alive. Because talking with your father in Skype (Video chat) is the same experience as talking with your virtual father’s clone or computer (bot) later in future. You would have the same sensation and feeling as being together. At that time even the smell of your loved ones would be replicated to create a more sensual feature. We might be able to add all these in an exact human looking robot but I think that would take more than 10 years of advancement and development of present technology. And at that time there would be a very little difference which would be hard to notice by human sensory organs.

Hence future seems pretty promising for those who really miss and want to talk with their family members. I think we should be able to achieve this advancement within 5 years of technological development. Hope to see and talk with all of you with such advancement in future.

  1. S says:

    Very Very interesting but at times we will be in fight with the virtual world and the real world we are living in. Loved ones are always inside heart –and we keep on talking with them imagining them, their voice , attitudes — but if computer can replace that and make people happy that would be more than awesome — after all happiness matters 🙂 cheers

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