Beautiful Sunrise

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Spiritual Philosophy
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Color burst; About to sunrise

Imagine suddenly that sun and the earth stopped revolving and they just became stationary objects in the vast space. And you have traveled far away to capture a snapshot of a glorious sunrise in the mountains.


Then you can imagine the situation very well, since the sun and the earth both turned into stationary objects the time seem to pause at that point. The same sun which rose with time seems to be as stagnant water in the pond. No wonder time would eventually pass by but only the regular natural events as day and night would stop and the sun would be just at that very point seeming as if the sun would rise at some point. But which shall never happen with such paused states of the world.

You inner intuition says that the sun would rise soon; But its not happening and even many days have passed still it’s the same view of glorious sunrise which seem like at the next moment the sun would rise. And in fact if you stay at the same place the sun would never rise for you. It will never rise for you at that point of your life. So it seems you are out of luck and you are unable of what you dreamt of. You may wait with your camera to take a snap of the sunrise but it’s the same view of sunrise about to happen till eternity.

You seem to be trapped in a time hole or a loop inside time. It seems like a dead end, but if you think calmly there still is a way to see the glimpse of the sun. Either you should climb to higher grounds to see the sun or you can go to the next hill to see the glorious sunrise.

The conclusion is that you can never see the glorious sunrise by staying at the same point. You must move forwards. I know everyone is moving but there are two possibilities if you move away from the sunrise or towards west. You would be never able to see that glorious sunrise though out the life. But if you have a higher level of consciousness and make a move inwards or towards east then only you might be able to see the glory of god or a beautiful sunrise.

Then after you reach the place from where you can see the glorious sun rise then shall you never return back towards darkness. Then you would say to yourself that you really had been lost for so many years. And now finally you have reached your destiny.

Everything would change as if you have arrived to a new world the heavenly bliss from the sky seems to be raining as a blissful rain or shower. True only one step is needed if you could make the first step towards the light then you would certainly reach the destiny or the place where the sun never sets forever.

© Bigyan Mani Dixit  (22-April-2010)

  1. Sweta Baniya says:

    Really enjoyed reading this. Each line, each word is arranged with such a brilliancy.

    ” Then after you reach the place from where you can see the glorious sun rise then shall you never return back towards darkness. ” Liked this line a lot..

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