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For me it is really interesting to take pictures. I had taken pictures of landscapes and flowers and sometimes animals and insects too. I have found it very hard to work with animals and insects. The smaller the organism harder it is to take pictures because the normal camera and lens are not meant for such work but this time as well I tried to take pictures of a migrating bird called “Swallow” with my 18-55mm lens. It is almost like trying to kill a lion with a bow and arrow. IMG_894333 (more…)


I know all of us would really like to talk with our family members or friends who have passed right in front of us. Till now there have been myths of people with voodoo magic and only people with mystical power, able to talk with the dead ones. Actually we all want that kind of power but even the accuracy of such people and their power can be questioned, and are not proved by science as well.

Although we would never have the same lively and natural feeling of talking with loved ones as it would be when they were alive. But technology would soon allow us to talk with our loved ones in the near future. For me I think we are very close to this development may be it might take 5-10 years of technological development to get the perfection and natural feel.Morphing and 3d Scanning

So to tell you how this would be possible I would like to present few facts about our latest technological developments. We all know that voice morphing technology has been pretty good these days and even without the actors we can train a computer to imitate the same kind of dialogue output through the computers. So that would be the first thing needed for our loved ones to speak through a computer. (more…)