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The topic is the most neglected and the most important topic on the matter of electronics and mankind still no one seems to be interested in such deep matter such as wire because they think it’s so simple. But I want to clear one thing the simpler things are more complex than anything in the world. I “Bigyan M Dixit” (egoless) find wires more interesting and very deep which needs to be understood more over. And World Class College as “Katmandu University” has been ignoring this fact and I haven’t come across any single subjects of wires in these three years and haven’t seen any sign of coming in future too. Hence I wanted to open the eyes of many unfortunate hundreds of teachers and students who didn’t had the chance to study such root knowledge of electronics and want to guide them towards light.

We see wires in every modern civilizations coz they are the sign of the achievement of our society and civilization of 21st century. Some don’t like to see wire and some like to see wires and some like to wire them all over the city. Just for nothing they are a mesh in a sense but very beautiful when you deeply feel that in air. The only thing that they don’t carry, I am pretty amazed just they don’t carry people from one place to other except that they carry every thing from love picture to love video to lovely voices and everything and also lovely signal current.

I wonder sometimes why they don’t even carry peoples. Hence they should be termed as carrier more than a silly word as wires. I was born in early eighties still I haven’t been to a single place where I can’t see a wires jumping from this pole to other. Just see open your twinkling eyes then if it’s a road the wires are like worm waves in the air jumping from pole to pole in soothing breeze and same to the left of the road as we can easily understand its more like vice versa thing that we have been accustomed to in our engineering classes.

“Are roads after wire or wires after the road” this is a very important statement in fact it should be underlined and can even be marked as “v.imp”…Ok what so ever, just a moment in this writing we are not having a simple researched based article in fact its deeper than that hence we can leave quests from above and leave the quests to be answered later and on the mid time we could raise another quest to wiggle the mind.

Do you know that now the wire has been a common term so we think of something more advance than wire like “wireless?” Means there are no wires involved in that type of transmission. Since there are no wires involved in the system we could also use other terms for the term “wireless” there are millions of words in this universe. But again we are using the term wire where there are no wires used. I even smiled to his great brilliance and intelligence of that person who invented and termed the thing as “wireless.” I know everything merged at same point as like happiness and sadness and for that person the intelligence and his silliness merged at that word called wirelessness.

Ok let’s give that person a break and I now want to say something on other dimension of wires as well. Hmm….I thinks that wireless creates human dummies. They don’t do any good to the human beings because they don’t have to go to any where imagine having a phone call u don’t even need to meet your beloved. And you can even earn a pile of money by using wireless medium like a pimp talking on a phone or a marketing personnel who eats our brain, in some way there may be exceptions too, never mind.

Human Kind is so confused about greatest invention till now that if it is wire or wireless (silly term). And where is the name of the person who discovered the main backbone of electronics or “wire.” Don’t they have to be in the history of science or why are they forgotten I demand a page of his biography in our school science book. I even had a greedy plan to become popular by claiming the invention of wires but I don’t think anyone would believe because people don’t have greater imagination and vision such as of mine to feel the genius. And even if I claim that it’s my invention hah …..Everyone knows that it was right from the Stone Age called as ropes and now a foolish word as wire for modern peoples.

The human civilization does nothing more than expanding the vocabulary and making the civilization richer in their own term. Just the simple term rope has been replaced by a big term or technical term as wire so as to make their civilization richer in their vocabulary and to get credit form others and have name in the history of human civilization. We could also term the wire as e- rope, e-carrier, something else what u can think of. Some one thinks this is a great achievement in our civilization of vocabulary then I don’t have to say any thing to those who only want to increase the size of English dictionary and even want to say look English dictionary has such million words what does your language have. (F*** to those : ) haha….

So now am finally revealing the secret of the magical and greatest word called wire. (Though I have problems with that word too. So I am more towards its subjective or functional side The main difference between a rope and a wire is that you can climb up and down a rope but you can’t climb a wire because there are chances of your death. (If you are too eager and want to climb on a wire near to your girlfriend house with a long stick for balance to watch her bathing) This above line have to be thoroughly read and mugged so that the definition gets into the back part of your brain so that you don’t forget until your death. Because we as students know definition are very important in our future life too or may be even in our next life too. Do you know one thing that sometimes birds totally hate the achievement of wires ni…(I know that’s a nepali word) coz they often get stuck on them and have a tartaric seductive death.

Hence, more wire than wireless they have proved a great thing to the history of human civilization and have been a most important topic of investigation for me becoz I really want to make my and other root knowledge of electronics very deep and that’s why I investigated and analyses more and want other to do the same if they want to be really good in electronics, And then only we would be prepared to exploit other higher dimensions of engineering and science. And the person who misses the roots of electronics and nature would miss everything indeed. In this way

I want conclude this most important paper in the world of electronics. And want to give light to the most neglected greatest invention of human being till now or wire.
(Again a foolish word but I need to use that in sheer pain where I am only concerned about the functional aspects of that word that I don’t want to use or “WIRE”)


Note: (the word is wrong seldomly re who cares I want to use that and people get what am trying to express: ) and I can even use that “re” don’t feel the pain of my English I too was in boarding English school in fact our school was so in English we did everything in English so no need to teach .

More Important Note: I was the unfortunate engineer who wrote this mystery about wire. May be this was the first time an engineer crossing logics Hence his writing was kicked from being published in Kathamandu University’s Electronics magazine and the person from the magizine thought it was a joke… i know it would be hard for engineers to understand and perceive such words of electronics may be i was too un-understandable like the mighty Brother Einstein indeed….. And may be that fellow senior engineer would have felt very hard to grasp such a diffn style of writing which was beyond logic….and a pity to that person who was learning (silly) theory and equations more over….

Refreshment: Russians dugg 100 meters and found copper cable and said that they had telephones 500 years ago Americans dugg 200 meters and found optical fibre and said they had internet facility 1000 years ago. indians dugg 1000 meters and didnt find anything and said that we had wireless technology 2000 years ago.

  1. Interesting post you have here. I’m glad I’ve found this blog. Will definitely drop by more often. Cheers and good day to you!

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