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The new dota 2 screenshots and videos are popping all over the internet. i was also hugely anticipated by the fact of the new dota 2 release in Gamescom Germany. Since icefrog was the leading person in the game development team with valve i had huge expectation in the game and i was tracking it right after its realease.

So here are few of the screen shots:

These screen shots look quite nice because they dont reveal you how the game play graphics is or anything more. Really more crisp than the original dota and warcraft engine.

But after than i started looking at some of the videos from youtube.



For me am a serious dota fan, i dont play hon or lol but i see more problems in dota 2 than any other, I wonder how valve and icefrog can miss such a thing.

Serious problem in dota 2:

1) The game graphics is crisp but its not the kind of dark look they once thought of they have placed some purple and i dont know what kind of green its called such colors make the dota 2 screen look like lol or comical.

2) Why are the creeps so agile and big and almost like a hero, creeps were supposed to be a bit inferior than the hero but i cant see the difference between a hero and a creep.

3)Why is the 5v5 match so messy with so much over effects. They could have made it really neat but i wonder why they are so full packed with effects that we miss the game itself.

4) I even have comment on the defense tower, it really looks like a comic in dota 2, i wonder how they could miss such an important part. the defense tower should look natural and should feel as if they gonna attack. but am really embarrassed by the dota 2 defense towers and even the buildings.

5)The original dota felt like the war between good versus evil, which LOL had missed and here now Dota 2 has also missed the same simple concept.

6) If you hear the voice over and the other audio related parts the original dota has lot more interesting voice over and SFX was embarrassed with that part as well.

7) why is the health bar so stupid, i don’t know the reason they could make it more better it seems like too discrete and confusing as well.

8) Visually and graphicall the blizzard team were very successful in telling their story if you imagine some of the trailers of warcraft it really make you fight to death, but even the trailer of the dota 2 is like totally comical.

9) Have you watched starcraft 2 graphics, i had thought that dota 2 would be much better than that. But there was a huge embarrassment dota 2 was lot worse than the starcraft 2 graphics. Here am only talking about the graphics part.

10) Valve is a company who makes FPS games and Blizzard is the company which had started the concept of warcraft and WOW as well. For me i can say that Blizzard is really good on what they do they can create things. I would have liked if icefrog would have collaborated with Blizzard to make Dota 2 instead of Valve. The valve engine simply dosent look so nice than the blizzard engine and graphics and every thing all in all Valve is a super looser in this area.

All in all i was heavily disappointed by the dota 2 release. i think i should stick to my original blizzard version of Dota. Here i have not told anything about the dota 2 game play and other things which i would update in near future.

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  2. tonton says:

    what i can say is you’d better have more common sense (for not all heroes should be giants damn ur soo noob)… buy some eye glasses it may help you with the graphics (maybe ur eyes is blurred or ancient) and fuck you for wrecking valve’s engine’s image.. well it was suited to make things realistic.. you cant even make a good animation of a dota model ur self then tease dota 2 models shame on you . you you’re self have got nothing to compare with valve..

  3. David says:

    @13… You are making complaints based on 2 flaws. #1: The idea that the champs are similar size to heroes. This is simply a “it’s not the same as my game!” argument. #2: It’s too big for ganks to turn into 5 mans. What? If anything it has been my experience that ganks turn into team fight more often. The larger map size complaint just means that you can’t pay attention to the game as it goes on in the minimap. Also, it’s smaller than DotA original.

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  5. I was lucky to get into the beta and man i was very dissapointed. The game is not what I thought it would be. I played dota on wc3 and now play lol. Though the graphics look better, they are way too dark. Minons being as big as champs. The champs look like chumps. And the mouse response in the game is horrible. The map is way too big for a good gank that turns into a 5v5 battle. Just a awful game that will fail big time. I’m sticking to lol and then dota blizzard which looks very promising. This is play horrible.

  6. dota 2 says:

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  7. Dubular says:

    I think you are failing to realize the daunting task Valve is trying to accomplish. They are trying to make a sequel to Dota, both in gameplay and look and feel. However, the resources used to make DotA belong almost entirely to Blizzard. I’m sure they are tip-toeing the line of copyright infringement as it is, and I for one think they are doing a hell of a job so far. To expect it to look exactly like the original DotA is quite frankly moronic.

    And as for gameplay…. it’s just superb

  8. arn says:

    if you still play dota , you can download anything from here

  9. PSYCHO says:

    can any one send me the link to download the DOTA 2????
    if possible in the email address…..

  10. kgst says:

    This is stupid and you are stupid.

    Seriously, pretty much every argument you had was “graphics aren’t good enough, graphics aren’t enough like DotA”. Well the graphics are actually pretty great, and it’s not supposed to look the exact same as the original. I like these graphics better personally.

