Quantum leap in your vocal skills

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Music Analysis
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Vocal is the most interesting of instruments and supposed to be the first of the instruments which we have used for millions of years. We all know well that longer we practice better we get with our vocal cord. But practicing randomly will really take a long time to perfect our vocals.

There are many methods to practice vocals in many societies but here in East we practice vocals with the harmonium. Harmonium is never like harmonica which is also a wind instrument played with mouth. But a harmonium is an instrument seems like a piano but it works by pumping air into it.

Actually I would tell one interesting thing which the whole world is not familiar with and how some people can really learn the vocal skills really fast. The secret doesn’t lie on the technique but with the instrument which you practice vocals with.
Have you noticed that people with eastern classical background are really good with vocal cord and vocals? And their range and dynamic range is really beyond imaginations. This is due to the instrument called harmonium.

From my long experience what I have found that the resonance of this instrument called harmonium and the vocal cord is so similar, that the resonance would help you to build resonance easily and shape your vocal cord pretty soon. Hence it would really be very easy to improvise your vocals within few weeks.

I too come from a rock music background and I have tried improvising my vocals with a piano a guitar and other instruments too but nothing had worked for me and I really thought that vocal is a gift too. But after I practiced my vocals with a harmonium it all changed; as if some heavenly blessing from god. Hence I would like to reveal my secret and advice you all to try with this instrument I have included some audio samples which I practice with, so that you can download and practice with this to see the result yourself.

Note: while practicing the sound from the musical file and your vocal chord must resonate so as to improvise your throat. If you practice so loud that you won’t hear the notes that’s also a wrong way and if the music is too loud where you can’t hear your own voice that way too you miss the point. The voice from your vocal chord and the music must be played in same level so that you can hear both and try to resonate every moment.

Click the link below to download the file

Vocal practice 01 harmonium, C major


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