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I know who I am but I really don’t know what I am about to type. This all started with the most confused and tormented brain of mine. I am closing my eyes and trying to type whatever that comes to my mind. I know that there are going to be a lot of mistakes which I shall be correcting later. As I have already said that it all started with my tormented mind. I like to be in peace. That’s the basic necessity of my life. But the peace of mine is really stolen and now I am in such state of mind and body. I know satisfaction is a thing which people get from many things in life. I have never felt such kind of success nor any satisfaction. I am really loving this way of typing random things what so ever comes to my mind and its very interesting to type as well. Because only while typing you can do such thing, when you are writing things you need to keep your eyes wide open so there won’t be chance of concentrating and going into deep thoughts of mind due to many distraction. Although I am opening my eyes at times I think it won’t matter much, because this is also my first writing with my eyes closed. I have never in life thought of doing such when writing an article.


I had written songs and I had also sung some songs without even writing them which really was a nice feeling for me because many people spend a lot of time in writing a song and then adding the chords and then finally they add the melody in three to four step process (more…)


1I have found that internet is the worst thing that you can have if you want to be creative. In the past when internet had first arrived in Nepal we didn’t had internet but we had the computer. This was back in 1998 and when I opened my computer I wanted to do something. Then I would have made some pictures in paint or written poems in Microsoft Word. Because there were nothing to do beside doing such things.  But now it’s very different you can sit in front of a computer for hours and still without doing anything. The main reason for such is the development of social networks and different sites for cheap entertainment. (more…)