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Vocal is the most interesting of instruments and supposed to be the first of the instruments which we have used for millions of years. We all know well that longer we practice better we get with our vocal cord. But practicing randomly will really take a long time to perfect our vocals.

There are many methods to practice vocals in many societies but here in East we practice vocals with the harmonium. Harmonium is never like harmonica which is also a wind instrument played with mouth. But a harmonium is an instrument seems like a piano but it works by pumping air into it.


The population of crow in Katmandu has increased exponentially in last 10 years. This is due to the special ability of crow which is a very intelligent and adaptive species even in such urban environment and conditions. The success of this species lies in the fact that they are very resourceful and the main factors to support such large population of crow are unmanaged open waste system and unmanaged open slaughter houses throughout the city. (more…)

Ant attack is a short video about small insect called grub worms and power of these small ants.  But i know these insects eat roots of plants and crops and farmers really hate these insects. This insect is called as khumre in nepali…