Alone in the Ocean

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Poems & Philosophy, Spiritual Philosophy
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Prologue = this is a story of a man who is happy even after his death. So the story starts from then when he was alone in the mid of the ocean.

In the vast ocean, I am rowing my boat alone
The sun shines again, but I am rowing alone
The days are long, many horizons are gone
I’m there to die, since there’s no hope to come

Alone in the ocean …. x2

I fight with the ocean for my life
Life is short worthless to fight
Again I think of the happiness
And start rowing again.

{Suddenly it’s dark}2  so it’s now or never
I fight till the dawn
Then every thing was gone
Bloody face and me I was laying in the boat
To die on the boat every hope was gone

Then, again have some hope of life
Slowly I try to row for life
Until, My last drop of blood dissolves in the ocean
I grant my body to others for their life

I was merely alive, I was being eaten
Fishes were sucking my blood
Was dissolving in the ocean
And even though I died, I died proudly
To become an ocean; to become an immortal ocean
Even though I die, I died happily
To become an ocean, to become an immortal ocean

Alone in the ocean ….
One with the ocean …. x4

– Das Ende –


Alone in the ocean is a very ambitious poem. The poem is about death but not the death which occurs at your final moment. But a death as an ego of a person. And we all die one day but if we could lead our ego to die before our death then we shall find bliss. The death of the ego would be the resurrection point of a divine being towards the truth and light.

Everyone is alone in the mid of the ocean and we all must dissolve in this vast ocean to become one with the ocean sooner or later. Its a good choice that if you would follow that now or at the time of your death.

The poem has been featured in websites as voicenet as few of the good poems, and due to the theatric nature of the poem the poem has even been composed,  the song is very theatric with a change in mood and music in every stanza. The music too shall be added soon.

© Bigyan Mani Dixit ( 2002)


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