Nvidia 300 series GPU Cuda + Mercury playback engine Hack

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

This worked awesome for me and its like working like a charm. I tested with some few effects with the playback engine and its really making a difference to me.

here are the picture for with mercury playback engine and with software playback engine.

Here is the link that i followed from.


Plus i needed to edit the text file couple of times;  below is my .txt file !!


GeForce GT330M

GeForce GTX 285

GeForce GT 330M

Quadro CX

Quadro FX 3800

Quadro FX 4800

Quadro FX 5800

GeForce GT 330M


Hardware GPU usage Mercury play back engine !

Software GPU usage without Mercury play back engine !!

GeForce GT310M; GeForce GT335M; GeForce GT300M

Goodluck for ur GPU hack !!

Note: dont forget to update your graphics card from latest nvidia driver from nvidia; which supports cuda !! (ram required more than 768Mb)


follow direction from here !!


1)It is true that you can force the “Mercury playback engine” You  can test its power and functionality for short projects which has few layers and permitted effects.

2) We cannot use this in practical editing workflow; due to its resource limitation even while doing a moderate project with Few layers and effects.

  1. ROBERT says:


  2. KyuR says:

    I have a laptop with a i5 450M oc @2.8Ghz, 8Gb ram and a GT335M. I’m using PPro 5.5, and i managed to turn on MPE, however, the GPU does not load when i’m using MPE GPU, and i get a poor performance even in 720p projects with 1 layer and a few effects, I’m using an external hard disk connected via USB 3.0.
    Is there anyone with the same issue? How can i fix it?

  3. Annonymous !! says:

    I saw a lot of website but I conceive this one has got something extra in it in it!!!

  4. legal highs says:

    You really have a way of words. Great style of delivering the information and I could relate to it. Such a great information for me. Thanks for this.

  5. Ash says:

    Vaio f116 with 330m and Lovin it, thanx heaps

  6. morflexx says:

    Hi Punkbuddhaz! I need to know wich vaio do you use with nvidia gt 330m hacked? I’m assuming to buy a vaio F for CS5, but I wanna be sure that gpu accelleration and mercury playback engine will work with this hack (no rendering for playback with some effects:). How many layers can you put in timeline without rendering with your vaio and gt 330m hacked to use MPE? Thank’s a lot

    • punkbuddhaz says:

      my vaio is f 11 i think you shouldnt be much specific to the model … if its 330 or such series it should work.. and dont imagine miracles… and its right i dont have to render for simple effects this is cool about the layers i havent overloaded to experiment but i think 3 layers is smooth.. may be more as well not sure !!!

      • morflexx says:

        Fine, thanks for reply. But sorry for the insistence:
        can you confirm that with 5d2 footage (one layer+cross dissolves and similar or light color correction) the playback is smooth and absolutely without drops?
        Thanx again, and sorry but you know vaios aren’t so cheap…
        F13 is coming (will mount nVidia gt 425m)…

  7. Joe says:

    Why is Cs5 with Cuda enabled running slow, if a transition or effect is added.
    Using GTX 480 Ram 8GB
    Time line shows yellow bar,however, when adding effects it slows down ?
    Pls enlighten me..


  8. punkbuddhaz says:

    that video is for beginners as guide… and i have been doin this from more than 1 year back and even before this dslr buzz !! for now am usin a pair of 550d ..

    thnks a lot for likin the cinematic works am commin with more better things in near future !!

    Hav a goodday!!

    • punkbuddhaz says:

      ya i agree about the ram specs the more u have the better with bigger projects, its good to hav ssd harddrive as well;

      the graphics is same 330m for vaio z and f ; if you have more cash don’t forget to research about quadro cards which have excellent performance with mercury play back engine!!

  9. punkbuddhaz says:

    if u r editin 5d footage which is 1080p with layers its really challanging with the effects..

    get what ever u want but .. the butter thing with the video wold be possible with quadro cards…

    am doin all the things in my vaio f .. you can some of my video in youtube/punkbuddhaz

    2-3 layers of videos effects.. go well .. and you need to render them to play back !!

    others your choice !!

  10. punkbuddhaz says:

    thats why i got this 720 which is not so fast for the canon footage its really cpu hungry codec !! if its for serious work i advice workstations with quadro cards!!

    • Amr Toukhy says:

      Again and a gain thanks for the valuable replies man 🙂

      I feel that you are not encouraging me to buy the sony vaio z ….
      Man i really needed the portability factor !!!

      Are you getting good performance on your machine !!!

  11. punkbuddhaz says:

    the 620 has 35Wof TDP where as the 720 has 45w of TDP

    so you can know if you want power u go for the 720 quad with 8 threads if you want a long lasting battery thing go with 620 it depends upon your application and your use. the f series with 720 i7 processor is really bad with just 1 hour or above batt performance !!

    • Amr Toukhy says:

      Thanks you so much man for the replies 🙂

      My only concern will the 620 m with the GT 330M RUN premiere cs5 smoothly using the 5D Mark ii Footage !! i mean while editing and SCRUBBING !!!!

      God knows ,
      Amr Toukhy

  12. Amr Toukhy says:

    Thanks for this great post,

    Can you tell me what is the laptop that you are using !
    I am aiming to buy the Sony Vaio Z series it is an i7 but the L3 cash is 4MB and not 6MB … does that hurt !!!

    Thanks again,.
    Amr Toukhy

    • punkbuddhaz says:

      am using Vaio f series.. unfortunately .. the use of the laptop in audio recording is really disappointing due to the fire wire card dropouts and poor speaker, other things are really well. And the cache memory would yield faster computation of data.. it matters but wont hurt as such !!
      Goodday !!

  13. Ike says:

    What version of APP CS5 is this? I have 5.0.1 on my i5 MBP w/ a GT 330M & can’t get this to work.

    • punkbuddhaz says:

      here i tested with 5.0.0 version. but i think it should work with any version of cs5 just follow the instructions from the adobe forum and my advices i had also included the text file. i too had to edit the text file couple of times to make that happen. Cheers !!

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