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Posted: April 19, 2010 in Provocative Philo ..
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before the madness started.. sorry i might be wrong.. it may be after the event too … any way this writing is after being continuously smacked.. it may be really long back at about 1998-1999 …

any ways pls read and shout what so ever u think…


Psychic theory of Mr. Dikshit

Relation between people and questions and other

Computers= may help to answer questions

Dogs and teachers = have many question

(For dogs its simple they cannot speak and for teachers because they have no answers so they are as teachers but to learn there coz they have played marbles when they were kids)

Ants= they have no such questions

Mosquito= have question about the taste of blood of particular person

Girls= have questions about their beauty

Butterfly= have questions about sex

Parrot= they can answer a lot

Simple man = has no questions

Mad man = have many questions

Scientist= have many questions with some answers

God= thought to have only answers

Answers = also have question in front of them

Me=small mind have no questions better to have no questions also no answers
(after bein smacked i thought its wise not to have questions 😀 !! )

Hazards of questions
Some pupil have question about answers

For an example: Mr. Nipun had questions about teachers answer so he was nearly smacked

Mr. Dikshit had some few small questions he was smacked for 14 years in school….etc

So after reading all this do you have any questions. I think no questions if you do have any questions then you can meet me in my office.

(Why the question mark is so small I want to make it so big about the size of any thing imaginable)

Walking down the road
I am down on to the way of death
I never realize where I am
But the road shouts at me

There are no friends to share
Every thing in this world inside a tear
Sharing some thing with someone
Dreaming; expressing my heart to someone

Sometime I think about the 7 notes
Those are also hard as roots
I am thinking of my past & regretting about the future
Regretting is not the solution but has been a way

Trying to achieve is something
But nothing seems to work for my thing
I am stuck inside a small dot here
Like an insect I am bounded by my own fear

Exploiting something is great but I can’t
I try to think about my future but
My future seems nearly equivalent to my past
Nothing seem to change only the time and fast

I am forced to think about the death
That’s never the solution of the quest
My heart whispers that there is a bright future ahead
But my mind shouts that there is no never nothing ahead

I am like a cigarette; someone is smoking me alive
I am vanishing and disappearing in the air
As a man I will and must do I want to
But confused and puzzled; what’s left to be done

There is nothing that I need to do myself
Coz everything seems to be perfectly well
That might sound funny
So I am extremely puzzled to be funny.

But I sometimes like to be like an earth
Which is stable & and is of great worth
But I can’t, coz I don’t have magic to do
So nowhere to go and nowhere for you

Even the river is also not always the same
Some times it’s small sometimes insane
But I am as I am now and then
Again and again forever the same again

Does every one think like me?
Or god invented a new definition for a fool
I sound to be foolish
Coz I have more questions than answers in me

I fly in my ocean of the imagination
I swim there but suddenly it’s the dawn
Then again I am the same man again
Who runs and shouts as a barbarian

So long and long & very very long
But nothing is there for me
I am as a null object in realm
Even changing myself is a dream

People are here to change the world
& Say I change the world, for me
But I seem to be here to die
I have not even killed a fly

Now I laugh, No one have done any thing
There are only some and few to change
I want always want to fall in those few
My drawback is that I don’t question few

No I never want to blame
My mother land & my mother too
I need to try before I say something to
There always is a way and more than two

But there are many who can use but over here
Every one has a reason to make them secure
I will never have any reason
Coz I know that I have to do something very rare.

Time is moving but I am still
I think I have lost the train
But Without the wings
I want to fly very high

What I am where I am
When will this everything end?
Why are we here
Why are you there

Questions after questions
Every question leads to another question
There seem to be and endless chain of questions
So its better I ain’t ask but try to answer some questions…………………………….

  1. Morgan says:

    you are very interesting

    • punkbuddhaz says:

      Hurray that was the first comment 😀 ! ! thanks man … am just learning how to blog this is my first day .. i wrote but i didnt knew the magic to upload as blogs 😀 !!

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