    Also blizzard had nothing to do with DotA except providing the engine, I think you need to get your facts straight.

  11. cptolimar says:

    huge disappointment

    • Vannubsauce says:

      I have the beta and have played numerous games. It is shaping up to be one of the biggest games to be launched in 2012.

  12. DagliortZ a fan of DOTA 2 says:

    Hey guys it’s a beta, why u’re making judgment over it? Wait that the game comes out….

  13. Serp-X says:

    Dota is a pure mythological games which includes characters from traditional myths… even the characters described in dota 1 were like as they had been revived from pure myths… but in the new dota 2 the characters look like sci-fi characters… the game even dont like dota.. actually it looks like star wars game being played… in this new version the creators may have thought that this will be more good but the originatlity that the characters, towers, ancients, creeps, etc… has lost.. in fact dota is the revival of characters of WC 3 itself… what would it be to u if the tauren chieften dont look like tauren chiften.. stone giant dont look like stone giant… so the new dota 2 may be good… but in terms of the originality dota 1 is better……..

  14. Nachtraaf says:

    1) DotA has always looked a bit comical because it was using the Warcraft 3 models. As far as colours go, it needed to be slightly lighter. I reckon the use of LCD/LED screens have been taken in account vs CRT at WC3’s time.

    2) I don’t really think models are that much bigger than they are now, if anything it “feels” like they are smaller.

    3) If you had an earthshaker ult in DotA 1 it would mess up being able to see the fight as well as many other spell effects, if anything due to the increase of pixels it feels like they have not used as ‘wide’ spell effects. For example, Prophet’s ult is now a thin line instead of a big wide beam.

    4) Tower being smaller increases chances for fights under towers making the overall map just a bit more fight heavy, no problems there.

    5) As a former WoW player I never saw DotA being about good vs evil. Since the whole story line was corrupted from Warcraft lore.

    6) The voice overs are Blizzard’s property. They cannot be used in DotA 2 because of trademark issues..

    7) The healthbars are less confusing now that they added chunks of 200hp for each lifebar, Would you attack a 1/2 hp centaur with 10 blocks or a full hp 4 blocks sniper?

    8) Blizzard has a whole branch just for videos and what they make can only be described as pure genius. If your movie only won 2 oscar vs the movie that got 10 oscars. It doesn’t mean yours sucks.

    9) Graphics, who cares? It’s about aesthetics of the game. And in that sense they succeeded very well recreating the old game.

    10) Valve did see why Counter-Strike got so populair and combined their forces with Gooseman and made CS what it is today, an actual E-sport. They made a million dollar tournament before DotA 2 even got released. They most likely will make DotA 2 an actual E-sport. I am almost certain that IceFrog did intent making DotA with Blizzard but somewhere Blizzard most likely wanted too much control over the game. Valve on the other hand had shown they knew how to handle intellectual property of Counter-Strike. If IceFrog and Blizzard were on the same line I don’t think Blizzard would be bothered to make their current version of Blizzard DotA with only 12 heroes in Starcraft 2.

    I find your arguments lacking and not very well understated. You are afraid of change and that’s why you see this game as being less than it’s predecessor. If DotA 2 gets released and is so much like the original would you really stick with a 12 year old engine that has way too many flaws for current day standards just because your arguments are so thin they are probably suffering from anorexia?

    • BLOGART says:

      This guy has it right. Almost all of his points are perfect rebuttals of your “gripes”.

      6, 9, 10) Man, you make it sound like Blizzard made DotA when they had NOTHING to do with it except for providing the engine.

      7) When the health bar is the same whether you have 100 health or 9001 health, there is no way that making it into chunks could be worse.

      That being said, the game does look crappy, just not for the reasons you listed, which were the following: “It’s done by valve”, “it looks different from what I am used to”, “It’s not DotA 1” If you wanted the same game, go play that. If you wanted a new game, well, you won’t really get that either because it’s the same game but now its graphics look like a LEGO video game.

  15. Eric says:

    I haven’t played DOTA for months already and I can tell you that the developers are trying to work their ass off on developing this game for you guys. In terms of visual graphics, it’s great. It’s more engaging to look at for now. I’m wondering how the computers will be able to handle the new specifications it requires.

  16. Dota Fan says:

    FUck YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ryuk says:

    same opinion as you.
    First when I watched the video of dota 2 on youtube I thought the one who uploaded the video was trolling me with a LoL or HoN video instead.
    I’m so disappointed, they took a big pile of vomit and made it into graphics.Everything looks so silly, can’t believe I’ve waited for this thing, and I am expected to buy it?
    I’m gonna stick to the war3 engine, simple, clear, and really fun to watch.

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