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It was July 2010 and Rock Fever and Planet musical Academy were busy at working for their Next Event Metal Jatra. I had already met “Jwalan Shrestha” Founder of Planet Musical Academy at some point. We were just talking about the event and suddenly the idea of making a documentary for the next “Metal Jatra 2” Popped at that instant. We had a shoot for more than 3 days using a DSLR camera rig. Sagar Shrestha an enthusiastic guy who helped us with all the audio part of and shooting as well.  The shoot was very interesting and there was a time where we needed to shoot the live performance at Bhrikuti mandap. We went there for the shoot but due to our equipment limitation the shoot at the live spot was impossible. Hence the vision to make this a documentary shattered at that point. Actually that was achievable but it wouldn’t meet the quality of product that i had once imagined of.



Actually I was in a Holy trip to Shani Dhaam, Madhya pardesh, India with my parents as well. And on the way the driver suddenly stopped the Van. Now he has stopped us to drink sugarcane juice. We could see some Sugar canes, sugar extracting Equipment and an Ox I guess. And when our driver started the order for 20 Glasses of sugarcane juice then the owner put some sugar cane on the Machine, a loud voice and a whip then the Ox started running like hell. (more…)

By : Bigvon Dixikov

I don’t know how you would like to interpret this picture but I captured on my way to Durbarmarg, the place is right towards Salik when facing the former royal palace. I saw these kids just having a good sleep on the middle of the day I think the time was like about 2 O clock or so. (more…)