Internet the Number One problem “To suck your creativity !!!”

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Spiritual Philosophy

1I have found that internet is the worst thing that you can have if you want to be creative. In the past when internet had first arrived in Nepal we didn’t had internet but we had the computer. This was back in 1998 and when I opened my computer I wanted to do something. Then I would have made some pictures in paint or written poems in Microsoft Word. Because there were nothing to do beside doing such things.  But now it’s very different you can sit in front of a computer for hours and still without doing anything. The main reason for such is the development of social networks and different sites for cheap entertainment.

There was a day when I had thought now with the help of internet we have all the information in the world and we really can be really creative and do many things. I don’t know if I am unable to use this opportunity or its same for others as well. But I personally have suffered a lot and have killed a lot of time with this silly internet facebook and other sites.

Its true I have learnt many things as well but all these tens of years I have been reading and absorbing different kinds of shit from the internet. I don’t know when in life they would be applicable but I have read for more than 5 hours daily for all these 10 years and still today there is something new to read or watch in the internet. I really have been a victim of this technology, because I regarded myself as a creative person and my job was to create content so that other people can read or see but these days or from the day of such interesting invention of social network right from Hi5, MySpace and Facebook it has been really a big time killer.

I don’t know how you interpret this phenomenon. What is your opinion on the topic that internet sucks your creativity out from your body. It was few months back I had met one yogi and he was saying that internet and computer is the worst thing that human being has created this will really slow people and their mind. He gave a simple example of modern kids being spoiled due to the various entertainments they have in their home and they spend a lot of time in front of the computer or a laptop and they really have turned very lazy and they even have chance of spoiling their eyes. In terms of creativity he really has some point but I regard this phase as an intermediate period where many things are still to be invented and there are many things to come in future hence I really feel something is very incomplete every moment.

It has been almost five day that I have been trying to think of an idea for a short movie but every time I come to write in my laptop my concentration just diverts and I want to surf a bit and in the next moment I want to play some computer games. Its true I would have good time and entertainment in the mean time but that is not my goal. I want to do something myself as well. Internet and entertainment is just like a great football game where 22 people play the game and the rest 22 Million of the people just sit and watch them play. But I don’t want to be the person who watches the game. I want to do something myself and I have to score the goal in my life.

Do you think we should make some rules in our life like deactivating all the social networking websites? Trying to control ourselves from not watching the best matches or try not to play the computer games for hours in front of the monitor. Buying an android tablet was a great fun for me. I really thought that I would be doing many creative things with something like a tablet and I can take that tablet anywhere and write my concepts and other things. But buying the android tablet has also been one of the biggest embarrassments in my life. The only thing I did when I had my tablet in front of me is to go to the android market and download many games and try the best games. Angry bird and tower defense has been the games which had ruined my great portion of time. I don’t know how to express these emotions but still they really have sucked my creativity in such a way that these days I have turned very dull I can hardly think about some ideas I just want to see watch or play things. This is never my destiny.



This really seems very simple and easy but if you see this same problem in at least 1 billion internet using population in the world then you can imagine the significance. And if you multiply this by human hours then you can imagine how many silly hours we all are spending for nothing. Social networking had been one of the best inventions of this decade but I think Social Networking and gaming has been one of the worst inventions of this decade.


But I am very optimistic that in near future things shall change we shall see our mistakes and have knowledge to move forward. We surely need to fix our attitude sooner or later otherwise it would be too late. The tools that have been counterproductive might be corrected and made productive.

Hence if you want a creative mind my advice is to stay out of Internet Gaming and all those activities which force you to shut your brain and make you watch what they love to do.

  1. khesra says:

    I agree, it really sucks creativity whether you use socializing sites only but also spending hours on information’s or on some works. Creativity is blind to time, so, there should be appropriate environment. Creative stuffs always linked to subconscious brain, to activate it, one need silence and peace and constant use of it, doesn’t let you that time…

  2. Mute says:

    You’re right man, but I think that it’s problem of self-discipline. Social networks is not the best invention, but also it’s not the supreme Evil. Lazyness and etc is inside you and your brain. Not in a Facebook.

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